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Tras Sergi - video

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- We're ready - Let's start -We're with our friend who gave us this chance and is closely involved with art, we also need his criticism very much.. - Can you introduce yourself to us a little bit? - I am Yilmaz Ibrahimoglu, let me start with my name. I am an engineer. I don't have a close relation with art but I really enjoyed when I saw this and it was really interesting. Having an exhibition like this in a barber shop was definitely extraordinary. When you achieve something extraordinary you seal the deal. - Yes - About the artistic aspect of this, I would say I've seen strange interesting small paintings... ...When I first entered "Happy Ending" caught my attention. - Yes, let's walk over there if you'd like.. What caught your attention in this painting ? - Well, I can see whatever I want, interesting. - Yes, what was you experience? - When I looked at it I saw a very beautiful lady. Like every man would see, first of all I saw a thing without eyes and a mouth... ...Afterwards the lady suddenly turned into a monster, like a whale with its mouth open, swallowing everything in front of it. - So this was what got you attention first. Did you like another specific painting after this one ? - This one got my attention in a more technical way. - Yes - We had, like, old cigarette brands.. - Yes, Marlboro, there was "Birinci".. - Exactly, in 40-50 years when these would be gone, this would be a really nice nostalgia. If you get this painting and keep it 40-50 years.. ...I don't know if Marlboro would be gone or not.. If Marlboro goes the whole world goes.. God damn.. - Nothing would happen to them.. - Hence there wouldn't be much nostalgia. - Ok do you ever think, if you weren't a barber.. - Would I become something like this, I am very incapable artistically so I don't think so... - So you've never tried it.. - Sports a little.. - No, but I've noticed that, people should see these kinds of things from time to time so that they could start enjoying this kind of stuff.. ...although I'm.. - It illuminates doesn't it? - Yes, illuminates and being extraordinary.. - How were you contacted, how did this exhibition happen? - That's the boss there. - So it started like that.. We'll come over there, we'll ask a couple questions. So how did it happen really? - The artist was a customer of ours. - He was a customer.. - He offered, asked if he could exhibit here.. and it happened like that.. - And you just accepted? - We thought it would be interesting. - So you did't think of anything bad, just accepted. - Why would I think.. - When I said a "bad" thing, I meant, would it be "this or that" or like any questions that might pop up on your mind.. - He said all the canvases were small.. So.. - Oh he said they were small.. - We thought we could exhibit them here.. - He's a bit poor I guess, he couldn't buy bigger canvases, maybe later if he get famous he can show at the barber shops in "Cities" - There's a small shop next door, we were thinking of keeping some of the paintings.. - Maybe if he sells some than he might be able to buy bigger canvases.. - But It's also beneficial for the artist.. - Yeah, beneficial for everyone.. - It shows that in a small local barber shop we can have a nice art exhibition... ...If someone would tell me this I would have said "get out of here!" but it happened, really great, very interesting. - How long have you had this place? I guess you've been doing this for a long time.. - Almost 40 years. - And in this place? - 40 years in this place. - Oh you've always been here.. Very nice. - So after this if you get strange requests like this, you wouldn't say no? - No - You're happy with the way things are. - Thank you so much.. - You're welcome anytime.. - Well, I wouldn't come for a hair cut, but maybe a shave.. - Come for a chat. - Sure, anytime..

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Tras Sergi - video

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