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Ivan Montano - Cali, Colombia - Spanish (Global Lives Project, 2013) -20:00:00 - 20:29:59

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Don't touch that pimple if you want it to get better. Don't touch that pimple if you want it to get better. Go. They are ready to play. I left the corn ready to cook. What's up? Where is he? Is he gone? —The coach located him up there. Where is he now? —Look for him up there. It seems... —Oh, are they done with the game? What time is it? —8:15pm. —Are they done? —I don't know. Let's see. I think they're going to play over there. They have time left. —I didn't bring the other one. —What other?—The other cell phone. Look at that! They start to play rough when the coach is not watching them. Look. Destroying the cones. We're doing raffles. There is a raffle already. The prize is a pair of cleats. You guys should get a car and raffle it. Yes, a toy car and uniforms, in that way is more economical for us. —They play in different places, even in villages. —Of course. —I don't know if I'd let Daniel go because you know how "organized" he is. —You should register him at the "Sarmiento" (soccer school) In his academic school, they give them permission to skip classes when they have to play important games. The majority of the team players go to the same school as Daniel. —You've a lot patience to play with that cell phone. Holy Mary! You're just like Dario! —Dario is like that too? Yes, it'll be midnight and Dario is playing with that. It'll be 1 AM and he is still playing with the cell phone on the bed. —Wow, that's a fever. I'm not going to skip my sleep to play with a cell phone. —I'm not good at playing with that all day. But this cell phone is not that good, the screen is not that bright. It's not like the other, the new one. The cool thing with one of those is that you're far away and you attract it. You take the picture from far away and to see it closer you just zoom in. —There is one hour for each neighborhood in that you're going to be. —More! Because there are many hours of video shooting, at least five or six hours for each neighborhood. —You've got to see it. You can't imagine the route that we made today. Oh boy! —Where did you guys go? Tell me. —With the horse? —Of course! —With Retorno (horse) —We went to the Morichal neighborhood, the one where President Santos gave houses away. We went until the end of the neighborhood where the new houses are. The houses that Santos gave away on Saturday. The road was closed. The engineer told me that the road was closed so we had to come back. We returned and we went all the way down... How did it go? Did you sweat a lot? We went to Mariano, Antonio Nariño, and Republica (neighborhoods) Dani, Daniel. Take a picture right there. Did you get it? —You got the picture with the three and nine numbers. —Did you guys play on Saturday? —No. —Ok, he told me but I didn't remember. —The one with the Mohawk haircut. —What a hairstyle! —The strip with the longer hair looks like a road way. —Hahaha, a road way. That road way is going to take you to the Diamante neighborhood. —Good evening. —Good evening, Willy. Wow, they finished the game. Do you want some water, Daniel? What's up, William? How you doing? What happened with the "empanadas" (beef pastry)? I'm waiting for them. —Oh no, I'm already working in a company. —Already? Good. —Look the bottle cap. —It's over... —No, the other team is next. —They're arranged in different teams. 13 and 39. He's 31. 13 and 39, where is he? where is he? Look, he's up there. —Look at that shorty —That little one. —Who's the shorty? —He's the son of... —He should be running around —Right, he's doing it now. The Desafio (t.v show) started already. —The Desafio started—Hahahaha —It's over. —No. —Of course, it starts at 8 PM —8:25 PM —It's almost over. —Really? And is it good? —Today it was supposed to be good. —The coach pays attention to the one who goes after the ball. —Daniel is concentrated. —The one who goes after the ball and gets it. The enemy team got the ball. They're going to mark. Everybody get up. —Is there another team down there? —Yes. —They play even better, they're bigger. They're more disciplined to play. I'm going to talk with the coach. I'll come back in a minute. —What did she say? —She's coming back in a minute. She's looking for Sandra, do you think that she will find her? Well, I don't want to get involved with dad, man. Don't tell me more, don't tell me more. I can imagine it. Paola got mad today. She pretends to be mad. She was in the store with the doors wide open. I saw Martha closing all the doors. I told her: "Why didn't you close the doors?" I saw her closing the fences too. I think she just opened them for a second. That's not my business. That's their problem. That's not my business neither. It's Dario's problem. Dario just cares for the little baby he has. The little baby. He has a little baby. That's not his problem neither. The problem is for Liliana. She's the one in charge. —She buys her medicine with the business