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organizing your writing

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Organization is and odd thing... When something is well organized we´ve got the feeling it´s got to be that way. Like the shoe rack that someone used to organize their cleaning supplies. It seems as if the cleaning supplies would have been meant just to go there. Similarly, when something is disorganized, the first thing we notice is the chaos. Nothing seems to fit. And it may be difficult to find what we´re looking for. Just like this example of a disorganized apply closet. This concept can apply to witing as well. When your paper or paragraph is organized, it seems like it´s meant to be that way. Everything is easy to find because it flows logically from one idea to another. And the individual sentences fit together. It´s a match mean and even. When our papers are disorganized, they don´t flow out and you may have trouble finding things. Like the point, for example... So, knowing how important organization is... let´s talk about how to get your paper organized. The first step is to know what you´re gonna write about. This could be anything... An assignment you´ve been given, maybe germ theory in the science class... or for English... a criticism about a book you read. For this example, we´re going to write about fruit. Have you heard the phrase "That´s like comparing apple to oranges"? What do you think they´re saying there? If you like me, you may think you shouldn´t compare things that are not similar enough. I know some of you are thinking. But apples and oranges have a lot in common. They´re both fruit. They´re both sweet and hard. They both have seeds and they both grow in trees. These amazing people see the connections around them. And as a result, they may have trouble organizing their papers. Let´s walk through organizing our fruit paper. To start with our thesis, it´s going to be a general statement about the fruit. We may even mention some kinds of fruits. In our first paragraph, we have some kind of introduction talking about fruit and introducing our subject. It works like a conversation. You don´t just walk after someone starts a fact about fruit. No matter how amazing the facts are they still going to think it´s awkward. You have to introduce your topic. Once you´ve introduced your topic,... Your introduction paragraph, you break it down. Our body paragraphs will be about apples, cherries and oranges. In our first body paragraph we´ll stick to one kind of fruit. Apples. We might even give the facts, or talk about the varieties. In our very last sentence we´ll include a transition to the next paragraph. Which is about cherries. It may be a sentence like "apples may be the best fruit for pies, but cherries make the best jam!" In the second paragraph, we´ll expand upon the glories of cherries. Mirror the aplle paragraph. Give the facts, talk about the varieties. Just keep the content similar. This is called being parallel. Just like two lines never cross. Paralell structures mean that each paralell structure serves the same function for a different idea. Again, at the end you would transition into your paragraph about oranges by saying something about cherries and then compare it with oranges. Or somehow set wings into a mention of oranges. Your sentence could be something like: "cherries go well with lots of fruit but they go best oranges". The third paragrapth will talk about oranges in the same way that you talked about apples and cherries. Keep the lines parallel. Discuss the facts about them, and the varieties. The last sentence in the paragraph will set some sort of transition into your last paragraph. The last paragraph is a summary of what you discussed. You can finish the story that you started to tell at the beginning. You can refer back to paragraphs you wrote and explain how the ideas in the paragaphs are related. But don´t bring in any new information. The last paragraph should be a summary. And involves more than one kind of fruit. Just like the fist paragraph did. So, this is a representation of what our paper would look like. See how the ideas are talked about together and separately. If you have trouble separating your ideas it´s best to start with a graphic organizer like this one. You´ll have to separate your ideas and make sure that your points are clear and easy to find. I hope this helps you understand organisation and parallel structures. If you feeling stuck, please let us know.

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