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Ruixian Fan - Xian, China - Mandarin - (Global Lives Project, 2013) ~ 17:30:00-17:59:59

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Number 5 bus goes to Xi`an Medical University. I'm not familiar with Xi'an, I'm only familiar with the outskirts of Beijing. I think we should try to go a few places. We cannot go to just one place in the future. Did you know that my child Keke is eating worse and worse. I think I should take him to see the gastro...gastroenterologist. Is it because he doesn't want to eat himself, or... or is it because he wants to stay in shape? Impossible. The child doesn't know about that. Doesn't know? He's in sixth grade, and still doesn't know? He's just… he just doesn't want to eat. — He's in sixth grade, he should know by now. — He can't even eat one more extra bite. Like say, there's a little bit left just eat it, but he just can't finish it. For example: milk, what's the big deal if there's just a little bit more? He can't even finish one small carton of milk. You see I took him to see the gastroenterologist. I've taken him to several places, taken Traditional Chinese Medicine many times, but nothing really works. — What did they say? — They just said that his stomach is very weak. It takes a long time to see the effects of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This type of illness, Western Medicine doctors would probably not do either.

Because his symptoms are not very obvious. I'm just saying, if you use Traditional Chinese Medicine, you can't always switch doctors. Switch places? Every time we always take it for at least… About ten days, I think. Not much effect. He's able to drink the medicine down, if it was me. . . I can't take any Chinese Medicine, I think it tastes too bitter. Oh, that person. . . Lao Hei, he brought a larger bottle of medicine from Xi'an, hehe. — Who brought a large bottle of medicine? — Lao Hei. He was taking a kind of health supplement, wasn't it a type of supplement? No. He went to see a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor. The doctor prescribed Shui Wa Wa for him. I realized that he's become like my older sister now, believing in natural health maintenance regimen. No, I think he's really not very healthy. Just yesterday morning, we were… so he didn't sleep very well the night before, you see. And probably got up at 7 in the morning. And then we went from the Northern… from the back of Tong Nan Hao… and made our way around to the team. He walked for a while, and just said that he felt uncomfortable. He said that he didn't feel well. Anyway, that morning was a bit stuffy, sweltering hot. Anyway, his health is not very good. Didn't he drink that, the one that was soaked in a large cup of water. Wasn't it that one? No, it was Shui Wa Wa, Xiao Wa Wa. — One slice? — A bunch each time, that one. My sister gave my mum Shui Wa Wa as well. Got a huge amount. 400 dollars, I remember. At that time Shui Wa Wa was not as good as the ones that was boiled at home. Wasn't it? Now there are many different types of Shui Wa Wa, powdered ones, as well as honeyed bolus ones, they have all different types. I don't really believe in this, I think… Using food as a nutrition supplement is better. The problem is, you see you. . . If you're not sick, you can just eat something. But if you're sick, you don't go and see a doctor? You see yesterday… I slept at around... nearly... 1 o'clock. And he… as soon as he starts chatting with me, he just can't stop, you know. At first the two of us… 10… we slept around 10 o'clock you know. But afterwards, he… called me into his room and chatted for a while, you know. And we chatted all the way until about 12:40 pm. Hm. And then I couldn't sleep, I slept around 1 o'clock. It was probably later than 1 o'clock actually. And then slept all the way until at least 7 or 8 o'clock. I don't understand, they're filming you, and you just lie there to be filmed. If you spread this image abroad, you see, you'll be famous all over the world. Where were we up to? At the end I slept around 1 o'clock and then woke up at around 5. I've only… I think this is also a type of illness. — Sleep, go to sleep now. — Huh? — I said just sleep now. I can't fall asleep, it would be good if I could. But I feel a bit tired, no energy. And it seems as if I can't concentrate either, as if I'm floating. — Me too. — You see I'm already in this state, and I haven't even taken any medicine to improve anything. You should eat some dates. It's harder to find on the market these days. And buying that much medicine, will end up daydreaming again. He's picked up reciting again, you know. Guess what he said? He said that one night he suddenly saw on the internet that thing... that website, I forgot what it was called. It was about these kids you know, in high school. — And then? — Reciting. He said that there was a kid, a kid that was very good at reciting. He said that he wants to take it up again. Finally I can let him recite and develop it as a hobby. Do they have to film this way because we're lying down? They're afraid to say something, huh? It should be alright. Otherwise actually let's get up. — Otherwise they would think that you're like this… — He told us to do whatever we liked. So let him think about it. . . I'm telling you, don't, don't'… Until high school… I don't want him to learn these things