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SpaceVidcast 2.28

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♪ SpaceVidcast Theme ♪ (Ben) GLS go for autosequence start. Yeah, no, exactly! Welcome to SpaceVidcast! My name is Benjamin Higginbotham, with me is the beautiful, lovely, wonderful, and talented Cariann Higginbotham. We are your SpaceVidcasters. I like to do that as fast as I can because we have all of our episodes transcribed and so they can watch it or you can... (Cariann) They just say blah blah blah. (Ben) Yeah at the beginning. But they're transcribed. (Cariann) [Fast mumbling] My name is Benjamin Higginbotham and with me is the blah blah blah Cariann Higginbotham Which means that no one knows. (Ben) Well the advantage is that if you want to watch in another language or English isn't your first language, you can actually have it translated in real time into the language you want to see, just hit the closed caption button ... (Cariann) Except you make up words, so it's still "unintelligible, blah, blah, blah". It's like ... (uncontrollable laughter) (Ben) This is a epic-sode because it's the trifecta 28. (Cariann) It's the 28 trifecta, ok so hopefully, everyone cross your fingers toes, and eyes and nose and ears, um, STS-128 will launch later on today. This is the show for August 28th and the number of the show is 2.28! (Ben) That stands for season 2, episode 28. Can you believe we've done that? (Cariann) The 28th show on the 28th day of the 8th month! (Ben) Of ... (Cariann) With STS-128! (Ben) Wow, wow! (Cariann) See, somebody said earlier, "You think, you guys really think it's really going to go this time?" And I'm like "it has to!" (Ben) Well speaking of ... (Cariann) Today's the perfect day! It must go! (Ben) Before we get into the thing that I really want to talk about, we were, we all had a fun time with the STS-128 HD scrub, the launch attempt number 1. The first one? (Cariann) Yes. (Ben) Uh, check it out, we actually have some video of it you, you just they're like "weather should be fine, we're clear as soon as the sun goes down." Of course in Florida it's really hard to predict the weather. We ended up with like this rainstorm that looks a lot like this. It's just, wow! It was epic, it was ...

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Duration: 34 minutes and 48 seconds
Year: 2009
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Benjamin Higginbotham
Director: Adam Jochum
Views: 90
Posted by: spacevidcaster on Aug 30, 2009

Cariann and Benjamin get in to a bit of a debate about the need for NASA to have a T- and L- clock, we chat about the (hopefully) upcoming STS-128 launch and using that launch as a way to evangelize human space flight to others

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