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Forgotten Virtues - Week 5

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Well welcome today to all of our Life Churches all of our Network churches and those of you all over the world at church online if you have your Bibles with you let's open them up today to Luke 17 Luke 17 today we are concluding the very important series called "Forgotten Virtues" in the first week of the series we talked about the forgotten virtue of honor who the Bible says we should pay honor to the second week we talked about purity my wife Amy taught a very powerful message about purity and the third week we talked about the forgotten virtue of loyalty last week we talked about a very important virtue of integrity today though I want to talk to you about a virtue that is almost totally forgotten in this society and in the world that is growing up today I'll give you an example. There was a Boston consultant who was working with a bunch of college graduates and he took all these college graduates and said that everybody in the work force today there is one word that they use to describe this emerging generation into the work force and the word begins with "E" he asked all of these recent graduates what do you think is the one word that so many people use to describe you that starts with the letter "E" and all these young hopefuls said ummm, energetic excellent and they went all through these different names that really describe their positive behaviors beginning with "Exceptional!" and after they listened to all of these different "E" words the consultant said, "Actually, the number one most commonly used word to describe this generation as they move into the work force is the word 'Entitled.'" "Entitled" in fact the millennials are labeled as the entitled generation those who feel like everyone owes us. We deserve more. now before those of us who are older say yeah that younger generation we have to realize that we created by our actions and our attitudes a generation that feels very, very, entitled How did we do that? Well, many different ways. For one thing those kind of my age and older very typical of the average person who worked way to much often ended up divorced. They loved their kids and so they tried to make up for their lack of time by never saying no. Here you can have this, you can have that I'll make more money and we'll give you more and so this younger generation just felt like hey if we want it baby we're going to get it. then we also protected the upcoming generation when I was a kid you could ride in the back of a pick-up truck with 18 of your friends. Anybody remember that at all? Yep. Now days it's like you're buckled down with 43 different buckles totally protected. You can't even ride a bicycle without a helmet because baby we're going to protect this upcoming generation and it goes on that when I was a kid you use to actually have to win something

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Forgotten Virtues

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