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System Demon - Belief system Demon

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: System Demons - Belief System Demon Hi all this is the belief system- system demon (laugh) sound strange but there it is ok, but I am that sound strange but it's not really strange, I am that anyway let's continue ok so how do belief systems work? let's look at, a christian ok? again, the triangle information manifestation of knowledge implemented as a belief system of who I am ok christian is defined by reading the bible and going to church and of course they are all they would define themselves as what do they always sometimes saying: You don't necessary always have to go to church it is also ok to pray and read your bible at home so, all there is the pray or read the bible and I am now a christian of course it is said: Preferable go to church but there I am a christian next point, lawyer ok? I am going to law school I've got all the information and knowledge of law school now I am working in a business and now I am a lawyer ok I am a lawyer next point, let's say another spirituality thing I now understand the terminology of the information of spirituality which now I understood, now I am that! because I understand it and now I apparently live that and this is now me ok? knowledge and information your geometric triangle another example, a democrat, ok? the whole democracy principle of this world, of knowledge and information set by laws, ok? which you study and learn according to the democracy law of this world and I am now a democrat, and that is who I am next point, war veteran I have now gone to 'war school', you know I am referring to war school because it was like a fucking school I have now got my guns and now I am a war veteran what else? a president I have now gone through all the necessary layers of climbing up the ladders of success and I am voted as president for my country and now I am the president and that is what I am what else? you know, there is many examples, so what am I saying? how is this (triangle) a belief system if you say: I am a lawyer, I am spiritual, I am a christian, I am a atheist ok here is another one, atheist there is no fucking god, I don't believe in god now I am an atheist, ok? manifestation of an atheist, belief system say I am a atheist if you say: I am a lawyer, I am a democrat I am a doctor, I am a nurse I am a school teacher, I am! I am a girl friend I am a boy friend or you know whatever the relationship construct, I am a husband I am a wife that is knowledge and information system for instance wife I have a husband, we are in a relationship, now I am a wife! mother! I am a mother I have a child, I gave birth to this child I am a mother or, I have a child, I adopted this child, I am a mother knowledge and information belief systems, ok? so, what am I in terms of the belief system system demon? for instance if you believe you are something and look in the word belief belief, the word lie exist be the lie, belief system I am this now because I have got- and obtained the knowledge and information this is who I am so sometimes- now we spoken about when you speak something and they just come naturally not of thoughts but who you are, be careful if you are of any construct, in the manifestation of I am that something got a problem because then you are manifesting yourself as that geometrical manifestation in that knowledge and information triangle, geometric essence and that is who you are and that's why you will perceived that you are talking all naturally and specifically, this is who I am bullshit, it is not how do you look- and make sure that you are not this belief system system demon? go to your starting point go look at your staring point where did you start believing you are that particular manifestation? or I am enlightened that's a- pretty tough one firstly, you've now got all the meditation techniques, the living techniques how to live apparently, what to do, positive negative good bad light love peace bullshit there, ok? then you've got- the belief of yourself because you believe yourself to be or that you haven't lived it actually as yourself, what is living? let me just get the definition of living living is when you live words as you and you express that in oneness equality in every single fucking moment of your Life and you actually! direct human beings in your world because you know who you are, and you direct them as you every single moment it doesn't exist a thought, there doesn't exist emotions feelings you're constant the same yesterday, the day in tomorrow you are not that you are not living simple ok, and you've got to prove that for yourself obviously so human beings are belief systems manifest belief systems upon their geometrical alignment manifestation of knowledge and information which they have implanted here by the nose or under what did they fucking call it 'third eye point' and then they are apparently that, not true because why? have a look if you only say: I am a spiritualist or I am a atheist or I am a doctor you're only that! you are only! that that is all! you are one and equal to that is so small is it not? well according to- who we are we are fucking everything, so if you say only- if you only have delved into the spiritual realms of the ascension and the enlightenment and god knows what you apparently say you exist infinitely bull ~ shit if you have not stood as everything in existence in its entirety as how it exists now, and all those beings really is whether they are prostitutes, whether they are raped whether they are murdered it's a construct, ok? who are they beyond that? who are they as one with you as who you are? do you know that? no everyone goes: Prostitutes are fucking this, rapist and murderers not realizing that they are allowing that of course they don't want to look like this, sitting there on their chairs of, prophecy and fuck knows what saying: I am enlightened I am special I am of love, I am of peace bullshit that is impossible ok, if you don't stand as all as one as equal as existence as who you are and you don't see you in every single person got a problem you are not as Life you are not of Life, you are a belief system of who you are interesting ok, this is the- belief system system demon thank you very much Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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