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RIC Report: 11-29-2010

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Hello, I’m Mary Ann Bartels, Head of US Technical and Market Analysis. I recently spent some time with my Aunt Bernadette, who first entered the markets in the late 1950’s. We talked about how many investors have become increasingly disenchanted with stocks, and have turned their focus to fixed income, where many investments are yielding close to zero. We also talked about how there are long-term opportunities in the equity markets that investors could be overlooking. This brings me to what we believe are three major secular themes that investors seeking greater long-term growth potential could consider. The first of these themes is a shortage of yield. We believe that the individual investor will continue to seek out yield and ultra-high yield, and that certain equities can provide yield along with the potential for price appreciation. The sectors we continue to focus on in this theme are telecoms, tobacco, master limited partnership, or MLP’s, pharmaceuticals and real estate investment trusts, or REITs. The second theme is commodities, which we believe are in a 20-year bull market that began in 2001. The bull market here benefits three major global sectors: materials, industrials and energy. This theme is also connected to the growth in emerging economies and we believe these markets are also in a secular bull market. Technology has been in a bear market for past 10 years and we believe it could be finally emerging back into a bull market. However, stock selection here will remain critical. In addition, the growth style of investing is expected to outperform the value style.

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Posted by: tkerekes on Dec 9, 2010

Mary Ann Bartels, Head of U.S. Technical and Market Analysis, takes a look at "three major secular themes" within the equity markets that she says show promising potential for investors seeking long-term growth.

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