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時代的記錄 - 鏗鏘說:Serrini

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I can sleep for hours without getting a headache If I sleep, I sleep like a log as if I was in a coma Eat, sleep, hanging out then I come back and do it again (Any thoughts on this way of life?) Very boring I roam around the street and come back When I don't wanna hang out, I write letters at home or tidy things up, or I’m just chilling (Hak Mui has just been hired by a beauty salon) (During probation, her half-monthly wage is HK$1500) (It's a good start for a 15-year-old) 15 years old (who is less educated and has no work experience) They just don't know how to sell to customers So, they can't earn much commission yet I don't know what I want to do so I tried out different jobs I don't think about how long should I stay or how much should I earn I only want to muddle through I think these jobs are really boring They teach me nothing but clearing a table Who needs to be taught to clear a table? Everyone knows it Taking orders You don’t have to be a genius to do these When I’m working, I always think I deserve more When I wake up, gosh, another day of working there I really don't like dealing with those people At first, I feel sad watching my colleagues serving our customers Because there were no place for me All I could do was massage my thigh Practicing massage on my thigh I really want to give them a facial I can't wait to become a beautician Give my customers facial care Get a promotion, reach the next level After becoming a beautician, I want to be a salon manager (How old will you be by then?) Around 20, maybe under 20 (Do you think it is too young be a manager at 20?) Twenty isn't that young I plan to work for a few years, then I can start my own salon (The rate of unemployment is as high as 29% between the ages of 15 and 19, there is one more reason for it Let us hear the story of A Kwan and A Yee) A Kwan (18) I am still in my teens, how much longer do I have to work? A Yee (18) Further studies, take a long break from work Go camping Have fun with my friends (Is having fun important?) To the people of our age, yes, it is essential Sometimes customers are harsh Not only harsh, even mean It makes you sad (How long can you stay in this job?) How long? I don’t know When I’m extremely fed up with my job or my boss, I’ll quit I often see people shopping like they don’t have to work while we’re standing here and serving’em I want the other way round that we are the customers and they serve us After seeing the four girls do you have any strong feelings? Or any thoughts? The girls are sharing their feelings of that period When people start their first job because they have to provide for their family or fulfil other purposes they are finding their own way No matter how old you are you are finding your own way when you work When you know more about the world and you try to achieve your goal step by step you will build a larger network to help yourself I’m saying these as a senior after all But for those who are young, they’ll think that... "I’m 16 now, and I’m gonna make it big next year" Is this kind of imagination shown in one of your latest songs... - It’s a fun song... - “Making them all my boyfriend”? No, I’ll leave it for the next session It’s “I Aspire to be Mrs. Rich” How do you define ‘Mrs. Rich’? I don’t mind taking others’ money – Just like other gold diggers – Yeah, I don’t think... I have to feel guilty You give it to me, and I’ll take it Why did you write this song? Is it about yourself? Or someone else? I guess it’s about all women? – Haha, I’m not sure – Including yourself? Maybe. The song actually contains social messages – When I was writing the song... – Oh, really? I said I aspire to marry someone rich But halfway through the song I said if it really happens I’d ask the guy to piss off I aspire to be Mrs. Rich and buyout a LV shop on a whim I aspire to be Mrs. Rich Call me “your majesty”, bitch So is my wish, but a tycoon’s life might be less jolly as I dreamed Say, I have to take the blames to cover up my hubby’s mess I’m innocent as a lamb but gotta root for that perv nonetheless Money worries me not coz I got all the dough for killer heels But marrying this freak, that’s what frightens me a lot Many madams were defending for their husband in the government then They cried “He knows nothing!” “Forgive him!” That period of time At that moment a thought came to me Actually many girls are amazing, strong and independent Yet if they are willing to do such thing for their husbands – I find it quite pathetic – They defend in tears Yeah. Why not just be themselves? But many times, the audience only listen to the first half – Even so, I too agree strongly – Yes, me included It’s a very clear comment, a clear concrete goal My wish is to marry someone rich From childhood till now, people would ask about my dream Or when I’m being interviewed be it for digital or traditional media They’d ask about my future plan I’d say all I want is to be Mrs. Rich Saves me the trouble of explaining When they ask if I have a clear goal I say I don’t really know To be rich is the most certain one Then they’d think I’m joking and stop asking questions – They didn’t know you mean it – I mean it, yeah My wife sometimes wonders why we aren’t millionaires (People need labels to understand the world,) (I respect their being simple-minded) You said you don’t get the mindset of today’s youth – The youth are often labelled “wasters”, “princess syndrome” – No, I don’t while the older ones are labelled “spinsters”, etc. Too many labels to be counted I think... People are thick, so they... – So they need labels to understand the world – Exactly I respect their being simple-minded Even the Cantopop icon Alan Tam has a song called “Young Wasters” It’s okay to label others But when young people call themselves wasters, they’re showing they don’t care about the slur You seem to have understood there’ve been labels long ago, it’s only a matter of how many You often write songs about these labels Yeah, ‘cause it’s fun But I didn’t sing about young wasters, did I? I mean those sung in a princess syndrome persona A princess syndrome persona? You mean songs by my pop group, GTB? Go on be my hangers-on next life To be honest (“GTB” is an acronym of cyberspeak “Green Tea Bitch” ) Y’all bitches are nothin’ (It refers to gold-diggers who fake innocent-looking) but my playthings Money makes people wasteful Money makes people leave Parents are our ATMs (Serrini uses a princess syndrome persona to compose music) This is the spirit of Hong Kongers (She writes acrid lyrics to criticize different phenomena in Hong Kong ) Keep an eye on your man, would you? Is he Simon or Duncan? He loves textin’ me everyday Ain’t stoppin’ no ways Guuurl, you go We want to be... ...two girls who just want to do something without any explanations People just grasp whatever from the text Many people feel the same but no one ever sang about that Just so happened someone sang about that So people think this chick is good I couldn’t figure that out you used Mrs. Rich as the theme – But do you think that... – I am a Mrs. Rich? ...this is something every girl needs? The definition of Mrs. Rich is broad Mrs. Rich is a spirit To live a life of ease and leisure No need to worry much about the world But you don’t need money to be Mrs. Rich – If I were a Mrs. Rich... – You would dress up with your money and do some creative work? ...I’ll wear make-up whenever I want I can just follow my heart I think my Mrs. Rich or the carefree mindset started around this time last year My sister passed out and stayed in ICU for more than a month Before the accident the whole family was worried about our future But after that, my parents changed completely They said we should do whatever we want Being happy matters most My sister recovered and is back to work now After that accident, they had an about-turn Turned out that my sister and I can be losers My parents are fine with it So we’re like let’s be losers together now

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