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cleaning auntie and security uncle 1

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Ms Tan: Auntie, may I know what you're doing? Ms Tan: What are you doing? Auntie: I am sweeping the floor. Ms Tan: Can we interview you? Auntie: About what? Auntie: Is my hair messy? Auntie: My job scope includes sweeping the floor, cleaning tables and washing toilets. Ms Tan: Anything else? Auntie: This is enough already. Auntie: I have to clean up many things during the school holidays. Ms Tan: Is your work tough? Auntie: It depends... Ms Tan: How many hours do you work everyday? Auntie: I am not sure. My working hours are from 8 am to 5 pm. Auntie: I don't have to stay back late and I get to rest on my off days. Ms Tan: What is the duration of your lunch break? Auntie: I don't know. Sometimes we go out for lunch, and other days we eat in school. Ms Tan: We would like to take this opportunity to let you know that the teachers and students in Pathlight School are truly grateful for your hard work. Auntie: Other staffs work very hard too! Ms Tan: Thank you so much! Uncle: Good morning! Ms Tan: Good morning, uncle! Ms Tan: Uncle, you are the Pathlight Unsung Hero. Ms Hidayah: Hi Pathlighters. This is the security uncle and today we will be asking him on what he does. Ms Hidayah: Hello uncle! Uncle: Yes, hello! Ms Hidayah: What do you do for our school? Uncle: Oh, early in the morning.. we guide the vehicles that are coming into the school. when parents bring their children to school and alight at the drop off point. we also control the traffic movement. Ms Hidayah: No matter rain or shine, he will still be standing there without any shelter. Uncle: We have to do it.. Uncle: We will be wearing raincoat or using an umbrella. These can help me to move the vehicles left and right, guide them on where they can park their vehicles. Ms Hidayah: What time do you come to work? Uncle: I come here early in the morning. About 6.30 am, before 7 am. Ms Hidayah: So early! Uncle: and we end work after 7pm. Ms Hidayah: That is very long hours of work! Uncle: Yeah, it's 12 hours of work per day. We work from 7 am to 7 pm, 12 hours Monday to Saturday Ms Hidayah: Wow that's really long... Ms Hidayah: Where do you usually have your lunch? Uncle: Oh, sometimes I have my lunch at Block 409 and Block 407 Malays will eat there, Indians too. Ms Hidayah: How long is your break? Uncle: It's one hour.. and sometimes I go to McDonald's too. Ms Hidayah: Not bad, McDonald's! Uncle: It depends on our thirst! Ms Tan: Is your job tough? Uncle: Well, not bad.. we have to do it. No choice, we are old already. We have no other ways to go. In the office, they definitely won't take us in because we are old already. That's all. Ms Hidayah: We are teachers and the students would like to wish you and say thank you! Uncle: Thank you to all the students and teachers for being kind to me

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cleaning auntie and security uncle 1

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