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Sentencing Handed Down in Fatal DUI Traffic Crash on Shamrock North

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A woman accused of driving drunk and killing an elderly man in a ?Calaran? crash, is now headed to prison. Eyewitness News Reporter Lanetra Bennett is live at the Leon County Courthouse with the very latest. It took Judge Jackie Fulford about an hour to make a decision to hand down the 13 years to Danielle Barzykin. But that was more than an hour and a half of family members, from Barzykin and the victim, both speaking out to help sway that decision. The left side of the courtroom was jam-packed with the victim's family members, they all spoke, well not all, but many spoke, about how the crash changed their lives. 66 year old Daniel, Douglas Outlaw, was killed last April 13th. Authorities say Danielle Barzykin crashed into his car, while he was trying to turn off of Shamrock North. Authorities say her blood alcohol level was well over .3 at the time. And she even told the nurses that the only thing that they would find in her blood, was alcohol. Outlaw's wife and 3 adult children, they spoke in court today, and also Barzykin's sister, who called in from out of town over the telephone, to testify on her sister's behalf. She talked about how sickly her sister had been, with mental illness over the years. And also Barzykin's husband spoke, and her mother. Now I'm told that the family members of the victim said, that it did help to see Barzykin's family speak, it helped give some closure, because they see that they are hurting as well. Again, Barzykin was sentenced to 13 years, and she has to serve a minimum of 4. And so Lanetra, did Barzykin have anything to say for herself in court today? Yes, she read a note saying that she wished that it was her that died. But the state prosecutor says that it was not her, that Outlaw was the one who died, and he says that she can drink her own self into a grave, but once you get behind the wheel while you are drinking, that is illegal. And she told the court that until that day, she did not realize how precious life was. Alright, thank you Lanetra Bennett, Leon County Courthouse.

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Feb 12, 2011

Sentencing Handed Down in Fatal DUI Traffic Crash on Shamrock North

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