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Police and Equal Money System - Will we need cops?

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POLICE & EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM Seeing in Equal Money obviously the current Police force in the world are mainly Focused on Protecting assets and Preventing theft and managing people's relationships and the relationships of people Are between whether they have money or not and they are between where they feel they've been done in or not They had Experiences of Somebody Stealing from them or taking their goods or Causing some form of harm The police are managing in essence Money Or What One find as if going into the World of relationship The police are the ones that must manage emotions Emotions are energy that move in the relationships So emotions in Essence also represents money and it is money that moves In a different way- it's a value system This value system is based on pursuit of happiness Feeling good or not and This, is a fascinating Problem that is not realized Obviously that emotions in fact Are Just another form of money You can call it the money of relationships Now the police functions in the role of Managing The results of the outcomes of these relationships That are based on Emotions or on money That will change immensely When we enter The era of Equal Money Because you will be no longer be managing money Or the outcomes of the breakdown of relationships based on money and emotion Will be understood for what it really is and therefore Relationships will no longer exist as the relationships that'll exist is agreements and therefore you will not have the fall out you have now In the massive rates of Destructive relationships in the world That end up in jealous rage and ends up in all forms of demon possession We will then thus Be in a world where The experience of the human would be The embracing of Excellence and purity The embracing of self-honesty and self-forgiveness and the basic living tools of how to co-exist As co-creators and equal responsible Partners The partnership within this world Will bring about to world where the police Will not longer function as police and as such We will have a "much smaller" police force and they will only deal with instances Where there is being A complete possessed state by a human That requires urgent support They will be immediately removed from society and Will be rehabilitated Before they are re-introduced into society The court system will no longer work as the way it works now and There will be A lot of the laws You can say that 90- 95% of all laws That exist now Will become Irrelevant and will no longer exist and in a way The society that will be recreated will be as In the taoist way a pure society Because there will be virtually no laws That is required As self-responsibility will be functioning and that which is best for all Will be the guideline and the law and That will be functioning within the Directive points of Simple mathematics Therefore understand that one must start investigating What will happen in the world If we remove The value system That is "so unequal" currently and is based on polarity and replace it With a value system That is "always" functioning At maximum at what is best for all Where there is no polarity Where there is no good or bad Where there is no high or low Up or down The system simply functioning To Absolutely fulfill The human endeavor The animal The plant making "in fact" This world a garden of eden What would happen then Is that your police force will virtually Cease to exist and A self regulating human Will emerge eventually Yes it will take time at this stage If you look at something From a perspective of Possibility Probability and look at can this be done and if you listen to what we are saying and as we're explaining explaining it It is very certain that this can be done So, investigate What will happen If all laws are replaced By only laws That regulate What is best for all That means: you are the recipient of the advantage As is everyone else Equally and therefore there is no competition anymore There is just a co- Operation To bring about and make sure That each others need are fulfilled How would society function then? How would you function? If you are no longer required to manipulate and lie and deceive, and cheat To get things done Or to get money

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Aug 15, 2011

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