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1 Gestão da Interdependência - Thymus_ Não Desperdice a Crise

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I think the management of interdependence is one great lesson we have to learn from this crisis. Because it was the lack of it that prevented us from seeing the virus and the risk we were taking. "Interdependence or Death" DO NOT WASTE THE CRISIS The virus is teaching us that life is interdependent. One depends on the other that depends on the one that depends on the other. Life is systemic, and interdependence is a principle of organization in living systems. Interdependence is science, but our minds value independence and politics, and that is where the problem lies. Independence or death, different strokes for different folks, a taffy peddler does as he pleases, we feel safe in a hierarchical mental model, which puts the almighty man in a central position, and nature and his woman at his service. The anthropocentric model is one of domination, of war. To dominate nature, dominate the other, dominate the market, dominate, dominate, dominate... In this anthropocentric and hierarchical model, politics, and not science, usually prevails. The mental model that reveres science is called biocentric, it puts life, not the man, at the center. And men are just supporting players. In this model, what prevails is science, curiosity, and the humbleness of seeking knowledge. The anthropocentric model has the arrogance of power, and the biocentric model has the humility of questions, the will to acquire knowledge. We need to put life at the center and use more science in our decisions. We need to change our mental model from anthropocentric to biocentric, from independence to interdependence. It is not easy to change this mental model because our education and culture are too hierarchical and this gives us a lot of safety. But this has to change. Because safety in this complex society depends on the good management of interdependence. WITH SCIENCE IT’S INTERDEPENDENCE OR DEATH Enjoy your quarantine watching Chernobyl series, and see the arrogance of politics versus the humility of science. That's it! Interdependence management will be increasingly vital for risk management and value creation, in the dynamics of ecosystems, network systems, platform business models, but mainly to manage the complexity of society during this crisis and in the future. Do not waste the crisis. Get ready for a safer and smarter future than our past was. Start now, at home, playing future with the kids, shouting: INTERDEPENDENCE OR DEATH! It's going to be fun. See you next time!

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Posted by: robelinky on Apr 10, 2020

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