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Guided Meditation

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>> This five-minute guided meditation can be used to help tap into your own intuition and also with clients to lead them into a calm space where they can best access their inner wisdom. A transcript of this recording is available in your Learning Center for you to print out and read to your clients so you can use this intuition meditation in your coaching sessions. Before getting started, take the time you need to minimize all noise and distractions and create a warm and comfortable environment. As we begin, settle in and find yourself in a comfortable seat. Sit up tall and close your eyes. Relax your body and your limbs. Feel the tension already begin to melt away. Find your breath, don't try to change it just yet, just notice it. You'll find that it automatically begins to slow down just slightly as you do, let it. Now take a deep breath in through your nose, hold briefly at the top, and exhale fully through your mouth. And repeat. Breathe in through your nose, fill up your belly with air, and hold. Now exhale everything out through your mouth. Breathe in through your nose, fill up your belly with air, and hold. Now exhale everything out through your mouth. Let's do this one more time. Breathe in through your nose, filling your belly and lungs, hold, and exhale out completely through your mouth. Feel yourself becoming centered. Begin to let go of your day's troubles and settle into this moment. Settle into the tranquility that is starting to swirl around you. Keep your breath slow and steady and deep but return now to regularly breathing in and out through your nose. Notice your thoughts begin to melt away. Notice the feeling of stillness that's settling over you. Now visualize yourself in a garden. This is the most beautiful garden you've ever seen. Notice what it looks like, all of the colorful flowers, the lush greenery, and the path that winds through it. Breathe in and smell the fresh air. Notice the floral scent that hangs in the air, so relaxing yet enticing. Pay attention to the sounds, the birds chirping, the leaves rustling in the breeze. Now feel that gentle breeze and the way it feels so soothing on your skin. Feel the warm sun as it beats down upon you. Here in this garden, you feel completely safe and at peace. In this garden, you are the full essence of yourself and in touch with your spirit, you emit love, and you're surrounded by love. You're in a place of heart centeredness and truth. Nothing can harm you, everything is bathed in peace. You are in the garden of your intuition. As you look down at your feet, you notice a path that leads before you. You feel drawn to follow this path, and knowing in your heart that it's safe, you proceed. You walk deeper and deeper into the garden. As you walk, you take in all of the colors and beautiful sites. You continue down this path until eventually you approach a stone altar. You stop in front of it. Upon the altar is a bowl of cool, dark sparkling water. As you pick up the bowl of water and gaze into it, you feel a tingling above and between your eyes, the feeling is soothing and energizing all at once. You stop to notice and enjoy it. You take a sip of the water and everything around you melts into a deep dark blue. You find yourself floating in a warm sea of indigo energy. As you float, the point between your eyes vibrates with a higher frequency. You notice that all of your logical thoughts and assumptions have faded away and you're at one with your highest truth. You have arrived at the home of your deepest intuition. You can feel from the slight tingling of your body that, from this space, you are always in oneness with truth. You realize that everything you need to know is there and can come to you if you just let it rise from the indigo surface and into your mind's eye. As you float on, you smile as you realize that this magic place is always here for you and so it's okay to leave because now you know how to access it again and again. Returning now to your physical state, you begin to feel awakeness come back into your limbs and you start to feel more and more present in your physical body. When you're ready, you find yourself back here in this room. Except now, you're here in that same state of calmness and intuitive knowledge that you found in the indigo sea. You have taken the sense of peaceful knowing with you... Sealing it into your heart with a smile, you open your eyes and rejoin your surroundings and your day with a new profound sense of stillness and awareness.

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Guided Meditation

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