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Rael Feliciano - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Portuguese (Global Lives Project, 2006) ~10:43:59 - 11:00:03

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And then, who is the chief of command? Hello? Who is chief of command? It is the guy from bingo, over there from Extra okay? Para But he is not there, he complains a lot don't you think? He plays just because he owns the team, if he was not the team owner it was over Biro lost the goal next to the goal, alone. Biro... I lost one like this one too yesterday Ah! Val. Does Val play well? Be strong Sandro, strong, strong Film me and Bruno Okay my friend The guys have a strong ball touch Ah! Val Val will go away Strong Cleiton plays in the same team Just good guys son From this team, Val is the best, Eré is the best Cleiton is the best Get a little tan friend? It is goal! I said goal! Wow! Amazing Big goal What has done Durval? Who is the crazy person? Look! Our team had to be like this Together we are Is it still a lot to go? This crazy people with temperament Go to the nasty bar of the union, did you see the big trophy there? It is huge? You are crazy man! It must be from the festival Are you nervous? Let's ask ball! Let's ask ball! It is the big one, correct? Oh! Big Paulo The names up there guy Where? On top of the mountain Ice with men, hide it, home went down What have you seen there? What have you seen? The police, the route This is nothing, we had one Sunday that was bad What do you mean? We had a Sunday that was bad. This is nothing One Sunday they told us to lay down here in this field the helicopter was down, several police cars No one could come or go Like a SWAT Operation They were looking for the guy, the guy was caught at Rio Bonito But it was humiliating for those who had nothing to do with it Have you been exposed to this? Several times And then? Discrimination, like making fun of your hair of clothing I was hit in the back once The guy was examining me, and my pants were I used to wear large pants When he was examining me he pulled my pants down And then he finished the examination The he asked me: Why you still have your pants down? Pulled the shirt, I was in my underwear he showed the underwear to the girls next to us Girls were laughing He was kind of inoccent, no malicious intention to the police Then I told: No, Idiot it was the guy over there pulled my pants down when he was examining me The small German guy was in the back and said: stupid! He hit my head like this, look You are talking to the police guy! The another one said: One more! One more! I started crying, I was shy Then they did not hit But darn, my head was: iiiiii the whole night like this It was in this street here, a little bit over there You told me before you did not talk to the police, then now? No, I was not talking to the police I had no malicious intention, did you get it? Like this when I went to jail I was 14 years old, okay? Now I am aware how it happens and how they tell you to exchange ideas it is like a repression the idea is repressive And visual appearance? What is this? Oh, for me.... There is beauty involved, but more than that i think if I'm like this, it is because my soul is like this I was very stubborn with it, understand? My hair has this size because my soul wants it to be this size Like, I lost work, classes, understand? to do it My mother used to arrange some classes for me and used to say: "You need to cut your hair, to use normal pants". like a uniform society, understand? And I said: no mom, I am okay This was the time, at 14 years old I had my hair like this, with this size A little bit smaller Then after a while I shaved it So you know it is not just a matter of beauty Then, I shaved and stayed one year bold, I said: Friend, I cannot be bold I think it is like an id question But the police left you alone after you were bold? Not really This is police stuff, okay friend? Sometimes you go free, sometimes you go to jail But let's make a joke: "Why do you have your hair like this?" Take a picture of this "What a funny hair" "Is this way to walk?" Walk like a man" The guy will send one like this But today, what saves me is art stuff friend If this gives you a better idea There are some policeman that send you to jail, then They were sending him to jail over there at the place Then, I and my friend were looking at them Then we looked at the arresting We turned our backs and went to the video renting store The guys came, and like Told us to be next to the wall Then the little crazy guy, the one that does pshycology he was making it like he does pshycology and I was making it like I was a musician The became okay, we were looking, and we said UHMM we said we were looking for the space there for a social project Then the policeman said: No, you are right. You must look for a better place for you The he said: what do you sing? And I said: I sing rap He: you are talking about police crime? Said: No, I do not need to talk about this I live on this already Then he said: what do you mean live? Like kind of saying I was from crime I told him a situation that they were at home I was kind of sleeping, I had went out on wednesday, then thursday, around midday, I was still sleeping The I heard : tchom! Then some fragments felt on top of me the bed was next to the window close to the sofa And I told: Oh, I think it is my brother on the floor I heard some noises and he was there on the floor And I said: Dani get out of there, there are some fragments falling and he said: come to see, I am not too sure what is going on over there They were shooting over there Then a bullet came from there, from the street got the window and the wall of the house if I was standing it would really get me I told him this situation, he calmed down when he left he told me, he told me his name, I am not too sure.... for example, something Lopes, if you need us call us It was the only one that it was kind of cool at the end The final is: "Get out John, fast" "If I do see you here again, I will take you" Police idea You said there is a team there too There is the Loco Tea, that we play on saturday On Saturday it is better to play But it is starting now starting now We are losing several We do not have our t-shirts yet, we borrow it start making ours Let's go Val! Le's go Val! Ih! Is it the rooster? Go, play in this field because it is great Wilson It is bigger than that one No, I think over here is the same size, correct? Now, like this It is better for us use the Let more space Haroldo used to play like an idiot Who? Haroldo Let's see the first one, then let's go to the market?

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At a baseball game.

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