in primary school. Seems like learning these things in primary school, for kids there isn't a certain kind of… If he learns in high school, it feels as if he'll be able to remember it. Or something rather. Say making him learn this… Does Keke like it? I think just normal. Every night… It makes me… He shuts the door, but the sound-proofing is not very good, you know. The sound of his reciting can be heard from time to time. You should go and visit that site. I don't know what site it is. I've always wanted you to tell me. I thought I'll go and have a look, hehe. — The thing is I don't have the devices at my home. — Huh? We don't have the devices in our hometown. — Your hometown does not sell. . . ? — Hm. — Nothing at all? — Nothing. We don't have webcams in our hometown. Your hometown... We don't even have places that sell it… my hometown. Nothing. At first I was thinking of taking Keke to Beijing, and then in the end my classmate, they said… They wanted their children to go to the summer camp. I was. . . A little bit worried, I was thinking… Would it be better if I took him to Beijing, or if he went to the summer camp by himself? — What does he think of it himself? — Huh? — Himself. — I didn't dare tell him, I didn't want him to get distracted. I wanted to wait until after he's finished his exams and then talk to him about it. Haven't decided yet. Say, do you want to let your child attend school summer camp during primary school? — Have you ever thought about it? — Yes. That time our carriage… we had kids in our carriage. They obviously looked like they were in… second or third grade… should be… at least third grade. At least in the third grade I think. But on the other hand, the most important thing is that I'm worried that boys might fight. Hehe. — Boys fighting. — Hm. But your child is not really that type though. Not that type, but my child is the type that does not have a very good temper. — Oh, you've changed your hairstyle. — What do you think? — Huh? — What do you think? I've cut it short. — Yes, very pretty! — Ah, pretty, not really. — I'll bring you some lunch after I've eaten? — No, no, it's ok, we've just eaten. — Ah, let me have a look, turn around. — What do you think of it? — Good, good, very good. — I just did it during this trip back home… — There's something difficult about this kind of hairstyle… — Is that you have to keep fixing it all the time. — You have to… every month… There's no need to fix it, this type of curling, every time I just get some water and… — No, but if it grows longer… you'd have to fix it again. — How did you curl it? What is it called? I didn't use curling wands. I just used foil and wrapped it. — What is this called? — Called… tin foil curl, something like that. — Alright, I'll come back later to chat. — Alright. I think that after you've changed this hairstyle your face seems slimmer. — Slimmer. I'll come back later. — Okay. — Isn't it? — Hm. — Doesn't it seem smaller? — Hm. — Actually I am quite suitable for this type of hairstyle. — You can try it. — I've always had this type of hairstyle. — Ah? Really, how come I can't remember. I've always had short hair. Maybe you didn't know me at that time. — Know… — By the time we knew each other I already had long hair. — I've always had short hair. — The thing is, at that time… — Probably couldn't even tell between you and… — Alright, couldn't tell, ay… How sad, hehe. Yeah exactly, at that time, she had short hair, and so did I. For the moment being… I don't want to cut my hair . — Why? — I feel… it has finally grown this long, you know. — So what? — And then starting from short again… Just leave it for now. Don't… don't regret it someday, and say I… I can't cut it now. We'll see. Ay when you leave after this trip, I'll be the only one left, so lonely. Hm. What should I do? — Should we go to… — Huh? Let's go have a look at that place, not sure if the sale has ended, it extended for 10 days. — Where? — The place where I bought the clothes. — Oh. Don't take it seriously. — Only ¥100, I'll just go and have a look again. — Go and buy some more. Alright. Before I came here I saw "Big girl getting married" you know. — I really like Song Jia's… — Hm. I like every outfit she wears in that show, you know. Huh? You like every outfit? — That…I watched it occasionally, I didn't really… — I watched it. I missed out on a few episodes, but watched most of it. "Big girl getting married", didn't she act in something called "Big guy getting married" afterwards? — She also played a bit in that, so I got it mixed up. — That one was Xu Zheng, wasn't it. — That one was "Big guy getting married", this one is "Big girl getting married". — Yes, yes, yes. Well she played in that as well. She played as a guest star, not the main role. — As a really close buddy. — In the end there was something between them. — Hm, yes. — So who was she with at the end? They didn't end up together, but in the end ended up with that... that person Zhang Xin Yi. Oh I probably haven't got up to that yet. I just watched when they… At the end so she had a daughter right, and the guy from overseas… was giving her a hard time, saying he doesn't want to… if you get married, I would do such and such to the kid. I won't give it to you. And so she almost had a breakdown because of this. Oh. Is it the woman with the really straight forward personality? They. . .They were university classmates, is