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Os Guinness on Evil

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Welcome to the Veritas Forum Engaging Universtiy students and faculty in discussions about life's hardest questions and the relevance of Jesus Christ to all of life. Three visions on the problem of Evil A Visão Oriental sobre o Mal Obvioulsy the biggest question of all for human beings is Evil. And the three families of faith have a very, very different answer to Evil. The East: Hinduism, Budism, is very, very realistic about Evil. I would complement Budism to being a kind of Religion Sized Answer to suffering and affliction, and Evil what the Hindus call "Duca" - Affliction. But the trouble in the East, there is no solution for Evil, suffering injustice, oppression, in the world - that we know it. The only answer is renounce the world, dettach yourself from the world In another words, in the Eastern view what fuels everything is desire, wich leads to craving, which leads to attachment which binds us to the wheel. And the problem is not just that we die, the problem is we are reborn! And instead of the Californian idea that reincarnation is groove man, groove, as they used to say in the 60's. Reincarnation you go round, and round and round, Maybe, Hindu say 35 thousand times. And the only solution is freedom from this world, from the wheel. So in the East,freedom is not freedom to be an individual It's freedom from individuality And you can see that is a very radical view. So Budha, when he was enlightned in Bogha, he didn't say: "I am liberated." He said "It is liberated". He called He called his own son, Rahullah, which means Feto or born chain In another words, his family relationships was something holding him back from the renunciation of the world and Nirvana - which many people quote, but actually means the great deathless lake of extinction. So Budism is the most gigantic no ever delivered to human aspirations and Ithink is a very poor answer to Evil. although it has a very realistic view of Evil, which we have to be delivered. The Secularist View of Evil When we come to the Secularist view

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Posted by: volneyf on Aug 28, 2011

Os Guinness talks about the problem of Evil and the Theological trilema.

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