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... Recorded for us in the Second Chapter, where we read from Verse 21: ON THE EIGHTH DAY WHEN IT WAS TIME TO CIRCUMCISE HIM, HE WAS GIVEN THE NAME JESUS, THE NAME THE ANGEL HAD GIVEN HIM, BEFORE HE HAD BEEN CONCEIVED. This is the Word of our Lord; Let us pray: This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it. Amen. Pastor Dave motions for the congregation to be seated. Dear Followers of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We've all been in that predicament when someone comes running up to us, talking to us, they're glad to see us and we are standing there with our minds racing because their face looks familiar and we don't have a clue as to who they are! And then we try that game that we think is not going to fool them ... where we just kind of feel out where they're from, and why they would be talking to us this way and when we get on the other side of that, we see right through that. We can tell by the look on the person's face, that they do not have a clue what your name is. (Pause) And then you feel horrible if you blurt out the wrong name. Because we're all very attached to that name that is ours. That name that defines us. It may not be our favorite name ... may not be one of those that is picked as "the best of the decade". You know Sarah got knocked out in the Number 1 spot in the last 10 years. But Jacob, for boys' names, still is the top one. And we may not have those names. We may have names that carry our family heritage with them. We may have names that were given us because of someone special that our parents knew. And maybe we didn't receive names because of other people our parents knew. So they stayed away from them. But our names are important to us. We want people to remember them. We want people to use them. We don't want people to abuse them, turn them into nicknames or shorten them, or lengthen them. And we see the same thing is so true of our Lord and Savior's name. Because just think how many times each day you hear ... the Name of your Lord. Probably not in the best context ... or the way that you would not choose to use that name, but it's out there everywhere! We remind ourselves that, we as the children of God, treasure that name ... just as Mary treasured that name, and Luke reminds us in fulfillment of the Law, on the day that Jesus went to be circumcised, He was given the name Jesus. It was a name that Mary and Joseph didn't have to struggle over or wonder about who or what they should call Him. The angel Gabriel had given that name to Mary and reminded them that His purpose in life was to come as the Savior. The One who had been promised by God. The One who was there to fulfill the Law. And we see that we have read those passages familiar to us again throughout the Advent and Christmas season. The angel came to Mary at a time when she must have just been TERRIFIED with this prospect of the news. But yet, in faith, she believed what the Lord had said. She trusted in Him. Joseph also believed what God had told him through the angel and trusted what God had said, because they were the instruments that God was using in the fulfillment of the promises that began to Adam and Eve. That the seed ... One of his seed, would be the One who would bring blessing to all people. Who would save them from the sin that Adam and Eve had brought into the world. And the thing that they would infect their children with and their grandchildren would be infected with ... down to each and every person born into this world. They're born in sin. Inherited from their parents. And so important it is for us to hear the name JESUS, because He IS the Savior. The One who saves ... and that comes back to us time and time again. Think of our use of it already even in our worship this morning. That we have heard the Name of God's Son placed upon us as we began this service. That we have turned to Christ for the forgiveness of our sins. That we have called on Jesus knowing that we ARE sinners and HE IS our only Hope. We have HEARD HIS words of forgiveness spoken by me, His called servant. What a wonderful reminder that is to us that He has cleansed us from our sins. Because that was the work that God had called Him to do. That was how God had prepared the world to receive Him. Speaking through the prophets, speaking through David. That there would be one of his descendents that would rule on His throne forever. And Jesus now sits at that throne having accomplished and fulfilled ALL of the Law of God. Carried out God's plan of salvation. As the Apostle reminded us in the Letter to the Romans, it was by His resurrection, that He has been proven to be the Son of God. And that He now sits at the right hand of God having placed everything under His feet. He is our Ruler, our Supreme God and Authority. Because He saved us ... to be ... His own. And He did that in fulfillment of the Law. And how important it was, that God had chosen Mary, to be His mother, and Joseph, to be His step-father to fulfill the requirements that God had set. Because they were righteous people ... they were believers ... they carried out the worship that God had set out for them. Jesus Himself, at 8 days old, was not going to arrange His own circumcision. But yet, Mary and Joseph did what the Law required. The fulfillment of God and fulfillment of all that God had asked of them. We know that they continued to instruct Him. They continued to go to the temple and bring Him with them, so that they could worship together there as a family. That He was instructed with them with what God desired. And we're reminded of the importance of our own instruction ... teaching others of the Name of Jesus. Beginning in our homes. Beginning with our families. Beginning with our children. Sharing and reminding them of what God has done and what God wants from them and expects of them. That they have a Savior because THEY CANNONT KEEP THE LAW. But that doesn't mean that we take those 10 Commandments and just throw them out, and say that they don't apply. They certainly teach and instruct us how God wants us to live daily. To give glory to Him. To praise that Holy Name. To show our thanks for all that Jesus has done. And we point our children to those Commandments and say: This is what God wants from you. First and foremost, to put Him as the Ruler and Lord of your life. And secondly, to treasure that Name that is His. That Holy, precious Name. And I think we, as Christians, have to admit, THAT IS a HUGE battleground for us. Because how many of us even as adults, have given up defending that Name from the people that we've come in contact with? And it always surprises me, the reaction, that Christians have to Muslims ... who don't want anyone misusing that name of Allah. And yet ... it's their god and they will defend it to the end. And we, as Christians, let people around us take the Name of God and drag It down into hell itself. It's a reminder to us that that's the Name of our Savior. That's the ONLY Name by which people will be saved. That is the ONLY PATH that is open to eternal life. It has been GIVEN to us. It has been REVEALED to us. And that's why it's so precious to us. Because Jesus fulfilled the Law that we couldn't fulfill. We couldn't save ourselves. Yet, He willingly gave His life. We can't raise ourselves from the dead. We can't even raise our loved ones that we wish we could, who are no longer here. But Jesus raised from the dead, by the Power of God in His strength. He has ascended to heaven and He is our Lord. He IS our Savior. And we teach that. We express that in EVERYTHING we do in our life. It is what brings us joy. It is what brings us comfort. When we leave this building today ... that Name of the Lord that was spoken of, in our Old Testament Lesson gets placed on us. The Covenant God, the Savior God. whose Face now turns to us and shines on us. No longer turns to us with angry eyes of destruction. But with eyes of love. He gives us His peace. It's placed upon us. It covers over us. It IS the sweetness of our life. That Name Jesus means: He saves. May we give all glory to God for fulfilling His Law. For keeping His Word. For sending to us, the thing that we needed first and foremost. A Savior, who is Christ, the LORD. Amen. Now may the peace of God which goes beyond all of our understanding, keep your hearts and your minds, and especially your lives, in the one true faith unto life everlasting. Amen.

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Foretold by God, Jesus came fulfilling the Law and granting us true peace with our heavenly Father so that we now can have the joy of Christmas in our hearts every day. To contact Pastor Dave:

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