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Jordan Maxwell-Project Camelot Awake and Aware 1

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Jordan Maxwell-Project Camelot Awake and Aware 1 Transcribed & Translated By Brian SW Kim I want to say that I'm actually when on our trip to Egypt with Jordan Maxwell Uh, and a whole group before Camelot Ah, we wanted to see at the source to investigate the , uh the sort of trail of Atlantis in Egypt And so I was already aware of how amazing Jordan Maxwell is, he's really been on the trail of the truth for over 40 years If anything um, he's probably the expert he has found most of the the research as you know such as I mean Zachariah section and David Icke and so on he bought them to the public. I mean Jordan has not been credited in half the way that he should be. And and I want to do that right here. and he's given some of our lead researchers some information they've never created him OK so you may think it comes from them and they're so smart, brilliant, believe me They wouldn't be half the place they are today if it wasn't for Jordan Maxwell And so we really want to honor him here today and we're very proud to have him speak at a project Camelot Conference. Thank you. thank you very much... I think the one thing I'd like for you to take away from anything that I say today is this one point that Nothing in this world works the way you think it does. Nothing. The Police aren't who you think they are, the sheriff is not who you think he is. Banks do not do what you think they do. government don't operate anywhere near the way you think they do. and that's why today when you look at what's going on in this world today, None of it makes any sense of all crazy, it makes no sense at all, seems very destructive. but actually in point of fact, you don't know how the system works. It's working perfectly fine. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer and the people, the masses are entertained with television and alcohol and drugs and the wealthy continue to get wealthy and so it's working perfectly fine. Once you understand how the world really works and nothing works the way you think it does. My whole life, I have been interested in theology and religion, and that's my real love and I've spent all my awakened hours of research throughout the , uh, country and throughout the world, studying theology and religion. But not to learn from it, but to learn about it. and it's a fascinating story. Once you see how our religions came into being and you begin to see , uh, the things that you've never seen before, and begin to have questions that never occurred to you before and so, uh, that's been my major love but I also in the early 80's, very early 80's, came into contact with some people who were experts of experts on government, banking, and I was in their company for many years. and 'um, I learned how governments work, then it was absolutely astounding to me to see the real truth. Uh, it's taken me 48 years to get here tonight But I'm gonna give you a secret that I've learned. I'm gonna give this to you for free. this is a secret and that's a very powerful secret. People will always financially and in every other way people will always support what they want to hear. They will not support what they don't want to hear. If you like country music, you're not gonna pay thirty bucks for rap concert if you feel like a particular movie star, you're not going to see somebody else. People will always yummy if you like a particular kind of food, you're not going to opposite restaurant. So people will always support what they want to hear. and the one thing around the world that that the ancient peoples and anyone who was trouble and that with the public you will find the one thing that people generally speaking do not want to hear is the truth. Nobody, uh, is happy when they have to be faced with the truth. and so there are some, uh, brave people like maybe you here today who are at least open to hear something that may not, may conflict with what you believe, what you know, but at least truth is secrets. That's what I have always believed there was a true secret. I always say I'm not the world's foremost authority on anything because I'm really smart enough to know how much I don't know. but, when you begin to break down how government works, banks work you begin to see a whole world that you'd never know. The word are used is occult. Occult simply means hidden. And this is exactly what is going on in this world today. Our governments, banks, institutions of education etc are operating on totally occult are hidden basis. and so what we are told and given to understand is not the truth. Let me give you an example and how many people have heard a lecture or talk about maritime system of uhm of commerce? OK, so most people at least heard of maritime, about the subject. Uh, for those of you who haven't, I'll just give you some examples When you go into court, why do you have to go to court? you play tennis on the court. you play basketball on the court, the whole idea on the court to put the ball back in the other guy's court, so you have a team of lawyers make the ball back to the other guys court and that team throws the ball back in the other guys court. and the judge as a referee, and he doesn't care who wins or loses, he's going to get paid anyway. so he wears a black robe. Black robes, most people never question why do catholic priests wear black robes. Kids are graduated from high school wear black robes. judges wear black robes. rabbis wear black robes. Because black robes represent the planets Saturnin, they are symbols for the planet Saturnin. Saturnin was called by the ancient people 'Lord Of the Rings'. and Saturnin is "Lord of the Rings". This is why women were told in the ancient world to listen to their god. My concept was and wear ear ring, men were to get married before the god wear wedding ring, because the all ancient god of Middle East, one of the ancient god to the Middle East was the planet Saturnin. Saturnin was to directly connected to Yaweh, the Hebrew god and so this is why even today the Jews celebrate the worship of Saturnin. Saturnin in old Penician language was called "Shabat" Look up in the penician language, you will find that the planet Saturnin was called Shabath. and here is worship to honor him once a week was called Sabbath. So, when the Jews are having Sabbath, they're actually paying homage to their god, Saturnin, lord of the rings. and so when you start breaking down where religions have come from. theologies have come from the 6 pointed star. For instance, it's not as called the star of David, actually it's not the star of David All the encyclopedia of the reference works will tell you that it's called the star of Saturnin. It is a hexagram. Hexagram is represented the planet Saturnin, so and then when you look at the Christian system of things, the churches are as a disgrac in my opinion. period. Christian churches and disgrace everything that comes out of the Christian church in America is a disgrace It's filled with lies, deception in your windows it is a money-making cooperation that operate on the maritime admiralty law. and there is a whole world of kowledge that Christian have not been given about the scripture about who wrote the Bible where it came.

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Jordan Maxwell stepped up to the plate to help us to fill a vacant slot in the program to give a fascinating, impromptu 45 minute presentation at the ProjectCamelot Awake and Aware Conference in Los Angeles, 20 September 2009.

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