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Wikileaks Release 1.0

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WikiLeaks Release 1.0 Insight into vision, motivation and innovation My name is Daniel Schmitt, this is Julian Assange We are here to make a short presentation about the WikiLeaks project We have 3 major sections we would like to talk about we assume that most people have heard about what we're doing by now so we dont want to focus too much on all the stuff that has happend but rather talk a bit about what will happen in the future so after a short introduction we'll be talking about the next generation and some other things that are important for those of you who have not been too familiar with our work yet we are a platform that is, as we have been introduced, that is disclosing information that is in the interest of the general public no matter if this information was supposed to be disclosed or not we accept classified or restricted material only or material that is otherwise legally threatened in its publication we have an anonymous safe harbour, so we accept these documents anonymously we have very strong mechanisms to protect the sources that we have and we provide mechanisms by which we can provide these documents on an uncensorable way so we are making sure that everyone gets access no matter who's trying to suppress the material we're doing this for various reasons, these are all documents that we publish and all of these documents are part of all our historic record this might sound a bit abstract as we are all not historians, but we believe that our historic record is the only guidebook that we have. so the only way how we can determine, what a certain development for the future will bring, is by looking at our history so it is very important, and we hope we can all agree on that, to preserve our historic record as detailed and as accurate as possible especially in those cases where people are trying to suppress detail according to "the National" , which is something that we are kind of proud, it's one of the last quotes we had, so "the National" has said that we have produced more scoops in our short existence than the "Washington Post" in the last 30 years we are just at the beginning though we are just getting warm, that's partly of what we're going to talk about when we were putting this together, Daniel and i earlier today we were like: "Okay, well what have we done?" "Okay we have done this and this this year" i compared to congress last year where we spoke but then i looked at Daniel and said: "Actually, thats just what we have done in the past two months." what actually have we done in the rest of the year? "god i dont know, my head's so full of stuff" so i looked on Wikipedia and... not the german version though (just to have that said) as bad as it is, but we have these disputes about content that is relevant or not as well which is really a shame for any kind of encyclopedia we dont want to rest in our levels of cause and i think we have about a thousand times more work to do than what we have done however, there is just to much to talk about if we go through the whole year and so really we are just going to speak about what's been happening in the last few months if you are more interested you can look at some other things that have happened earlier in the year but it's all similar material so something that happened, maybe some of you have heard about this, is the Trafigura incident the Trafigura is a multi national commodities trader, it's the third largest in the world, approximately its very hard to find out with these companies, actually, because they diversify their asset holdings through (...)companies all over the world so it's hard to know. Anyway it claims its about one of the third largest it dumped in 2006 toxic waste sludge from a very cheap oil refining process, that it did on board a ship in the ivory coast it tried to send out into Amsterdam and was not able to. Amsterdam said that it would take about 864€ per metric ton to process instead they thought, okay we'll set up (i have to be careful about this) a company was set up in the ivory coast shortly after that to take this toxic waste sludge and it was dumped around towns in the ivory coast and according to the UN report from Sep drove 108 000 people into hospital so this is kind of a stereotype of exploitation that we have exposed and the worst thing about it is that it's going on and on and on so these people are filing lawsuits against all newspapers in the UK and they are trying to suppress anything that comes to light about all these people that got sick in the ivory coast this was on the front page of "the Guardian" a couple of times and UK parliament itself was in a process of being (?...?) by Trafigura, "the Guardian" couldn`t report this, we ended up having to get a MP in the British parliament to read out the Wikileaks url of the secret report including the columns and slashes and everything to get it in the public record, that did get into public record and was quite well known for a period a month ago but it's going on, so just two weeks ago the BBC removed its investigative report of the mp3 recording from BBC world service and the news night and the article, "the Times" has removed its content, the "London Independent" has removed its content so this does'nt stop, there has been no entirely (true?) speech in the UK but we still have the material we are trying to mirror everything that gets removed from some other places so another thing, most of the Germans here might be more familiar with this, we published a large quantity of the Tollcolect contracts this is a billing system for heavy vehicles driving