it that one? Hm, yes, that person. — His first girlfriend was Meiting, right. The one that was an actress. — I didn't watch that bit. Actually I think the first one… it was a shame that they couldn't be together. It was all because of her dad, you know. Meiting's dad was a… Was an… an alcoholic, really lazy. He was in prison for many years, and was released, you know. At the end he intervened, but didn't really succeed… Otherwise actually that person… actually did have feelings for her, Meiting was actually quite a good person. And then her buddy was really funny. — You mean that man? — No, just Song Jia. — Little Song Jia. — Oh. She has a really close friend, that guy. — I don't know about that. — He was her close buddy. That… wasn't Song Jia his close buddy. Not really buddies, anyway they just didn't have feelings for each other. That woman was a bit of a workaholic, you know. I think "Big girl getting married" is better. Alright…I'll watch it sometime. The clothes that she wears… Song Jia is quite tall, She's so elegant. She is so pretty with the clothes that she wears. With a sort of… pure and refined feeling. With clothes that are really baggy, you know. Or otherwise with a blue denim three-quarter pants. With a white baggy shirt on top. I think it's so pretty. Along with… and long hair… — So pure. — I don't think Song Jia is very old, at least… I'm not sure, doesn't seem to be very young either. Ay… I feel like these days I'm either watching "Men Di", or else watching "New era of marriage". There's nothing much to do at home. I was telling my older sister when I phoned her this afternoon that… She came back earlier. And accompanied me, at that time… in the afternoon… I watched... — Pretty good days. — Huh? Pretty good days. Hehe, you had a chance to be an actress. Ay, I'm always feeling dizzy recently. — You're not going to wear this type of clothes are you, a reporter. —Similar to this. But if it was last year, oh, the year before last year… The clothes worn for recitation the year before last year. — I said looks like a bank clerk, hehe. — What clothes. Just a short-sleeved shirt, with pink stripes. With vertical stripes, just white with pink stripes. — Just like that. — A bank clerk, hehe. Looks too much like a professional. Haven't you seen, all the people at the banks wear clothes like that. And so do the petrol station staff. Except theirs is with blue stripes. — It's like… — Yes, it's similar to that. Do you think it would be alright. And they also asked me to hold a camera. Just like them, going back and forth like this. Walking around on the stage, without many lines. Hehe. — Just wandering around like that. — Hehe. — It's just that person… — Therefore I… — So now I'm also observing him from the corner of my eye, hehe. —Observe, how? Hehe. How well does he play? His exact role? Much better than last time. It's just that… his relationship with Ma is still not very good. They're playing as a couple. Didn't we go to Chengdu some time ago. Hm. Ay. Ay, say, do you want to wear sunglasses in summer? Say is it possible to get those type of prescription glasses… — Glasses, with a bit of colour you know. — Gla. . . - Sunglasses? No. - Not sunglasses. They now have this type… I was saying that we can't wear sunglasses, right? They say that now there's a type of lenses that can be coloured. — And then which looks a bit… — With a bit of light colour? — Right. It's not like those type of transition glasses in the old days, not that type. — I feel that's a bit… — I haven't seen it before. — Huh? — I haven't seen it, I don't know. The main thing is that my face is too big, I can't wear those kind of things. How is it not possible. That way, it will make your eyes… — … seem smaller. — Not necessarily. With such a big face, if you wear sunglasses with small lenses… — You would look like a pancake. — Hehe. I mean wear bigger ones… Bigger ones… impossible. That'll be too exaggerated. And plus glasses don't come in that size anyway. Sunglasses perhaps, but glasses… Luckily I…I have another pair of glasses right, you've seen me wear it, haven't you. — No. — Basically… — Haven't seen it. That pair of glasses, when I wear it, not sure why, but… Perhaps it's the focal length or something that's not right, you know. I get a headache as soon as I wear it, a headache as soon as I wear it. No, it's mainly because the two lenses, like if it's… for example if there's a difference between the two, you know. That difference is within the normal range, however your eyes can feel it. — That's why I… — That's not why mine are like that. I just feel like this place and this place are not right… — … in the morning. — I feel it's because of the distance. — You mean the lenses? No, I feel it's not the lenses. — Yeah, the pupillary distance. — Sometimes the glasses rests right on the acupoint. — Adjusted, let them adjust it for you. — Mine is the other type. — Can't be adjusted? — This place cannot be adjusted. —Oh. I think it's…the plastic type, the one that's joined together. — Oh. — Can't be adjusted. Mine lenses… mine lenses are already really blurry. — So that's why I was thinking of… getting another one. — Mine are blurry too. — I've always wanted to change it, but it's just because… — You've already gotten used to this one? — It's comfortable? — Yeah. But sometimes I think you need time to get used to the lenses. To get used to