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Steve Irwin 1: Heaven: The Nature Series Begins

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Nature Report 1 - The Beginning (Steve Irwin) Hi this is Steve Irwin and I am here to, say hi! so hi everyone my first interview in quite a long time well I haven't done one yet it hasn't been a long time because I have many- other many interviews here on earth excuse me you know, people you will probably say: Ah no, that's not Steve Irwin he doesn't speak like that, he doesn't sound like that no, guys people understand we are in this physical body we're using everything of this human physical body the girl is out there somewhere applying around while we are here I cannot be what you want me to be, as you remembered me so I just want to get everything straight because I don't want, is there anyone becoming disappointed or emotional or angry or frustrated seriously, then switch off this- particular video I don't care, for those, who understand the situation and you are hearing the words of I am speaking, great good to have you here, good to have you hear me ok, where do I start? well I crossed over, ironically wouldn't you say right in this (smile) right in the heart I always knew I wouldn't die by- and through a crocodile why? it would be that would probably be, irony but, not really this is the manifestation of irony my death I died, very young from the perspective of 'naiveity' in the experience of myself in the dimensions the last thing I expected, was to still be alive the first thing I did of course was go check my wife and my children wasn't great I didn't like it, I cried yes, in the dimensional existence after I see them it was horrible, terrible- difficult seeing them because it's not a great experience especially they can't hear you try making contact they couldn't hear me saying to them: I am ok, I am alive you don't die but no one hears you in this world it's just- interesting so I am grateful for this interdimensional portal so I am able to come through and communicate with you because god damn imagine you are dead and no one can hear you and you want to speak it's tough so this is the first time that dimensional beings are able to come through and just speak as themselves so of course you have heard it before all the other channelings and psychic and things where in cages and you couldn't come through there and speak at all so after I died, guess where I paced myself? nature I have a completely different view- of the animal kingdom of nature because, I experienced myself as them I communicate with them as myself which is- never been possible before so, in terms of my experience, it has been- the greatest ever and I am grateful for it many people would think death was a such a 'awful' event that takes place yah! at the moment, you know you go through your emotional 'attachments' retrievals and after that you realize the situation you know see, my wife my children are great, they will be fine and I am fine, and I will be going on expressing myself and, in terms of my children you know what? they are not I'd have them go experience themselves, as what they would want to do you know not go the whole root of following the "father's foot steps" just because of die in memo- and, I don't know like honoring me in some form, kids do what you want to do with your Life! do what you enjoy that's the message I have for you, and I'm with you guys occasionally I come and checkup but! you are fine and I am fine and I am alive, I am enjoying myself I enjoy sharks strange enough, the most beautiful creatures very difficult, they almost like these structure resonances very specific oh, I enjoy the specificity of situations what else? spoken to the crocks a little bit not extensively as much, I spend enough time with them wouldn't you say yah, I've communicated with them I become them I experienced myself as dolphins, bears, lions, tigers panthers, wolfs, fish insects etc. crocks of course panda bears, seals etc. polar bears, much like communicate with them every day so we're going to be staring a series, on the interviews which is where I will, come and express do some interviews with some of the animal kingdoms, that would be great you can hear their perspectives so that you can do a swap around in the body like I come through and the polar bear comes through and I come through and the pol- so we'll do a one on one interview live for you guys, on asia, that will be great I had some- 'many' interesting experiences in terms of learning, how nature really works you know we take so much for granted in this world I just see the work that I have done here on earth it was great, I love what I do I wouldn't have done anything else and guess what I am still continuing what I am doing but! a greater world has opened up that greater world is what has been blinded by and through and fool human beings on earth and this is what we are being forced here you know opening your eyes, opening your ears to extend that things, in this world are alive they aren't just things they are you and I, and they are able to communicate to speak and their experiences and the animal kingdom is actually more aware than human being themselves which is an eye opener it's ???? that those things that we take for granted the most are actually the most intelligence species in existence and then we go and say but 'aliens' are no! it's right before our eyes the animal kingdom they're extensive in their support for human being and it's amazing and how they assist with the unnecessary- emotional retrievals, retractions shoot sound bombs in human beings occasionally assisting them with their release of emotions and feelings but at the moment of course they're compounding everything so that's what's around there has been much changes much events oh! for everyone who wants to also know Timothy Treadwell, is with me as well he was- he 'incarnated as a bear' the moment he was killed, when he was killed by the bear that same bear he- when he died he became the bear and then they went and kill that bear, they killed him again so Timothy Treadwell is in another bear, and he has been there so recently we got him out of there so Timothy Treadwell is with me as well so we are the two, nature dudes in the- animal kingdom and nature traveling around, with Timothy Treadwell and Steve Irwin anyway that will be thus here the heading, of our traveling around with Timothy Treadwell, and Steve Irwin's - nature updates ok, this is Steve Irwin as you are able to see I am enjoying myself, very much and, we'll bring you guys some perspective on what is going on in existence from, the animal kingdom and nature see you guys, enjoy Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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