on the German autobahns it is a secret contract, between a consortium operating this and the German government we got a hold of 10000 of around 17000 pages in total we published this, we are still waiting for the other 7000 to turn up who ever is standing in a bad light after the first 10000 might have an interest to set the record straight also, just to make that a public record, we would like to ask the German government to come up with counter proof there have been a lot of claims in the news media here in Germany, saying that the numbers that we have published the investigation that was done on these 10000 pages is wrong, that the "Stern magazine" for example published a wrong analysis of it wrong numbers, we are still waiting for counter proof. So we are not taking up some shallow statements i guess the only way that we can have a factual discussion is by disclosing this contract completely before that, i guess, it is all speculation, we just dont have to listen another second one, pretty popular in Germany hopefully, because that is a very important topic, is the Kunduz report, Feldjäger report so to say its a report done by the German military, 40 pages long it's a classified report, it was done as an investigation into a bombing incident in Afghanistan a bombing incident that was ordered by German military, so it is German military that is responsible for carrying out of a bombing where civilians have died, from how much i understand German law, this is not in harmony with our constitution that is something, It's a real problem - it's the story of a country that is in a military peace mission everyone in Germany, all the politicians, newspapers have discussed this at length, are avoiding to talk about the fact that we are in a war they are saying it is just a peace mission, but this is the first time that we have proof, that on order of German military, civilians have died so we are actively in combat in Afghanistan, and it is about time that the German public starts to talk about this in the way that it deserves to be talked about this is a decision that all of us Germans have to take, the question is: Do we want to be part of this, or not. we have to have all the facts to make this decision, therefore we can just urge, who ever for example has the NATO report on this maybe some one's listening or maybe someone in the audience knows someone. There are other reports that would be very helpful to get a full picture of this and to put more pressure on those people responsible for what has happened down there some of you may have heard of this recently, we released over 500 000 text messages, pager messages that were intercepted between 3am New York time september 11th and 3am New York time september 12th 2001. those messages provide a totally objective and accurate snapshot into a form of communication that was happening at that time, that includes a lot of messages from the secret service includes a first respondent NYPD, doctors and so on but the meta-context is also very interesting that someone was intercepting the pager traffic for four major pager networks in the United States before september 11th, because remember that is a trail, and across for the rest of the day. and when we released this, we seem to have invented a new form of political, demonstrational political art. we released this in delayed real time, we released it over a 24 hour period, as it happened. and this helped people understand some of the content and the progression in what occurred. those people who are interested in the 9/11 conspiracy theories actually, you can see how all this originated. You can see Condoleezza Rice calling off aborted missions you can see people talking about bombs, exploding or secondary explosions, you can see misreporting by the media and you can see all this scrolling around and some opportunism by the security state later on that day it seems to me, that that has produced the political moment that we have now and this initial window gives you the sense of movement that is laid to this sort of defining event of all time for us, this was actually quite hard to release, because so many people were interested in the material believe it or not, this is the first really significant document that we have done where our anonymizing network did'nt go down under the load some of you might be aware, we called for some support, because we knew we needed to handle a lot of data which is about four terabytes worth of text messages, it was a lot of people that have been looking at these messages this is just the traffic we produced or handled within the first few days, but it gave us a feedback on how many people were discussing and a lot of people, even those that criticised this publication, were still looking at it and following it over 24 hours Actually we received zero complains from anyone who had in fact sent a pager message yes, thats note worthy so it is just like people hype up terrorism, people hype up privacy as well so the real concerns are the people who involve, anyone who'd involved did'nt give a damn or did'nt give a damn enough to contact us yes, that's true a last one from, as Julian said before a long list that we published before, but this is something that at least to me personally is very important we published the European strategy paper from the European institute for security studies those of you who have not heard about it, please listen. this is a paper, that is done by a European think tank that deals with European security policy and these are the people, that everyone in the EU listens to if it comes to these questions and they have worked out what we need to do, to address security in Europe until 2020 - so within the next 11 years. and they've come to the conclusion, that we have 20% globalizers in this world, which are the first world countries and transnational corporations and we have 80% localizers, and these localizers threaten our wealth, because they're so poor and they're not happy and they're getting more and more unhappy and this is why these people propose that we build up a European military and police unit to combat the poor the world and these people propose, that we need to extract universal goods - such as the rain forest from the control of the nations states they are located in because they say, we need these resources as well and we need to make sure that no one can get uncontrolled access to them and they're proposing building this wall around Europe, so no one can get in anymore, no one can swim over the sea or whatever and this is all written in a very lengthy paper, i think 170-180 pages. and it is very detailed and very very verbose so it is a terrible read, but it shows how sick some of these people are, that are planning the future of Europe and of the society that basically anyone in this room will be part of and the question that we have to ask ourselves, similar maybe to Kunduz, is that with this information do we give our silent consent? is that like the world we imagine to live in? i guess we all know, that we're exploiting the 3rd world and that a lot of our wealth depends on this exploitation but the question is, how much further can we push out this bill, or when is it time to maybe start considering how to pay that bill what is the right step? so i'm not sure if i'm maybe the only person that sees this very critical, but it's something that we thought is important to mention again. it's one of these obscure reports, that are so complicated and that are sort of technical in the way they are written that few people have a look at them, and thats why - unfortunately a lot of the information we publish sometimes gets lost. because people just dont want to read 170 pages and they dont know anything about European defense strategy or whatever, so they're just skipping this and go back to something that's easier to comprehend but never the less, this is really important, and i can, as with Kunduz again, only urge everyone to think about, is that the world that we want to live in in the future Daniel just mentioned, that sometimes we have difficulty in people picking up material that seems to be complex. so my favourite example is a September 2008 US special forces manual on unconventional warfare, we released - several hundred pages it's written for intelligent people it's written for special forces units, who go into countries and try to overthrough gorvernment of that country. or alternatively backup surrogate forces, paramilitaries, to suppress uncertaincies. so US forces manual about how to create insurgencies or to suppress them so it reads to me like (n...) Tromski times minus 1 this is not a book for fools, this is a book that talks about all the instruments of US national power so the financial instrument of US national power the military instrument of US national power the intelligence instrument of US national power the diplomatic instrument of US national power and how all those can be brought together to a point, to push a perticular US policy, and it talks about - yes the IMF is a financial weapon of US national power that's its terminology of financial weapon and the USA ID is also a financial weapon so those documents do not get any media attention at all that document, when related to, even talks about how - dispite the fact that the Geneva convention say the US forces can not wear enemy uniforms behind governmental lines, when they are doing one of these "we will create our insurgency". US policy sas infact that special forces can do that which is against international law but acutally, no one seems to give a damn Why? it's basic media economics. its twohundred and something pages, no one has time to read it it has a couple of military acronyms in it like DS - Department of State, someone has to bother picking up a dictionary and that tax on understanding is to high so maybe intelligence agencies from other countries, countries that are being invaded actually, maybe take this material and use it but it doesn't enter in to the general political discourse we have tried to think of a way, to provide insentives, sustainable insentives to journalists, to give them the time to read the material we didn't experiment earlier on, where we had nearly 7000 e-mails from Hugo Chavez former speech writer and, well that's a lot of material, we knew from past experience that when we release a lot of material no journalist will write about it they dont have the time to look at it, you need experienced people to write about serious things so we decided, we try and measure who was willing to invest the most and we did an auction for exclusivity and found that actually that was really really hard the logistics were to hard, whe had approches from various people that wanted to see some of the material before they were to have to pay for it and but now the people didn't want anyone to see any other material - just to hard. so there seems to be a natural form of exclusivity which we can give, which is when a journalist or media organisation or bloggers as well is involved in bringing in the material in the first place then they can have exclusivity for it for a period of time and that allows them, to invest in material so normally when you release something it goes from zero supply which has high value, because whe're the only one's who have it - to infinite supply so in economic sense, when we release a