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Building a Speaking Platform

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Hi and welcome to Launch Your Dream Book. it's Lindsey here. And today we're going to talk all about creating a speaking platform. I'm going to teach you six ways to create your speaking platform from the ground up. So let's get started. First things first, it's important that you understand when you're just getting started that you can go from free to fee. So as you're building your speaking career and your platform, start small, start at local women's organizations, civic organizations, different community clubs, and events. And offer free workshops or presentations. This can help you really build speaking testimonials. You can film videos from the events. And this can help down the line for leveraging future paid gigs. So how you turn those free gigs into a fee is you really want to leverage what you are working with. So as you start building your speaking platform and you are doing more talks around town you can showcase all of the great work you've been doing. And when people come to you and ask you if you can speak at their club or organization always start with, great this sounds good. What's your budget? And this kind of puts the ball in their court. And don't assume that just because they're a nonprofit or they're a club that they don't have money. You would be surprised. So you never want to set yourself up for failure. So it's really important to ask what's your budget. Never, never assume. Another great tip is to attend events. It's important to network, to get to know key players who are booking conferences and events. And it's important to give your event organizers a copy of your book. As we teach in in this course, your book is your $5 business card. So always, always give it away to people that are higher up or that can potentially get you booked at a conference, or an event, or a local organization. The next thing you can try is speaker directories. Speaker directories, or speaker bureaus, are great places where you can share your information and promote your services. Some of them include speaker services, a speakerzone .com,,, the National Speakers Bureau. There's many of them out there. But how these services work is you basically create your speaking profile. You showcase what presentations you offer, what your niche market is. You can put pictures or speaking videos online. And this really helps boost your searchability. So when people are searching for a speaker in your specific genre, or your niche market, or even in your area of the country, or the world they can find you quickly and easily. Another thing that you can do is cold call. And while cold calling may not seem like the most fun thing to do it definitely has a high success rate in booking speakings. So if you're serious about taking your speaking game to the next level this is something you'll want to consider doing. Basically you can search for areas of your target market and ask to speak to a meeting planner, or a conference director, or a wellness coordinator. And again while this may seem uncomfortable it is one of the most effective ways to book yourself. People get tons of emails a day. So this really sets you apart and shows that you're serious. Similar to cold calling you can also try emailing out leads. Send a simple letter or a pitch to your target audiences. Keep it short, fun, and brief. Make it very clear and very similar to a media pitch that you would send out. You can include videos or aspects of your speaking style that really make you unique. And last, but not least, your website is a great place to showcase that you are now an author and a speaker. So really step into your author and speaker light. Include videos, testimonials, or fun blurbs about your presentations. Try to be as niche as possible so that you are the go-to speaking expert in your field. So these are several tools that you can use to help increase your speaking career and really create a platform for yourself. We also included a PDF in this module that goes over more tools and resources to really help you create and lay that foundation if speaking is something that you're really serious about.

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Building a Speaking Platform

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