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Interview with Didi

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Didi, please introduce yourself. My name is Tir Maya Gurung. From Darsing Dahathum 1, Mayatari. I work in a women's farmers group. I am the leader of the women's farmers group in my home district of Syangja. How long have you lived in this village? I have lived here for 20 years. 20 years. After I married. Now, you are considered a big (active) farmer, correct? Yes, an active farmer. This village has a volunteer, yes? Yes, Khusi Gurung. She is my younger sister and lives at my house. Why does your village need a volunteer? We work a lot. And we have many vegetable and orange farms to manage. We need her to help us. Do the people that live here like having a volunteer live in their community? They really like having a volunteer. Her friends and every person were very happy when she came. We want her to help us. They would say please provide trainings. We want to produce a lot of vegetables and earn a living. We will be very happy. How does a volunteer help the women in the village? The women in this village work a lot to earn a living and they want a volunteer to come a teach them. Wait a second. What are the problems for farmers in this village? There are many problems for farmers. Watering is a problem. We don't have tools or things to help us. For example, tools for vegetable production, pruners, drip irrigation, ladders, bags and crates for orange harvest. After the volunteer arrived, did the women in this village want trainings? Now, after the volunteer arrived, she gave trainings because we have many farms and wanted them. Together we don't have many garden beds. At first, we only planted millet and corn, and we don't know how to plant vegetables. Therefore, if we grow vegetables, it will help us earn a living. Thus, we need trainings on how to grow vegetables. Nowadays, how has your volunteer helped you? Our volunteer works with us and teaches us during that time. We also work and help her. She has also taught us a little bit about American culture. Like what she eats, how she lives, and how she exercises. We also teach her about Nepali culture. That's good. OK, last question. In your opinion, can a volunteer bring hope and encouragement to villages? Yes, they can. We work a lot. She shows how how to earn a living, and shows us that slowly over time we can improve our income. Just like her country, we can improve the way we live. Thank you, and now are we finished? Finished. Our volunteer, Khusi Gurung, thank you very much for making this video. Namaste.

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Posted by: kmccarve on May 16, 2015

I interviewed my DIdi to see why she wanted a volunteer to live and work in here village. I also wanted to see how a volunteer can help small farming communities like Shankapur, Nepal.

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