big document, it goes to zero value. and journalists can't profit from it, because everyone can profit from it because everyone can profit from it, no one profits from it a very strange counter intrudive thing. so we're designing a system to syndicate the submissions so every human rights organisation can stick little imbeds on their pages where the media organisations to say "send this material to me by Wikileaks" so we will then take care of shoveling it thru different protective jurisdictions, we will take care of senatizing and stripping out meta-data and we will take care of eventual legal risks that have to do with final publication and so i think we can actually increase the volume of material, we're getting as significant at that by a thousand times, but also we can vastly increase the quality of secondary reporting by what we're doing. and, you know, if we release material and it has no political impact, we're not doing our job there is still some political impact for search engines, even if the press doesn't write about it but 40% of our hits are from search engines. But it doesn't enter into general political discourse so i doesn't change what people think that other people are thinking. so the source has just a little more detail, the source can provide a certain timeframe to a journalist or a newspaper to investigate into this material after this timeframe has passed, we will still publish - so nothing changes about that - that is important to understand maybe all documents are still being published in full, we're just making sure that there is an impact maximisation so that someone picks up the material and actually writes about it. if it is being granted to a certain journalist and that journalist does not write about it, than that is a story in it self maybe as well, understanding why a certain newspaper is not picking up material that was sent to them and that can then follow up on how good or accurate are they doing their jobs anyways so its going to create a lot of dynamic mechanisms that are going to make, lets say news, a bit more interesting in the future also we can potentially scale with this submission system to providing mechanisms within governments or corporations for whistleblowing programs there is no working whistleblowing program that we are aware of, other than the one that we provide and we'd like to help creating this transparency within govenments and corporations as well so that an employee could use that mechanism to send something to an oversight (...?) within his company or within the government or something similar as Julian mentioned, we have this availability versus scarcity problem we hope to strengthen the bonds between readers and their newspapers so that people who are reading a story in the newspaper and know they have a document they could contribute to the story actually feel motivated to do so and have an easy-going way to shed more light on what the newspaper reported about before and that also will especially scale very well with local and independent media outlets so who ever can not really defend themselve legally, will profit from this system and all those people that just can not provide the resources that we can offer with the infrastructure that we are running so that is one of the major features that we are working on when we earlier put together these slides, we realised that we are jumping a bit from topic to topic, but that is as Julian said just because so many things are happening and they are all kind of important, that it's really hard to decide what to talk about we have one topic, that we definitly need to talk about and this is a topic that may be fits this whole conference more than anything else we can provide its the "here be Dragons" topic, because we are going onto a very very new territory with an experiment that we have tried to seed with the people of Island so we've been to a conference at the ending of November, in Island and for those of you who dont know, we published the loan book of one of the largest islandic banks back in August 31th and the loan book exposed who was taking all the money out of this bank shortly before it went bankrupt and it was really important to every single person living in Iceland, in the population of 300 000 people that is such a small microcosmn, that everyone if affected by the bankruptcy of the banks and everyone could have a look at this loanbook and understand, what insiders took all the money out of the country before all the system went down so, there were facts on the table, where people could understand who had actually robbed the country and who had send them to dept slavery for the next generations to come about 6 billion euro represented by that loanbook and two days after we released it, the national broadcaster, the RUV - the BBC equivalent of Iceland, made it their major story on evening news five minutes before they went to press, an injunction landet on the news desk and they could'nt say anything for the first time in history for icelandic tv news so they just said - we can't tell you what's in the report and we have nothing else to say so here is the picture of the website, that has the report, we'll just leave it there for the next few minutes so a while ago, every time we were meeting or talking, there are some ideas that are coming up because of the things we observe. and Julian had this great idea at some point in time, talking to me - telling me what he thinks an offshore finance center is I've never thought about it in these basic terms before, so that is interesting or important to understand maybe mainly, offshore finance centers exist on islands, you'll find them on the british virgin islands or in