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We would like to introdue Daniel

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Hi, we are here at Gimnazija Bezigrad with our native speaker Daniel. He's from United States but he is also half Slovene. We would like to introduce him and ask him a couple of questions. Great. Hi Daniel, when did you move to Slovenia and did you get a chance to learn Slovene. So, I moved to Slovenia most recently about a year and a half ago But I was also here about 4 years ago in 7th grade for around a year So in total is about 2 and a half years in recent times that I lived here. And I do seek conversational Slovene So I did learn it over time. How many times do you go back to America? Well, last year for the whole year I didn't actually go back but this year i went so it's around 0.5 times I would say so every two years essentially. But honestly if I stayed here another year or two it would probably be a little bit higher. Because I have family there so of course I have to see them every once in a while. Did you change your habits when you moved or are still living the same lifestyle? Well, I mean I did change my habits a little bit there is much more opportunity for exploration for me in Slovenia in some ways because I do like nature and exercising in nature, rock climbing , hiking so So there is a lot of opportunities for that very near by here in Ljubljana But in general my lifestyle hasn't really changed that much and it doesn't really have to. In reality I mean the type of lifestyle people live in the United States and Slovenia are quite similar. Do you miss the life in America Well I mean in general I think that my life here in Slovenia is not that different that it was in United States but I do miss my life there a little bit because I have quite a few friends there that I still keep in contact with but I mean I haven't seen them in real life in quite a while. So as a rule I don't think I don't think I miss it that much and it's not really healthy to really miss where you came from if you want to be happy where you are. But I do miss it a little bit. Do you and your family celebrate distinctive holidays in America for example Thanks giving, Father's day? Yeah we do, basically all holidays that are celebrated in the United States my family celebrates So we definitely celebrate Thanks Giving Often we actually go across the Atlantic to see our family My family goes to see the rest of our family in the United States. We also do celebrate Halloween early as we used to so now we sort of celebrate. And yeah I do celebrate Fathers Day and Mothers Day. In two years you will finish your schooling on Gimnazija Bezigrad What would you like to study? Well I'm very interested in the intersection between Computer science and design but I'm also a big fan of humanities which means I like english and history in particular But really my main focus is computer science. Do you plan to go to collage in America? Well I mean I would love to go to college in America but it's very very expensive as oppose to Europe where its free So if I do get a scholarship I would love to go but but that's not a given so we'll see. Would you like to live in Slovenia or in your homeland when you finish your studying Well I mean I think I would like to live in the United States because there are more opportunities there and I sort of feel more culturally connected there but I do have half of my family is in Slovenia which means I would like to live in Slovenia as much as possible. To see them. We would like to thank you Daniel. Thank you. Best of luck. Thanks for having me.

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