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სოციალური ცენტრი დახურვის საფრთხის წინაშე დგას !

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Tornike Razmadze - Manager at APNSC Our Daycare Center is facing serious financial problems the foreign donors aren't funding the service providers anymore We are trying our best to find sources to continue working Because APNSC is the place for our beneficiaries where they work, have friends and they are dignified The state program is not covering daycare center needs fully We also ask business sector to be more active in the social sphere and help APNSC to survive We don't ask for help only, we offer them cooperation Tazo – Beneficiarie of Used Paper Recycling workshop I am here already for a long time. I help my friends to recycle paper. I also make tea for the workshop members during the breaks. I am so happy here, I have friends here. It is everything for me! Nino - Beneficiarie of Kitchen workshop I came here on 26th of October 2006, at first I worked in Candle workshop. Then I moved here in Kitchen workshop and I am so happy I like preparing lunch for my coworkers. I got lots of friends here in APNSC. I got used to work in Kitchen. If the organization closes it will be huge tragedy for me, I can’t live without people here and he work I do here Jano Razmadze- head of the wood workshop This is Wood workshop We have 6 beneficiaries who come here at ten in the morning. They do the work it is interesting for them. we produce very useful things: kitchen boards, puzzles, other toys... they are liked by the children and it is popular. Twice a year we have exhibition in our organization and people come and buy those wood things. It gives them stimuli to continue work and feel appreciated Elene - Beneficiarie of Kitchen workshop I am Elene Shanidze 39 years old. I also work I Kitchen, I do lunch for 70 people every day and I like it very much. It has been 18 years I am here. People with whom I work every day are like my relatives already. It will be huge tragedy if APNSC will close Shorena Mosashvili - Art therapist It is creative workshop, we have 5 beneficiaries. We do creative things, w are doing designs of bottles, cases and so on. We like it but on the second half of the day workshop has another activities. It is art therapy workshop too. We paint and do modeling. Here on the wall you can see group and individual works of the beneficiaries. Everyday groups of the beneficiaries which consist of 5 people come here and we work on different themes. APNSC is like an oxygen for them, you can see it after vacations, they think it is the last time they come here. They never miss a day. I personal die with them when I think that organization will be closed, that they will be left without work, without friends, without activities.

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სოციალური ცენტრი დახურვის საფრთხის წინაშე დგას !

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