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2009 Dean's Award for Family Business Leadership

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I've been characterized as a dreamer and a visionary. That I love to create things that, and think about things, that other people haven't done. My father used to read me from the Wall Street Journal when I was a kid, a young kid about 12 years old. Instead of- I would get the Wall Street Journal instead of the bedtime stories. I was raised to be independent. I was raised to know that you had to work hard. I was raised to not be fearful, to use your own imagination, your own initiative, your own abilities to work yourself through difficult problems. Our family is involved both in operation, which would be a direct relationship, and also indirectly. It's a active board and they're required to write position papers of great study and in depth. You've done those necessary things in order to create a better environment, a better opportunity, a better lifestyle for other people besides yourself. Now that can be done in a lot of ways. Mostly we think about it being done in a philanthropic way. So you give to other people and they use those funds to help others. One was Pamplin Park, a very innovative historical park. This was a family plantation that the last major battle of the Civil War was fought. Best fortifications, preserved fortifications in the nation, and I thought, "Well gee, you know, it has these fortifications which are pristine. Has Tudor Hall, which was a plantation home. Let's make it into a beautiful historic preservation Civil War site. That's a very important activity that we do in charity. You want to be engaging. You want to stimulate. You want to be an illustration of a red, hot spark, a flame of desire, of honor, enthusiasm and a willingness to create an opportunity for people to link up with you and to be a part of the mission. The single most important value you have in your life, outside of those three your family, your faith, and your country, is the day that you have. That day, that one day. Because that one day is going to be gone tomorrow. How valuable is that one day? What did you do that day? What did you trade your time that day for? Did you get good value for it? And that's what you have to think about with the person in business with you. Are you giving them an opportunity to trade that day for something of important value? And that's what I love so much about Oregon State, is that it is an institution that has fostered and supported all the different notions I've been talking about. I mean through the Austin Awards system and what you're providing there. It creates this entrepreneurial spirit that is so critical to a person in business But also to a person in developing their life.

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The Austin Family Business Program awards the Dean's Award for Family Business Leadership to R.B. Pamplin Corporation for 2009

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