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Interview with Baher Esmat on Middle East Engagement Strategy | 10 Apr 2013

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We're here in Beijing, seems like an unusual location for a Middle East policy and Middle East plans. But you're doing that, you're engaged in trying to make something happen in this arena. Tell me about it.

Because, this effort started like three, four months ago in Toronto, when we met with, you know, community members, talking about the Africa Strategy and they liked the idea, they thought they would need one for the Middle East. Works started back then, and here in Beijing where the group is presenting the Draft Strategy. And so here we are.

What's the... Sort of capsulize that strategy for me. Just give me a basic overview on it.

So the main strategic goals are around fostering two way engagement between ICANN and the community, that's one. Strengthening the domain name industry in the Middle East, that's two. And three, promoting the multi-stakeholder model in the region through regional and national processes and mechanisms.

What's the point behind regional strategies? Why not just have a great big umbrella strategy? Why do it region by region?

We're still guided by the overall ICANN Strategic Plan, right? But we're trying to identify the needs and priorities for each region and working with the community on implementing projects that would serve their needs and priorities, still under the same main Strategic areas of ICANN as well. So, they're not deviating from the overall plan.

And, once you got that strategy, is it bendable or is it in cement? I mean, can it be modified or changed as need arises?

Yes, absolutely. It's like a three year plan, or three year Strategy, still we have an implementation plan per year, it will be reviewed every year and adjusted, and, you know, yes.

Great. I hear. Thanks.

Thank you.

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Interview with Baher Esmat on Middle East Engagement Strategy | 10 Apr 2013

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