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[rocket boom] [♪ Rocketboom opening theme music ♪] Hello and good Monday, May 19, 2008. I'm Joanne and this is the way the world is. In the world of Rocketboom. Carl Icahn, the billonare board member from Yahoo, is staging a seige from inside the company to replace the Yahoo board with a new set. But who really should be running the company? [♪ Yahoo theme music ♪] WHO IS YOUR YAHOO PICK? How about. . . [♪ Country-Folk type music playing ♪] Or maybe you have an idea. Let's hear it for the lip dub banana. [Singing] It's impossible to beat them but bananas like a climate of the very very tropical equator. So you should never put bananas in the refrigerator. Or take a cue from the urban landscape. You may recall from times past, this interesting young Japanese artist who copes with vending machines by becoming them herself. Now then, the New York Times has a great article profiling further developments, such as the fire extinguisher which helps young children hide from possible scary people. And also the wondeful manhole purse, which I suppose will help to protect any jewels you may need to temporarily leave behind while you run away. Another approach involves taking the urban out to the rural. This work can been seen as somewhat of a suggestion for how to integrate color and paint into the decay and muster of a soon-to-be developed field. Similar to make-up mountain. As in, this make-up looking land, tilled in northern Peru. Add a little tech and voilà! The virtual 2D girlfriend projection. In other news of hermeneutical experiences involving metaphysical representations of pseudo-ideologies, NYU's ITP end-of-year Graduate Showing in design and technology, was held last week. Students took input, and then generated output. Kind of like a lot of things in the world. Input Output Overhastiness is the source of errors that arise in the use of one's own reason. Such that it applies to hell for instance. For according to a cryptic English legend passed on through, this place in Uzbekistan was lit on fire 35 years ago after finding a large underground gas chamber, and has been burning ever since. Which brings me to toccata and fugue on D minor on a bottle organ. [♪ Sounds of bottle organ ♪] Dragostea Din Tei in G [♪ Piano playing ♪] When it becomes emotional and provokes memories, that's when you know. Everything else -- nothing but silence.

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Posted by: rocketboom on May 19, 2008

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