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Hard Boiled Wonderland - Discussion

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The story of why I'm standing here now and trying to build a bridge to you was that Sebastian Gramss called me at some point and said: “I can't just make music anymore. . We have to articulate what is happening in the world.” And then, of course, I thought about what my contribution can be? I cannot play an instrument, nor can I meaningfully speak about music. But maybe I can try to give some associations to what the lyrics did to me. I wanted to come here tonight like a blank piece of paper so I can hear it the way you all heard it tonight. It was just – Sebastian, sorry to say that – it was exhausting. And it was fascinating. . It didn't give me a chance to switch off for even 30 seconds and what better thing to say about art? It was awesome. But, I say it again, it was also exhausting. And that's exactly what you wanted. And, of course, I tried to think about how I can distance myself from all this a bit? Tamara said at some point: "I prefer to go to the garden", and that's an impulse that’s familiar to me as well when the madness of the world crashes into our lives as you have discussed here. How can you actually find a balance between the two – this impulse that, on the one hand, you don't want to be ignorant of what is happening in the world – which I definitely think is necessary – but at the same time you also want to ensure that your own strength remains fresh? I think that's something that's part of our art of living today. If you only go to the garden, you become ignorant and take no responsibility. But if you expose yourself to the madness of the world like we did tonight, you can go crazy and you can despair. And I would say: . if you don't despair these days, you're a complete idiot. For good reasons – there are many, many reasons to be desperate. We are, so to speak, the first generation that can see what's happening everywhere in real time: If a textile factory is burning in Bangladesh, we get the information... People drowning in the Mediterranean, we get the information... If something happens in a mine in Bolivia, you will notice... How wouldn’t it drive you crazy? So I want to point out – you have to have the power to distance yourself from it, and we just don't know how to do it – to be able to experience everything all the time. And in the end the effect is, as it was articulated: "Yes, who actually has any responsibility here?" This summary of crises and bad developments in the world doesn’t seem to allow the possibility that today there is such a thing as a small roof hatch, an emergency exit or maybe even a little more hopefully said: A dawn. But I still want to point out that this condensation of negative events also poses the risk of falling back into ignorance because you have no idea how to actually loosen the knot. And then I’d say – It's not that dark. A lot of exciting and good things are happening at the moment. As you said: “We musicians, we don't just want to make music, we also have to make a statement.” Others do that too in completely different areas. I think we live in exciting, positive times and in a very good way. How does it all fit together? We don't really know that yet. I would say... as a suggestion: Don't look for a Megavision Don't look for a Megavision that solves all problems at once. Say goodbye to the illusion that there is a big hit, the great world view, the big mega–religion that can solve everything instead embrace your helplessness, surround yourself with those who think similarly, start to take the first steps. Then you will get an idea of what the second step is. This is our time right now. We didn't choose it, but it's our time. So, now it's your turn. – I agree with you completely. I find that to be a brilliant, absolutely moving and good idea. There is always hopelessness. In my opinion, it is only through art that has a political claim that it is possible to create this small world where you can bring a bit of change. – It's about sharing and community, and that's why I find it very important to try to share and create community in all possible situations. And that's why I think it’s very important that we're trying to talk to each other. – First of all, I have a feeling that it is very difficult for me to put into words everything that surrounds us. The work was, of course, less of an attempt to save the world, but rather to save myself... To somehow create a valve in myself to process this whole flood. . Resistance is a big word, but there is an inner pressure to do something. . . And that is why the project is definitely subjectively important to me – again, completely apart from what it does for other people – for me personally as a catalyst, and for all of us (in the band) I think... To collect or write these texts over weeks and months, and to arrange them, to sort things out – what kind of topics there are... That was definitely a very long process and, as I said, that actually went pretty well... – I would like to know more about that. If you look into this darkness that we had in the texts today, if you face it, then what exactly is the “saving thing”, for you personally? – Well, you hear about all the terrible things in the world, and then you can't do anything about it. You hear about things that happen and about people who are suffering terribly, in ways we know nothing about. Or at least I don't. . And then you hear about it and, of course, it makes you depressed in a way, but somehow you cannot process all this information. Things rush by us... on a smartphone or on TV, or on the radio. There has to be something else we can do. Since I can't invent an algae-absorbing device, what I can do is make music. And in the instrumental parts of the performance, – I hope that's the impression