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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~17:31:48 - 17:46:49

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"...until another day..." "Have a nice trip; greetings to everyone at home." "When you arrive..." "Thank you, I'll pass on the greeting." -Thank you, I'll pass on the greeting. -"Sinda was..." Oh! They've written "moniwo". -Moni-wo. -"Here! Sinda..." -Hii! Excuse me! -Went... Sinda? Asinda. Zinda... -No, I'm tired. - Edith, go to the page that has those two people. -Where? Where? -There's a boy and a girl standing far away. -Where? -That side... this side. "Hey you, Land?" "Hey Land, who's stronger between you and me?" -"Why have you asked?" -"I've asked..." -"Why have you asked" -"I've... I've asked because I have a mouth." "I'm not asking about that." "I want you to tell me... tell me..." -"The reason for your question..." -Can't you see you're supposed to read up to this point? "The reason you've asked me... why you asked me in that way." "Are you stronger than me? Who provides you with water?" "Don't you know that my granny Rain is the one who provides you with water?" -"Don't you..." You've read, right? Have you read it? -No! "Are you not the one who deserts me when your Rain comes?" -"My granny, Rain." -Who? Granny Rain, are you through? -"Who was that who was confirming in the valley?" -"My friend?" "Isn't it you that.who was failing to come to upper lands?" -This one is Land, this one is Water. -This one is Water, this one is Land, can't you see here? -Oh, is that all? -Are you able to see? -Oh! -That's it. -Is it my turn? -This is my part and here, that is your part. All this is your part. I'll mark your parts with a pen. Whose part is this? -You're making noise. -You think it's me... she's the one. "That is being strong, are you able to go to Sky?" "You cannot go; you the crazy one." "Don't.... don't forget that I absorb you..." "..until you disappear when I open my..." -"Pores...cracks..." -Cracks. -"Cracks and holes...all my holes." "Then you fail to escape..." "Where does your strength go? To Thyolo?" "You ungrateful Land... Don't I cater to you to make you look green?" "If I didn't exist, would you survive?" "Could plants grow in the sky?" " the sky, I thought...I thought they need me, Land?" -"I am the..." Eee! -"I have the soil." "We don't see why the two of you should be... arguing." "Where have we perched? I thought we're on trees?" "Where did these trees grow from? Didn't they grow from Land?" "Didn't they grow on land? Didn't they need water in order to grow?" "Didn't you hear that there was a drought sometime back? "I heard about that drought." "I remember that year Sun was very furious." -"He punished people, animals..." -Plants. -"Plants and my..." -Self. -Self. -"And myself. Together with relatives..." -Silt. -Silt. "Silt was diminished...developed cracks...but Sand..." "...did not suffer as much. He tortured people with his heat." "While... while you were speaking, Land..." "...I remembered that year... that same year." "I myself suffered because my granny feared the fury of Sun." "We completely dried up in the valleys." -Hey? You read all that? -Wait, I'm not through. I'm surprised. "In valleys, swamps, wetlands, streams and even rivers." -Read up to here. -What? I'll read all this? Start from here, and go up to here. Start reading! "" Hey! Point it for me. -Here, you... -Ma... "You, you, Water, can't you see that we're all important?" "As for me, I get very worried when Sun gets furious." "I also remember that...the same year we had drought..." "...birds saved most of the living things..." "...because of their ability to fly." "They saw how the earth suffered." "The birds went to plead with Sun to reduce his intensity." "Indeed Sun reduced his intensity, then Wind... found an opportunity..." -Ouch, this got in my eye. -"Opportunity..." -Hey don't kill it! "An opportunity to blow nicely." Excuse, you are shading me. "It brought rains that fell and..." Hey, no! "Rains fell and revived all living things..." "...that were dying because of heat from the Sun." -That's it, I'm done. -Keep reading. -Haven't I finished? -Where? -I'm kidding, you've finished. "Land, don't say all that. All living things..." "We could... have no place to rest or live." -Should I come? -Umm... -Where should I read? -Just finish this part. "Thank you for those words..." " we are friends." You could have put them there. There's water in that. "From Malawi, from the rivers." "I want...I wanted..." Edith, you've already marked this? Me? What's the meaning of this, Achidongo? Come here before I hit you on the head. -Memory! -Where? Bring the new one. Here! "I'm cultivating, my friend, can't you see that?" "I'm cultivating, my friend, can't you see that?" "Why then are you cultivating in my garden?" "I thought you had abandoned it and you would never use it." "In addition, you already have a very big garden." "Though I have a big garden, how could you just encroach without asking?" "You don't respect me, do you?" -" should mind your tone." -You should mind your tone. -"Do not threat..." -Do not threaten me. "Do not threaten me like a kid." "If you want money, I will give it to you." "Who told you that I need money?" "Stop cultivating immediately, you idiot, before I beat you." "Don't speak to me like I don't have hands." "Don't you know that you can't judge a book by its cover?" "Where would you get the strength to beat me?" "I thought you were beaten by your own wife...last..." "Just last week? You fool." "You want to be clever with me?" Hehe! You've written in water for frogs to read... To read! It's written... It's written 'to read'. Edith, you didn't read this part of the story? "Pamdule, two days ago you came to me with a complaint. Would you please share it on this forum." "Chief, when I went to my garden..." "...I found Chidongo cultivating in my garden." "Lie...that's a lie, it's not a garden, it's just a remaining portion." "Just a remainder of his garden." -"Keep quiet, you don't have an argument." -"Keep quiet..."

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Malawi
Director: Jason J. Price
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Posted by: glm_administrator on Jun 26, 2008


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