the cayman islands or in these small islands near England or where ever you look it's small places that have limited resources and that can not compete with any major industry or whatever they could offer so they maybe could get tourists come to their country but this is not really or maybe as big money as attracting some of real buisiness so these people, what they do, the only thing they do, is they provide a specialised package of laws and this package of laws sums up all the laws that make it attractive to you, to hide your money, to bring your buisiness registration to this place, to hide your assets there and basically, these places have become hideouts for all the people that are exploiting this world and that are dealing in secrecy and that are suing us most of these people are residing in these countries. so Julian said: Why not reverse it, why not make it the other way around? so what could an offshore publication center be? for now, it's not entirely clear, if we can bring across this whole idea here, within this short talk but this a very very serious idea, i want to have that said. it's not just spontaneous and there is a lot of momentum behind it allready and anyone, who feels that what we are trying to introduce here, is interesting, should talk to us afterwards, because we need a lot of people and there is only a small window of opportunity to do something like this but what is the offshore publication center? it would provide a specialised set of laws, same as the finance center, so we could just say, we're taking the source protection laws from Sweden, for example that exist, they are prooven laws accepted by society as established in a country we could take the first amendment from the US, we could take Belgium protection laws for jounalists and we could pack all these together in one bundle, and make it fit for the first jurisdiction that offers the necessities of an information society everyone in this room should understand, that all of these freedoms in respect to information are really at stake the moment these people are upgrading all the time, they are going from nation state to Europe and it's going international, and we have the (?acta stuff?) and what not and they are trying to get to our information on all possible ways so we thought, we just have to upgrade as well maybe, and go from the defense to the attack and create something, that is fit, create a Switzerland of bits when Julian mentioned that for the first time, we talked about this for a bit and it seemed like a very interesting thought experiment and then we were in Iceland and when we arrived in Iceland we found out that the largest political tv show wants us as guests the Sunday show that apparently allmost everyone watches, so we thought - why not drop the idea on that Sunday tv show as a new buisiness model for Iceland so we did. and in the Show, the guy sitting opposite to us, he was just lighting up in his face when he heard this and the next day, basically everyone in Iceland wanted to talk about it, we had radio interviews, we had newspaper interviews everyone wanted to know more. We met with the press union, and we talked to a lot of people living in Iceland and they all see, why this could be of use to them. But we'll talk about why Iceland is a good place maybe in a bit what does this mean for all of you? this is something that is important to understand right now, there is a potential to actually pull this thing off in Iceland we have started it, lawyers in Iceland are working on a bill, that will be introduced on the 26th of January and this could provide the first counterstep, the first save harbour, while everyone else is trying to erode all of our freedoms so we could have the opposite and there is an opportunity, that we could make sure by this, that all out voices are not beeing silenced by anyone and that all our information at least has a last resort where we could push it to so why Iceland? maybe that is something that we need to elaborate This is important! this reception is very important because this will need everyone's support yes that is true. Despite the fact that we have met with cross party MPs (?..?) from government in Iceland and there is now even MPs in the islandic parliament of 63, who wear Wikileaks badges when they are speaking there is plenty of geo-political incidences that could happen to derail, so it need careful planning and thought and people to not loose energy or momentum so this crisis in Iceland, in the banks, resulted in a 50% reduction in the price of the icelandic currency which was then totally frozen as a tradable currency, who knows where it actually is? that shock created a (?...?) revolutionary environment in Iceland and you had, for the first time since Iceland joined Nato, riots in the streets. and this is riots in the streets (?..?) 200 000 people and storming the parliament and change of government in April and new MP beeing elected so this is a country which is also used to getting things done very quickly in a legislative sense that is the same reason why these offshore financial heavens are little countries.

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Wikileaks Release 1.0 presentation on the 26C3 congress in berlin 2009-12-27

During the last 12 months WikiLeaks representatives have been talking at numerous conferences, from technology via human rights to media focused, in an effort to introduce WikiLeaks to the world. WikiLeaks has had major document releases that have spawned attention in all major newspapers by now, it has triggered important reform and has established itself as part of the accepted media reality.

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