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Marlee Matlin Teaming Up with Metro Detroit Rapper for Music Video (CC)

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He's been featured on Fox 2 before, showing us all how his passion for music, helped him overcome his inability to hear. Sean Forbes is a deaf rapper, who's beating the odds, and getting a shot at success. Fox 2's Andrea Isom tells us he's even got the backing of a Hollywood star. ♪ Deafer than deaf jam ♪ (Andrea) Metro Detroit's own Sean Forbes. He's deaf. He's a rapper. And he's dope. ♪ So so deaf ♪ That was his first single. The 2nd - "Let's Mambo". Man, that's sizzlin' too. ♪ Get ready to mambo ♪ Fox 2 was the first to introduce the world to Mr. Forbes, and ever since. (Sean)...performing all over the country a lot, and doing a lot of shows meeting a lot of great people, and good things are happening. (Jake) I just feel like I'm on cloud 9 right now. This literally was a dream for Sean and I a few years ago. And now to see where he's come, after all of the trials and tribulations that we've gone through, it's just wonderful. (Andrea) People from coast to coast are taking notice of his extraordinary talent. ♪ [Let's Mambo playing in background] And there's one person in particular. Someone he's looked up to, respected, and admired for years. And Sean wrote "Let's Mambo", just for her. ♪ [mambo music] Academy Award winner, Marlee Matlin. This mega superstar made a special trip to Metro Detroit, so these two could tango, and make a music video. (Sean) How I met Marlee is, um, we actually connected through Twitter. (Marlee) He believes in himself, and he is so confident, as an artists, maybe he's going to win a Grammy. For "Best Video". We're going to accept it together. What's going on here is big time. This is historic. Because nothing like this has ever been done, on this grand of a scale as this one. Inside Stage 3's studio in Warren, is the largest production of a music video. Using a predominantly deaf cast, and crew. It's really interesting being on a film set with hearing and deaf people working together, because I really wanted to see deaf people be behind the camera, as well as in front of the camera, and I really feel that we achieved that. (Jules) It really doesn't matter if you're hearing or deaf, you are not defined by what you can hear. You are defined by who you are inside. (Andrea) And Marlee wants all of us to always remember, (Marlee) dream, and explore, and believe, and listen to yourself. (Sean) I don't want people to watch this video and think, "Wow, these 2 deaf people doing this", I want them to look at it and be like, "Wow, it's just 2 people, doing something amazing" (Andrea) And that it is. So stayed tuned for the video. (Sean) You're going to be singing along to this song in no time. Detroit, are you ready for me? (Andrea) You better believe we are. In Warren, Andrea Isom, Fox 2 News.

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