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How to mix a perfect cosmopolitan cocktail

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[MUSIC PLAYING] I'm Alan Katz for And today, I'm going to teach you how to make one of the most popular cocktails of the 1990s, the Cosmopolitan. It's a simple, refreshing cocktail that combines citrus vodka with a little bit of orange liqueur, cranberry juice, and fresh lime juice. We're going to start with our mixing glass, and using our jiggers as measuring tools, we're going to start with about two and a half parts of citrus vodka. Now once we've added the vodka, we can add the orange liqueur, and that's about 3/4 parts. And 3/4 parts cranberry juice. One part equals one ounce. Now to finish the cocktail, we're going to take our citrus squeezer and just add about a half a part of fresh lime juice. And fresh lime juice will make all the difference. You want this to be a very refreshing, slightly tart cocktail. Now, in the second part of our mixing apparatus, our shaker, we've simply added some ice to chill the tin down. Using the strainer, we're simply going to strain the excess water. And then of course, the fun part. We're going to tamp down. And you can tamp down fairly hard to make sure there's a good seal between the two parts of the shaker. And shake it like you mean it. Now once you've got the cocktail well-chilled, you're simply going to tap the side, and it will release the two parts of the shaker. Now this is a cocktail the can be served, ideally, in a well-chilled cocktail glass, and it has a wonderful, very light, sexy pink color. Now, to garnish the Cosmopolitan, you can either put on the rim, or simply float right on top, one wheel of fresh lime. Enjoy. I'm Alan Katz for [MUSIC PLAYING]

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A perfect cosmopolitan is a must at any cocktail party. Mixologist Allen Katz shares his technique for mixing the perfect cosmo.

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