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Pig Nanny

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They are both pets, except he is not exactly the cuddly type. 'li foo' meaning fortune coming in Chinese was acquired after the owner was advised by a fortune teller to raise a pig when she turned 50. The supersitious family considers the wrinkles on li foo's forehead, which resemble the ancient Chinese currency 'ingot' the main source of good luck. The 200 kilogram pig consumes dozens of kilograms of food a day, requires his own room and two nannies to attend to his every need. Nevertheless, one of his nannies, Mr. Lee, said the pig had brought great fortune to the family. The wrinkles on li foo's forehead resemble an ingot When Li foo goes out for a walk people call him a golden pig. After the owner bought Li foo her business went really well. What ever she does it will go smoothly. But good life is proving a little too good. Life was getting fat - even for a pig. So the pet has been put on a diet, and must go for two walks a day. To give the pig a little incentive during his workouts. the nannies gave Li foo a mobile phone which blasts out Chinese pop music. Li foo's walks out side rarely go unnoticed. I think it must be very difficult for the owner to raise a pig. Raising him may occupy most of the owners time because he is so massive but it's not a bad idea to raise a pig as a pet. If my financial conditions allowed I would also like to raise a pet like this pig. This pig is very adorable. Li foo's days aren't exactly gruelling. When it gets too much the pig likes nothing better than a soothing massage or chilling to the music of Jay Chow, a popular chinese musician. The golden pig has even attracted local businessmen keen for some of his luck to rub off on them. The owner recently turned down an offer of 100,000 dollars for the pig. But to the family Li foo remains priceless.

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Posted by: tuttoinglese on Sep 19, 2009

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