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Jacque Fresco-Relation to Academia-Dec.19, 2010 (2/3)

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Jacque Fresco - Dec. 19, 2010 "Relation to Academia" Part 2 What has to be done is people should investigate the educational system of The Venus Project, what it offers. They must then look into the environmental aspects of The Venus Project, how we intend to support and restore the damaged environment, then what different types of vehicles would be used for transportation, how we solve the transportation problem. If they find shortcomings in it say; "present your recommendations, but don't say 'I don't like that system.' Present your recommendations or alternatives." If you want people to be safe in swimming, safe from sharks, you really don't have to make a swimming pool any deeper than five feet. You can swim in five feet of water; it's hard to drown. If you can't make it, you can reach bottom. Children's pools would be shallow, and you can swim in them, you can't drown in them. It isn't that I like shallow pools. If children have difficulty, you can't always see it. I think our friends' child was drowned because mother couldn't watch over her in the ocean. And she blamed the old man, the old man blamed the mother for not watching, and then they both blamed the lifeguard. You know, inadequate systems is what you're dealing with. Do you understand? I don't find lifeguards who submit new ways of watching over people on the beach. They're always a lifeguard. They never seem to innovate, or make a life preserver connected to a cable that goes out to the drowning person. That's what they need, not the lifeguard grabbing them. They need the thing getting there faster. The lifeguard can only get there at a certain speed. So I would design a life raft that moves out very fast, stops by proximity mechanisms, and then moves slowly to the person so they can grab it. And if they can't grab it, you send human assistance on a vehicle out that way. I've never heard of lifeguard associations making recommendations except binoculars for the lifeguard to look around, but limited, very limited. Lifeguards are not trained as innovators, but if you bring innovators to the system and say "How can you innovate that system to make it more efficient?" If a man is mechanical, he might make a life preserver connected to a cable. If he's into electronics, he would pick up distress in the water, whatever it is. But I don't find academia to be critical of a political system. I don't find many opinions coming forth on how to modify our system so that we have less problems. I don't find that. Now in books on politics, I don't think George Washington would be surprised at the decision-making today, because it's not that different, nor would Benjamin Franklin or anybody else. Our political system is based on opinions, projections, inadequacies, incompetence. That's why I say they would feel at home in this society. But they would not feel at home in The Venus Project. No politician would know how decisions are made. They wouldn't understand why our schools are the way they are, they wouldn't even if they came and visited the schools. They wouldn't understand. They wouldn't understand the nature of environmental reclamation, why it's done. And they wouldn't understand where you get the money to do environmental reclamations. If the Earth is declared common heritage, that's the only way you can have access to anything. I can't understand, if you have based all your decisions on "How much will it cost?" well you wouldn't do anything, because everything costs a lot of money, except war – it makes a lot of money. It isn't that I want to direct the whole thing. I haven't gotten assistance from others on how to put up buildings faster that were that new. So I had to innovate all this shit, 'cause I didn't get anything from others. I'm not interested in doing all that. I'd rather have people capable of knowing when they see a ship, what is it you want? You want the whole cargo unloaded at a given place. You don't want to take off one container at a time. That's okay if different containers go different places, and we've got one ship. But in the future, you must design automobile manufacturing in a certain region, so you deliver metals to that region, not all over Detroit or wherever you have auto factories. You have automotive production in a given region, with production lines. You know what I mean? So you deliver more stuff, the same kind of stuff, to all the auto producers. Cows and farming would be in a region with farming canning factories nearby. The farm is not 50 miles away. Do you understand what I'm saying? I don't know any other system. I've never heard of a food producer that said "I'm going to open a cannery on my grounds so I can can the string beans." And besides, they wouldn't rot if they did that right away. I never heard of an undertaker making recommendations for the use of usable organs before the burial, a kidney, whatever it is you could get. And you don't ask people whether they want to give their kidney after they're dead. They say "I wanna be buried whole." The Jews do not permit dissection. But the Jews won't ever know what the inside of the body is like if they don't permit dissection, you know what I mean? But people will die due to their belief systems. If you wanna go with that belief system, you can go, but I can assure you, you won't live as long as other systems. And if our system can't make the appropriate decisions, we'll be surpassed by China or North Korea, or some other country that can make those decisions. I don't say they will, but we will be surpassed if we can't make the appropriate decisions. So nature is a final eliminator, not Fresco. I don't eliminate people. If their insufficiency is 'every man for himself', then that society will run as long as evolution will permit it to run, until the system is automated and they fall on their face. That doesn't mean social change will be made. It means people might die fighting each other and killing each other and riots because of different values, unless there is something put out there that people can understand. I think I could sell the package, if not to all the people, a great many people, enough to influence them because I don't come there as an American, to get them to accept our value system as the only one. And you don't attack their customs. You wait until evolution passes the need for customs of that kind. There is a group of Israelis that is interested in The Venus Project. But if I went to Israel I'd be booed off the platform. The majority does not believe, does not lean towards science. I would try if I were invited, don't misunderstand me. If there were a big enough group in Israel, I would go there and talk to that group and tell them how to reach the other group. If I talk to the other group, I need three days, not a one-hour lecture. I never came up with ideas because academicians approved them, I came up with them trying to find a working solution. Academia doesn't know how to stop wars. Academia doesn't know how to ask "What is the bomber for?" They don't seem to do that. That's why I don't respect them. If they understand my direction, that's more important than being a member of Academia. And people would say to me "Are there any great people that accept The Venus Project?" There's something the matter with them, they have a low self-sufficiency. If the great man says "It's a good idea", they'll follow it. I don't want that kind of shit. Do you understand? If you say "Are there any famous people that accept The Venus Project?" Not that I know of, but you would then go along if Einstein said it was okay. What about you? If you understand what I'm talking about, you say its okay, even though the world doesn't agree with you. The guys in the old days that believed the Earth was round must have had a very rough time with academia. I think it was academia that burnt them. It's academia today that can cut you off, that can say "The man is completely unqualified, never went to MIT, has no record of achievement in this world." This is all true, but that doesn't mean anything. What means something is if people understand that if you don't take care of the environment, you lose it. That isn't difficult. But it may be. I guess the experts know what they're doing. Let's leave it to politicians. At least they know what they're doing. I don't believe they even know what they're doing. I don't believe they have the slightest idea of what they're doing. I believe they are academicians that believe one opinion is as good as another. cont'd. Subscribe - Like - Friend - Fav - Thanks!

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Second part of a 3 part talk where Jacque talks about some of the difficulties involved in finding relevant information from the academic world.

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