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Marta Ghiglioni racconta il GSP

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I expected to find lots of technology and I expected to find lots of labs and lots of interesting people, but instead the first thing that I notice in Singularity University is the community. Ever since we got off: I got off the plane and I got into the first bus to get to Singularity. From the driver to the people of the staff: everyone is absolutely interested to exponential technologies. In three days it felt like I was there since three months. We immediately started at a very hight rate working on our projects and on our ideas. That was something really unexpected, even if I've been prepared to the rates and to the idea. What I discovered in Singularity University, or that I personally have discovered, was that many things that I thought existed only in science-fiction, really exist and are on the market today and they actually solve people's problems. I left Italy with a project about Blockchain and Privacy, because Privacy was what I was passionate about in Italy,

and instead here I've started right away working with other three people who are strongly interested in Blockchain for Governance, and we found out that probably Privacy wasn't the first and only application and therefore we have expanded the area, mixing the projects that we tabled from the beginning, and now we have built the base of a system to democratise the access to Blockchain, to give to as many people as possible the access to a technology that at the present time is too difficult

for most. So just like once it was difficult for a person building an internet website, we hope that in our future it will be simple, as it is today building an internet website for a person, building his community on Blockchain. When I arrived I was convinced

that at the end of August I'd come back in Italy: the first of September I had the flight already organised, but Singularity, this year for the first time, realised that 80 people from 40 different countries world wide create extraordinary projects, but they need help to move forward together. For example: in my group we are people from four different continents and we have been selected for the project and the accelerator No, not the accelerator: the incubator of Singularity University, called Launchpad, so we will be in Silicon Valley until November and this will be, obviously, a unique opportunity to move forward with Networking and to continue to develop those technologies that Singularity University provides us.

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Posted by: neptune91 on Sep 21, 2016

Marta Ghiglioni, intervistata al Singularity University Global Summit di San Francisco, racconta la sua esperienza al corso estivo Global Solutions Program 2016

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