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How Does Tiering Benefit Teachers

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How Does Tiering Benefit Teachers? As a teacher, I am much more relaxed because of tiered assignments. I am able to know what exactly I am going to be doing for a component of time. I am able to plan myself around which children need what from me on that particular day. It gives me an opportunity to be more personal with the students rather than being a facilitator and standing back. And part of what I love about this is the relationship part in being able to work with them in smaller groups and individually and seeing the growth and the spark as they begin to experience this. [Talking with her students] It also frees us up as clasroom teachers. If everybody is working at their particular level, then I am not having to stand in front of the class, I can serve more as an individual teacher and work with smaller groups or individuals and provide the feedback that is needed for them to either extend themselves or enrich themselves in a way that whole group instructions would never allow for. [Talking with her students] You spend that quality time establishing the community within the classroom so that people understand what their party is, what they are valued for. When they come into this classroom, regardless of what other communities you belong to, this becomes one of your new communities where you are the person that gets to make decisions for this particular community. So it really allows me a great opportunity to be personal with my students as well, and from those personal connections where we conference and talk with each other I can find out things that interest to them and gear instructions in their interest area, which makes them even more engaged in what's going on with the classroom. I think I feel more successful using tiered assigments because I know that I am meeting my students' needs. I think that sometimes in the past you know that this child needs something different, you know this one needs to go beyond... but you felt like you could never get there to do it, or you couldn't do it for a sustained period of time. And tiered assigments have allowed me meet my students' needs, and it does bring me up to be able to work with the students who I know need that extra support; and I can spend more time with my students rather than almost running from room to room or group to group trying to get everyobdy on track. It makes me feel more successful.

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Posted by: deya_castilleja on Oct 13, 2011

In this video, teachers at Raleigh’s Baileywick Road Elementary School discuss how creating tiered assignments has benefited them as teachers. Includes classroom footage.

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