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Blame not us, Blame thyselves!

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In the beginning I'd like to tell you that my page is known to all and if you have any questions you would like to discuss with me or with any of our friends, you're welcome to come and debate We never get upset, even if you cross the line We don't resort to swearing just like most of you do I wouldn't say all Muslims but some of them who use swearwords no one would want to hear to be honest you can verify any issues we bring up here from the books Nothing we say is made up by us, it is not our own thoughts What we say is taken from the Islamic books but if you have issues with that, then you may as well object to those Islamic books Ok so you are criticizing us because we, the atheists, are attacking Islam then why don't you critisize those who had preached it in the first place why don't you discuss it with them, why are you laying the blame on us We believe what they preach is inhumane against human nature, and against morality to say the least What we are doing here is simply presenting our ideas so you'd better blame those who are killing those who are blowing up the civilians The last deadly attack in Karrada, Iraq for example or in France those attacks were not committed by atheists Buddhists, Christians or Jews they were committed by Muslims The irony is that it is Muslims around the world who are committing those atrocities we have never heard of a non-Muslim committing such wickedness Don't you start talking about old wars here wars are wars and had their own causes and have nothing to do with Allah, but what the Muslims are doing is directly linked to Allah, with direct orders from Allah in the Quranic verses and the prophet's sayings and teachings so don't blame us for speaking out Blame not us, blame thyselves, here you go a verse I've just made up for you You'd better blame the Islamic scholars All we do is talk. If you want to hear what we have to say, you're more than welcome but if you don't, just disregard it All we do is share our ideas and what we think with the people in the hope what we say hits home with someone If not, then at least we can say we did our best so please stop being disrepectful because we are not insulting anyone Actually it is quite the opposite because it is us who are called all kind of names under the sun yet we are open-minded people because the day we became atheists and non-religious we have embraced a more positive, loving perspective towards all others we don't hold grudges against anyone There are endless examples of people who left Islam and how they have changed how their views on life have changed for the better They have become genuinly considerate, kind-hearted They have become more compassionate to the poor and to the helpless so leaving Islam has made us better persons because we let our conscience be the guide and stopped religion from having control over our lives because there is no proof that religion is the word of god there is absolutely no evidence it is all metaphysical, illusory finally my greetings to you I hope I've got my message across and that you will consider my words

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Year: 2016
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Posted by: elpasha on Aug 4, 2016

Reply to all those who want to conceal the truth about Islam

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