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2Blogging How To Create The Perfect Introduction To Your Blog Post

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Alright, so we jump into my computer here and I'm gonna show you a quick little trick to get people to consume your content. First of all, you wanna have a really great headline which we talked about in another one of the videos in this blogging series on our YouTube channel. But the second big thing is that you wanna have an opening sentence that's like a slippery slide. When somebody reads it, they're literally unable to not read the next sentence. One of the best people in the world that's doing this is a great blogger named Jon Morrow at and look at how he opens up the introduction to this blog post that and just makes it so that you start to slide down this sort of grease shoot. So he starts up by saying you know everyone thinks we're fools, right? And so you literally cannot, if you read the headline and you were interested and then you read this sentence, you're not able to not read the next sentence. And notice how short is it and how punchy it is, right? It's real short and punchy. You know everyone thinks we're fools, right? So it's curiosity laden. And it's short and it's punchy. And so he's getting you to slide down into the content. Notice how we did this in this post here. So this post's called 5 lightning fast ways to create stellar blog content and the opening line is I know you type... And so again, very short, very curiosity laden. Really not possible for you to have read the headline and been interested and then read this sentence and not start to roll down the page. So the best way to create a perfect introduction to a blog post is to create a short punchy, curiosity laden introduction that gets them to slide down into your blog content.

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