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Our School Books and why they lack appeal

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السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته I’ve been teaching for a long time but I never stood in front of so much people it's an amazing feeling really Well already Dr.Anwar introduced you that I am a school teacher. Simple school teacher really And I’ve been teaching for quite a long time and I’ve been teaching children and I’ve learnt so much from these children and I believe always that children inside them is locked great talent and imagination and how do we pull that well that is our rule as teachers Now as a teacher what do these children expect from us I mean what can we actually offer them And well from my short experience in teaching I believe that high expectation , continuity of education , stimulate resources a very strong bond between school and home and I said stimulated resources I want you all to underline that and always to believe that each child can actually succeed Now as a teacher my tool or what I used as a tool is books these other resources we teach you know to use it to educate these children now these books should be visual effective colorful attractive interesting but instead of that our children here this is what they get (applause) it’s really sad This is geography and we shouldn’t really you know blame these children if they are not really interested in school well if I was a child and they told me to go to school and read from these books I well bother really this is supposed to be the body of human been I think a 3 years old can draw better than that so it’s really sad that we have these books to educate our children with and the most sad thing that really breaks our hearts or breaks my heart anyway that we have wonderful graphic designer in this country but they have not been utilized why can’t we used them to create a good educational books books for our students and this is some of the work by the way done by graphic designers Sudanese graphic designers that we are very proud of it is not really a problem, is it? This is an emplane also by graphic designers in this country and they deserve a clap really (applause) these graphic designers in this country these all emplane examples and some of the work so you know if you were a parent I’m sure you have a headache of these children not bothering to study or anything we shouldn’t blame them for watching TV all those shows now Arabs got talent show of course Mohannad I mean even 4 years old girl knows who is Mohannad now and Nour (applause) and really we shouldn’t blame these children because there is nothing to motivate them I mean children need motivation when they are teaching I’m saying this as an experience in my teaching years really and of course there is a good side side and bad side of anything the good side is that they will become not interested in school dropping out of school so there is always an alternative either good education getting good degrees or selling things in the streets and these are different examples we can go back selling gum gum selling water and so on and we should always remember that these children are the future of this country and they are the men and women of the future so what have we done? we need to educate them well so they can resembles one day and I’m sure they will be something special if they just get some good education well this is what they see how it like anyway the children very horrifying picture over the last years in my school where I teach I teach in a school which is a British system school and I was given to develop the resources used for developing the Arabic language because most of the students that come to that school they are are not really interested in the or not interested but they are very poor English language in the Arabic language sorry so you want to engage these students and to make them like and attract to to that language so you need to develop the resource to make it interesting This is a page year 7 it’s a poem by the way by a very famous poetics Alhadi Adem and this is a picture from our books it’s not really clear by the way and this is the new look (applause) and it calls mother hood thank you it’s very simple idea really it's not really great work it’s just simple ideas some colorful some attracted for the student and I was monitoring whenever I developed a resource I always monitor the effect of resource I developed and really teachers did report me that there is student are more focused student enjoyed and we know whenever there is enjoyment there is always Oh I mean we know they perform well or they likely to perform well and we should always remember that these children are the future of this country and we want to educate them well and my simple idea it is not really ground breaking it’s a very simple idea and I’m sure if there is a good collaboration graphic designers if we call these graphic designers we have in this country good publishers and educators I’m sure we well produce good books for these children so they can enjoy actually learning and they will become something special one day I’m sure In the end it’s just my simple idea really and it’s not ground breaking or let’s go to the moon or let us build a rocket to go to the moon it’s one of those small and mighty ideas but it does have a great effectiveness and for our children of course and as a teacher I really believe that big ideas make huge difference small ideas sorry make bigdifference and I believe always beauty is in the details Thank you very much.

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After graduating from University of Sudan, with a BA in Fine Arts and Graphic Design in 2001, Fadwa Sa'ad decided to follow her passion for teaching, and turn it into a career.So she took training courses in teaching methods in England 2002 and obtained a diploma in Language and Translation from university of Juba, in 2008.

Fadwa believes teaching is a two-ways learning method, and finds teaching a tool for both her and her students to turn knowledge into achievements.

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