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CLIMATEGATE: Hitler flips out over the CRU hacked emails

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Quiet afternoon in Brussels EU Headquarters Meanwhile, underground Important news coming, get out of the way! There is a message for the Fuhrer Thank you Fuhrer for coming here so fast Yesterday while we were preparing another swine flu, CRU got hacked Hackers sent a virus called "Eva Brown Nude.exe" And we opened it Fuhrer, they found our plans... Well we have Windows Firewall and antivirus so what is the problem Dear Fuhrer... Our Firewall... The firewall leaked more then our plans for swine flu Our plans to conquer the planet... ...have leaked to the internet Al Gore, Michael Mann, Phil Jones you stay Others leave the room now What have you idiots done! We have been planing this for 50 years Now the world knows that global warming is a scam! Always scan for viruses before opening the file! How are we going to fix this?!!! Copenhagen is coming and we got hacked In Copenhagen, Decembter 2009 we would have made a climate tax And brought the world to its knees! My Fuhrer, we can still use Greenpeace to drop polar bears on Copenhagen TO DROP POLAR BEARS?! We need a Nuclear Bomb, not polar bears! My Fuhrer, The Americans stole our nuclear bomb in WW2 Do you think I can't remeber it? I might be old, but I'm not senile yet! Global Warming was our scam to enslave the planet! Since we can not conquer the planet with force we must do it with scam! 1 child policy, banning dogs and airplans Citizens paying us Climate tax All was based on CO2 and the Global warming scam! Why did this have to happen to me again?! This is just like when I lost Africa, Paris and Stalingrad! Al Gore, we must use PLAN B Guess what I did, I had cloned myself! The new EU President is actually me! EU President Herman von Goring/Rompuy But the truth is If we cannot get people behind global warming... ...then our plans for a New World Order are gone! Al Gore, I'm talking your plane away! You get it back when you make a new movie Goebbels, teach Gore, Mann and Jones how to tell good lies They must learn how to tell better lies! TEACH THEM THE BIGGEST LIES THAT EXIST! Do not cry little girl Dr Goebbels will come up with something good! If Copenhagen fails, sea will rise and sharks will eat you! But if you pay a climate tax, you will be saved! Mann, tell the media that your E-mails were taken out of context Al Gore, call Kevin Costner. Ask if he want Water World 2 Fill the movie with drowned polar bears Just in case the three stooges will screw up again Give them cyanide capsules Don't let the people know the truth A global tax in carbon is the biggest lie in history And now, go get me the carbon tax before I feed you to to the dogs! I WANT THAT CARBON TAX! translate videos at

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Posted by: on Dec 12, 2009

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