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Get Low

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You read the paper today? People are dying in bunches. Everywhere but here. What do you do when people won't die? [bell rings] (old man) I'm after a funeral. (director) Boy are you in luck. Solid pecan, steel handles. Whatever you want. (old man) Party. A what? (old man) A funeral party. And I want to be there. (director) You will be, a guarantee it. (old man) I want to be there, now. (young man) You can't have a funeral, if you're not deceased. It's a detail. (young man) Pretty big detail. (old man) I want everybody to come, who's got a story to tell about me (director) How do you get people to come tell stories about you, that I'm guessing might get them, you know, shot. [breaking glass] [gun click] (director) Is it just me, or is he extremely articulate when he wants to be? (old man) Fancy car, for the dead. (director) I didn't buy it for them. We have a plan (young man) We're going to run an ad in some papers about your party. (photographer) Do you want him to smile? (director) That is his smile. (photographer) Huh. Crazy old nutter, draws more. (woman) Oh for heaven's sakes. I wondered if you were still under that beard. I wouldn't know where else to go. (young man) How do you know Mattie? We had a go. [laughter, tires squealing] Mr. Felix Bush, the mysterious hermit from Caleb county. How are you today, sir? I am. [Dolly Parton - "Gonna Lay My Burden Down"] ♪ Gonna lay my burden down ♪ (Mattie) A thousand years ago, he was the most interesting man I'd ever met. And I don't just mean the way he looked. (Felix) Where are the shoes? Normally, people don't wear shoes in the caskets, so... How are you fixed for underwear? (Felix) I don't wear none. One question too many. [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Feb 22, 2011


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