the… Otherwise you'll get a headache as soon as you wear it. The glasses I'm wearing now are really… I mean the lenses that I have now, I feel really comfortable wearing these glasses. It feels as if I'm not wearing anything. That's why this place and this place feels a bit insecure. I was watching CCTV 2 today, they had a program on the food of Shanxi. CCTV 2 had a program, on…. Going to all different places in search of delicious food. They went to Xi'an, as well as… Private home dishes, homemade dishes in Shanxi. — One of the dishes was… noodles. — Hm. Ay, the colours were matched so well, so pretty. I really wanted to eat it just by watching it. Handmade noodles. He was watching too, and was saying you should learn it. I said if only I was able to make it… they had… The ingredients that they had… were so pretty. — "Chicken dices with peanuts", what else, "Tofu dices". — You can learn all these. — I think they mixed and matched really well. So tasty. — Do they have "Cucumber with black fungus" ? No, not at all. Just really really simple homemade dishes. And also the dishes that they make, they don't put meat in it. And their last procedure is… according to the traditions of people from Shanxi, is that they sprinkle, with oil, straight on the dishes, like after they put garlic, ginger and spring onion, they just sprinkle it with a spoon of oil straight onto the dish. The final effect is amazing. Have you ever seen Shanxi people cook like that? Actually frying dishes, you're meant to put the oil in first, and then fry it like that. But they don't do it that way, it seems as if they boil if first and then sprinkle it with oil. — They call that frying dishes? How can that be considered as frying? — Yes, they call that frying in Shanxi. — Well, I didn't know about that. — It's just like that. They were introducing a kind of fish… called duckbill fish, you know. Anyway it was a type of fish. Paddlefish, yes, anyway a type of fish, without bones. And they just fry the fish first, and put the soybean paste in oil first, you know. And the fish, probably didn't even use water to boil it first. Just… after the sauce is ready, the fish… The sauce, just sprinkle the fish with the sauce like that. And then put all the other ingredients like pepper, you know. Sprinkle it with all kinds of peppers and spices, and then… sprinkle it with a huge bowl of oil, and the fish is ready. They said it was really delicious. That means the temperature of the sauce must be really high. And do they have to use a clay pot to keep it warm in the end? — The dish that they put the fish in. — No, just normal… no. They didn't use it, I thought it was all so simple. The fish that they made was really simple. — Ay, my arm is so sore. — And all they do is sprinkle it with a bowl of oil. I've learnt a way to cook fish. — Pretty simple. — But probably… it's just suitable for that kind of fish. The fish that we have here might not be able to be cooked that way. Their fish is really tender. Theirs don't have any bones. The fish that we have here, you have to steam it for a couple of minutes first. It was all booked. They were in a… They were on the top floor of a building. — What they call "Private home cuisine". — Yeah, yeah. Say their camera equipment, their type of camera equipment, would probably cost tens of thousands. — Probably more that that. — Probably yes, don't know. — What is it called? — Huh? — Like that type of camera. Theirs is rented. Are we home yet? I didn't even bring a jacket. — There's no need, I didn't bring any either recently. — Hehe. — Do you know… — Hm. — Buying what? — Not buying anything. — Later… Hm, oh, later on… I'll tell you later. Hehe. Telling me to write a letter when it comes to winter again. Telling me to write one secretly, without telling… Ah, how can you be like that. I'm in a dilemma, I don't actually feel anything… Then you should just leave, walk out of it. I'm not saying I want to analyse this but… I just want to say that… My judgement and my way of looking at people… I'm not sure whether I'm right or wrong. These things… who can really tell? One can only say that there is a possibility. — Do you think I'm right? — Yes I think you are. There's a 70% chance that you're right. Anyway I think there's a 70% possibility that you're right. And the rest of the 30% is unknown. I'm telling you, the problem is… Actually I tried to change his point of view… His speech, his look, his moves and emotions, I feel… Actually at first… At first I thought it was alright. — The way he talked… his emotions… — Oh. He said… Hm hm hm. At the end… Well then is it that he… If it was that person, then I think it's because he didn't say things the right way. At first… Perhaps he was just trying to make a joke. But he was too harsh. Wasn't he? Weren't the words he said at first too harsh? Perhaps they just wanted to crack a joke, but seeing that… Therefore, therefore it's because he didn't say it the right way. Yeah, because I know you… Because your stuff was… lost in that place, hehe. Wasn't it? Because your charger wasn't very good. Hehe. Oh. And he… didn't he even ask Baojian.

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Ruixian Fan and her colleague talk together on the commuter train from Baoji to Xi'an. They are seated in the hard sleeper area. There are six bunks to a compartment.

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