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Secret formula for coca cola

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Have you ever wondered about the great mysteries of life? Like how the universe began,... who built the pyramids the secret formula for Coca-Cola. Some scientists believe there may be a cosmic connection to these mysteries. No one knows for sure, but we do know that Coca-Cola has been around since the beginning of time. Okay, okay, here's the real story. Coca-Cola was invented right here in the city of Atlanta over a hundred years ago. Back in 1886, a pharmacist named John Pemberton was experimenting with a new recipe. He took some secret ingredients and boiled them into a syrup. He thought it was pretty tasty. So, he took some to Jacob's Pharmacy where they mixed the syrup with plain water and placed it on sale for five cents a glass. Legend has it, an employee of the pharmacy accidentally mixed the syrup with carbonated water and served it over ice to a customer. Well, the customer absolutely loved it and the rest is history. Thus, was invented one of the greatest refreshments of all time. Dr. Pemberton's accountant was named Frank Robinson and it was his idea to call this new drink "Coca-Cola." In fact, he created the now famous trademark in his own handwriting. As word spread around Atlanta about this fashionable new beverage, sales began to increase. During its first year, Coca-Cola sold an average of nine drinks a day. Dr. Pemberton never imagined the incredible future of his creation. In 1888, he sold the secret formula to a businessman named Asa Candler,... ...who later formed the corporation to produce and distribute Coca-Cola. Mr. Candler was a marketing genius. And he came up with countless, creative ways to promote the product. He even delivered the syrup in barrels that were painted red to give them a distinctive appearance. As more and more people discover this delicious new refreshment, Coca-Cola began to pop up all over America. For years, Coca-Cola was served only in soda fountains.

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Posted by: vecttra on Mar 1, 2012

A storyteller narrates the interesting history of Coca-Cola and how it has become famous throughout the 20th century.

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