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Saving Money Secrets! Cooking Soy beans 3 - Stir Fry Cooking Soy Beans

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DesteniChineseTD: Saving Money Secrets - Marinade Soy Beans 3 (Cooking) Ok, in the beginning, a wok- check heat, a little bit warm why wok? because it's a, it's like a satellite dish, so the heat is, more concentrated in the one point so that, instead of a pan, if you use pan the heat will, you know scatter all around and, it waste gas and and it takes more time, it doesn't go very well so, we need to, a wok- if you can find a wok that's fine that's the shuttle chef that we're going to use to- to cook Ok so, put some beans, into here (wok) I'll do as fast as I can but, you know, only one hand Ops a bit too much, but yeah ok so about this amount, medium heat at the beginning you can 'just stir it' you know generally not very fast but, later on when it becomes 'more hotter' and when, some more water are evaporated then you need to stir it much much faster because, most important is, do not let it burnt 'darkened', 'blackout' you know if it's burnt then, you know you need to pick them out and you might need to use water to clean them, that's not something that you would like to see also you know use your 'nose', use your smelling when you are much, to smell what it is like you might think, where it might be very tired to do this continuously for 30 minutes I- I can just just you I mean, I will tell you that, actually it is not it's I just keep doing the four count breathe, 1 2 3 4 breathe in, 1 2 3 4, breathe out, 1 2 3 4 you know just- just keep doing the four count breathe, ok ok, here's our sauce, here's the beans when you feel that the 'weight' you know you take less effort to, 'shuffle' you then reduce the heat 'further', maybe to 1/3, if you can see because the less effort mainly it's because of the weight is caused by the water the water is evaporated so you need to stir it more 'frequently' you need to make sure, that it won't- burnt at the bottom it's almost done but, not yet when it's done I'll show you guys the technique you know so very frequently, check heat, and smell whenever you smelt, something has cracked out, or it "burnt" then you need to reduce the heat right away for beginners, if you cook it for the first time I 'strongly' recommand you, you know take things slow, and so, you know rather to do it 'slowly', for the first time, than to 'screw it up' because if you- if the beans are burnt, then, I mean the whole thing is spoiled and it will takes a lot of effort for you just to pick, the burnt- beans out ok so quickly here, let's go through the sauce this is almost like two- after two weeks, you know so you can see, it still smells very good very nice, nothing, no bacteria, at this moment yeah, beans very- 'wok first' (attention) and so here, it mix very very well, so we're going to use it for- for cooking the beans ok so what is here? you can see- it begins to crack so, so when they crack in the middle so it's about- it's about time that, it's about time to finish I'm just going to, pick them out for you guys to see here so here I have changed to another wok, why did I change to another wok? because I found that- the big one is made of "alloy", and when it's alloy takes up a lot of heat it doesn't heat up, so I'd suggest you guys if you- you know if you're going to buy a wok you go and ask them, where- where is the 'iron' wok? don't buy an alloy wok so we're- what we're going to do is we're going to put into this inner pot this is where we're going to put the beans in, this is the first set of beans we're going to- 'pour' them, into here(inner pot) and then again use the boiling water from the kettle, because it's faster, it saves energy, and we put the sauce into it together, ok so this is the first step ok, now here is the second batch of beans, and as you can see didn't put too much beans inside the wok for each batch only for this much you stir it because, if you put more it won't get you any faster I mean, almost is the same time, amount of time but It would be more difficult to control the quality, of it might be too hot (at the bottom) like that and as you can see- here that, we have already a 'boiling pot' for the first lot so we're going to "mark time", boil like- 30 minutes like that, and at the same time we're going to continuously, doing this process I mean during the stirring time, and then and then when it's ready we will put into the pot together, ok ok, it's not done yet, we're "juggling" just like kelly p, another desteni member said 'juggling' we are juggling here you know, doing multiple-tasks at the same time keep stirring our beans, this is the most important don't get it burnt don't get it- darkened and- also, one thing I forgot to say is about the water level you know basically this- I'm not going to get too close this is a dig-cam that's the water level that you will, want to, ah! forget! at first yah we're "juggling", and later on when you found out- we add more beans inside you increase the- water level I mean you put more water in 'later on' the first time don't put too much(water), just barely over the bean's level one thing that I need- to say, is you need to put 'oil', because check for the oil level when you boil it- I forgot to tell you last time put a little bit of oil, so that 'it will' assists- to keep the ingredients inside to not evaporate too much, see I need to get back here yeah you know, use all your senses, common sense when you hear the cracks, when you- smell something, come here to stir it first this is the first priority you know, no matter what you're doing you stir it very first, frequently ok and then it's, get it (lid) tight here yah so, check oil, and- yah maybe stir it a little bit, you know the ok get a better result, here, beans, keep do that (stirring) that's how you save time, that's how you save moments Ok ok, so basically to you here, I just find out that if you put a little bit of 'oil', it seems better it's protecting the beans and, making it more- 'smells good' if you want to say it that way so we're going to make our third batch, ok about this much, this much and, how much oil we're going to put in, basically about this much (half soup spoon) not too much, just a little bit and then like a little bit too much, we'll see if it's too much ok! now, we're going to put this (beans) here (in pot) stir it a little bit, if it's too oily, keep on to add beans, and stir it, mix it, make it and- pay attention to the water level you know when it's becomes, not too much(enough) water, you need to add water inside It's(water) barely, just barely make it because- some water evaporates ok yah, keep stirring here, ok ok, so looks pretty ok huh? so while I'm doing it is, in breathe, 1 2 3 4, holding, infinite moment, 1 2 3 4 out breathe 1 2 3 4 yah, doing the four count breathe repeatedly Part Four to Continue CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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