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Making Peace with Money

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Now it's not to be scared about things that is going to happen it's to realize that one can change this that things that's going to happen is also in a way a retribution- you know paying for your disregard of Life a little bit of suffering is quite acceptable and if one- make it a lot of suffering then so be it but to fear it - is stupid find ways- to make a difference where you can make a difference don't wash you hands like Judas that's how they... you know it's out of my hands don't "sell yourself" just for money! for profit for survival the thirty silver pieces are really not worth it rather give everybody silver pieces so- everyone can make peace with this thing called "money" - which they've all desired so much for all their their life once you've made peace with money you'll see it's not that important it is more important that who you are must have integrity and must be able to be trusted with Life in all ways! if that is not so and you are fickle and can be manipulated by money then obviously you can never be trusted if you are unable to realize to what extent you are already manipulated by money and how easy it is to- sway your will with fear then I mean- the human race don't have much of a chance let's find out what is possible we've gone through great lengths to assist and we can say that there has been very little realizations that has taken place the hard wiring in the human robot is extensive the reptilians and the other lot from the other races laughed! at us when we said we are going to help the human they said: we want to see that you're not going to get the human to change seems like they were right but there is little flickers of hope now this is real hope - for change - coming through very small ones but there are indicators that show at the very least a few thousand humans may "make it" on earth the rest of the beings obviously trees plants and so on there are amazing things happening and science will find that in time to come unexplained things! weather will learn to really move- effectively and wash the surface of the earth clean destroy the economic systems of the human the earth will shake itself out of this delusion of human reality into real Life will you be part of it? highly unlikely virtually 100% guaranteed because- you are just a robot unable to change yourself stuck! in fear babbling bullshit believing in many cases that apparently you know something ha ha ha you were designed to know what you know nothing you know is real so let's see what the future bring

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Jan 20, 2011


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