it made – the music has a certain “power without words “ for us. That's why there were also longer passages without text, so that a different, poetic power can bring the whole thing to a completely different level. . And then the group somehow finds a kind of answer to the respective text through this playful improvisation, which we then discuss or modify or sort again. . Of course, many things are so incredibly bad that you can no longer make music. That's why the music is sometimes silent, because it just gets too much and any melody would sound like a mockery. If you describe someone's death any sound sounds cynical. That's why the music sometimes withdraws completely. – I thought it was a really great idea that musicians from different genres come together and try to make some political impact or, at least, to express their individual political views. I just loved it. I believe you haven’t been together that long. But if you manage to stay together longer, I think something really great can come of it. - I want to admit that this is also about my own need to express things. . I don’t want to hide behind the sign "We’re saving the world". We also have our personal motifs to do this and that’s also a part of it. Yes, it was provocative at times and it was clear, from the beginning it was clear: It can't be an "evening of smiling". . It must bring things to the melting point and also have a right combination of topics, so that it really impacts you, otherwise it is somehow superfluous. That one has opposites maybe get to the point ...and it doesn't end with: "Yes, just as I said in the beginning: Trump is stupid and Bolsonaro too." and then we all quickly agree – what's the point of this whole thing then? – The greatest, the best music and works of art were already written when war broke out in the 20th century and this disaster... Beethoven saved nothing. And I think you really have to see that art is only a means. . Now I ask you: Was there anything you heard in the concert today that you didn't already know? Has something changed for you? Will you maybe think about a thing or two? – Although I actually knew the facts that were addressed, . it still gave me something new. Because, every time I thought: I know that already – there was another point of view in the concert where things were questioned or I asked myself about my own urge to just sit on the sofa and deny all the problems... So, this contradiction is something that’s very familiar to me as well. So, on the one hand, a desire to make a difference politically and on the other hand being lazy and having other needs and somehow not being satisfied... I found such a tension on stage that was incredibly strong, and I think that's something I can think about. Yes, I think that's one point, this concert or concerts like this can make a change because we know the whole thing rationally, we know the whole process, we know the whole thing... Everyone who is here, as you said, has learned nothing new. But Saffron Foer once said: The problem is, we don't understand what's really there. We have a rational knowledge, but we don't have an emotional knowledge, and only emotional knowledge can guide action, rational knowledge is pure knowledge. And events like this can lead to the fact that maybe one or two people start using their emotional knowledge . and that brings about change... I think that's the goal of something like this. – At the moment we live in a time when the energies that conjure up demons are becoming increasingly visible. It is getting closer and closer to us. And to show that there is another energy, namely a positive energy, a creative energy, that was my motivation to participate in this. And it is not a question of art, but a question of using energy. . What am I working for? Is that visible? Do you become visible? And usually these issues are often left to the “energies” of others. . – I come from Ukraine and when Sebastian asked me to take part in this project, I said to him: "I feel like for the past 20 years I’ve been doing nothing else – the whole time: giving my voice to the people who lost their houses, . who lost close family members during the war, to fight this senselessness... And I tried everything: I collected and brought humanitarian aid to the front line, and gave concerts in the front line for the men, gave workshops for children... – I think it’s an absolute advantage to be able to talk to people . and to argue and discuss and exchange ideas. So this is what I’m taking as an inspiration from the project. I wanted to refer to Tamara earlier... when you mentioned that "Beethoven didn’t change anything", that the war broke out also in the 20th century, and I don't think that art or music have ever prevented any war from breaking out. . But personally I don’t believe that art or music can save the world, not as such, but they can save the world for everyone personally by giving them hope. And also, as the lady said at the beginning – you share something, you share an emotion, thoughts and this can give hope. – I was a singer in the choir tonight, When I first heard the lyrics in the rehearsals, I thought: “No, please, not that topic” – sexual harassment and stuff like that... And I could hardly bear it, . I found it interesting that the music made these texts bearable for me. . At the same time, the music made me far more touched by the texts. . – My Suggestion: Sebastian, you have the last word. I add again: It was awesome! – Thank you very much. It is, of course, a great feeling for us that the audience is interested in the project, to do the whole thing and not have only 20 people sitting here. As I said before: If nobody comes to the gigs, then I don't know what to do anymore – really! In any case – I am very happy that you all came. Thank you very much!

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