money. —No... even more than all the remedies she's been taking! Should be remedies that really work. But you can imagine supporting my woman all the time and she doesn't even spend the money that well. —Oh yeah, you have to distribute all those tickets the other day. —...and she doesn't pay attention to me. She just does not. —However, health is first. —I didn't bring a pen and I'm in charge of picking up some stuff. —Did you find it? —Did you find it? —What? Oh yes, I have to look for some raffle tickets that I kept myself too. It will be good if the veterinarian could find out what's wrong with the dogs. At the least expected time, the dog will recover its sight. — It's a miracle that the team came to this side, oh Holy Mary. —Yes, why? —They took half an hour to get to this side of the field. But suddenly they will throw the ball over there. Much better, he won't look at me. —It's better to not look at him until I'm ready to take him the picture. —He looks thin from far away. —Awww, the little ones run a lot. — Daniel is new to the team. He just got in on February and the others have been playing for 2 or 3 years. Look the little ones, and they run a lot! Look that shorty one. Look, look, that short one. —We've to explain him everything with all the details. —Yes, and they told me he need to watch tutorial videos too. All the moves. What's the name for that? Soccer moves. —The little ones are the coach's sons but he's tough with them too. —Of course. —The coach has two, the little and the big one. That's why they're so good in soccer. They grow up in that environment. Daniel has played a few times. During the week, he plays twice and just one day on holy week. Many of them haven't taken any break. It was a goal. The coach sent the little ones to take a break. Those know how to kick the ball. What's up? Who's going to pick you up? Does your mom pick you up then? —He stays there pretending nothing is happening and waiting for the ball to get there. — He takes cares of his side, you know, watching his side. —Which side? —For his side nothing happens. If the other player passes by the other fat guy, it means a different move. —Ha ha ha —OK Pure maliciousness. He takes care of his side, Mr. Luis. —That man came to bother around here. —Oh God. Daniel, watch out! Look at that. That guy must be tired from running around the field with Sandra. —He's going to meet her, man, Im telling you. —He doesn't allow me to see him. The one you know. You can do whatever you want, the problem is who sees you. Ha ha ha. The sin is to talk . Listen, Mr. Luis, the sin is to talk. —I have to take care of the boy. —You don't have to take care of him. —Maybe something will happen to him and I'll be far away. No, that's not your business, it's their problem. You see... that ball didn't pass by his side. Look. —That's right Daniel! Do it, do it! —Do it harder. —Harder, harder, harder. He was about to leave the ball alone. That's right. Do it! Do it , Daniel! Mmmmm, he let the ball pass. —Today he improved 100%. —No, don't tell him that because you will bring him down. You have to let them be. That's why they have a coach. —You didn't see he came all sweaty. —Oh yeah. —You didn't see he came all sweaty, what else do you want, ha! —That's true. Look at him, too. That mother's been in the trainings for awhile with her son and she tells me to not force Daniel since he's new. How can he pretend to do his best in just one game. He's improving step by step. Where are the big players? That professor. —Good. —Of course. Until 9 PM? It's only 8:30 PM. —Yes, they're almost over. —OK, I'm going to take a walk and I'll come back soon. Oh no, he fell down. —Let's see how's everything around there. —OK Campo, do it! At least they said to him "That's ok, Campo." —Where is he? Did you see him? Look him over there. —You didn't see him when he came all the way here. —When he remembers that he's doing the 'jar' pose, he put his arms down. —Ha ha ha —Did you see him when he was standing like that? —Or he starts biting his nails too. —Really? That means he's nervous. —When the coach yells at him he starts acting like that —Are you coming back, Mr. Luis? —What? —Are you coming back? —Yes, I'm coming —OK —He's going to take a walk. Keep an eye on my stuff (horse, house) too, please. Aw so cute, I haven't seen the horse scratching his back on the grass like today. —They wallow like that. —Yes, he wallows like that. Only those 3 boys? —They have a good goalkeeper. —Right? —That smurf know how to block a ball. —Sometimes he loses the ball. Oh no, they're going to hit me with the ball. Look. There are some players who don't pass the ball and they're supposed to do it. Tell him that's he's going very slow. That's right. They tend to pile and the coach doesn't like it because they don't do anything. Come on, come on! Almost.

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Posted by: globallives on Oct 2, 2013

Ivan talks with his niece and brother-in-law Luis Enrique while they watch Ivan's nephew play soccer.

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