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Dan and Dave Interview at Iceland

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...about ten, almost eleven years ago we just saw David Copperfield on TV and wanted to do the big illusions. And then we had discovered card tricks, and that was more of our style, more of our thing since we were into the extreme sports. That fit our personality a little better, so I guess we just picked it up from there. And growing up in a really small town, it's like fifty thounsand people in Sonora, California. There's really nothing else to do but practice card tricks, so... I guess this style of, these shuffles that're called card flourishes, it's a fairly new, I would say, genre in card magic. It's really been picking up in the last five years. There's about maybe five to ten thousand kids out there that are really doing it, ***, it's kind of become a sport of its own. I guess if you'd be dealing in a poker game, you could give yourself the best cards. Um, I would hope so, yeah, that'd be nice. I'll do a trick, do you want to see? Yeah. So, I'm going to take out the four queens. There's one, two, three, four. So I have the four queens; one, two, three, four. If I snap, there's three. Look, one at the time they're going to dissapear. Watch the second one... That leaves two. Watch the diamond... That leaves the spade. Watch the spade, if I just shake... See, the spade dissapears. That leaves one, two, three, four queens gone. We can get them back... There's one, two, three, four. Did you see this? Yeah, it's pretty cool. Do you know how he does this? Of course. I'm going to have you just say stop as I riffle through the deck. Stop. -Remember this card. See it? -Yes. Alright, so, now, obviously is not the top one, right? Watch that card, if I just snap, changes... How much practice is behind all this? Umm, a lot. No, in highschool we would practice at least 8 hours a day. 8 to 10 hours. On the weekends that's all we did. Just locked away in our room and... But now, you know, we never leave home without a deck of cards. It's kind of just become a nervous habbit. I guess it's always in the hands or always practicing... With Lazy Town we were I guess doing hand doubles for Spartacus. We were doing some card tricks which they're going to cut in and make it seem like Spartacus can do all these flourishes wich is pretty neet. Are you saying that he's not doing this himself? No, I'm not saying that... What do you think?

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In 2008 Dan and Dave traveled to Iceland for a day to film 26 different card flourishes for the popular kids TV show LazyTown. During their stay in Iceland the local news station conducted this interview.

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