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Kai Liu - Anren, China - Sichuan (Global Lives Project, 2008) ~12:31:32 - 12:46:33

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[Voice on TV] U.S. Naval War College experts believe that Shenzhou VII's advanced technology and China's recently launched (satellite imaging rocket?), etc. indicate that China has greatly progressed in the field of space flight. In addition, European Space Agency's space flight technology expert, Christopher Carr, still in his office... [Voice on TV] — Shenzhou VII is in Jiuquan, Gansu... —Yeah? — It launched. It launched. How much is this? Is candy one dollar? Fifty cents or a dollar? — What? — Candy. Xuegao is one dollar, (look and see?). [Voice on TV] Next, let's look at a report released from Hong Kong. After its official start in 1992, it took seven years' time to finally overcome the three major technological difficulties of manned space flight: to successfully develop dependability in (very tall rocket propulsion?), to master the technology for the safe return of manned spaceships, and to build a good system for preserving life while flying in outer space. On November 20, 1999, our nation successfully launched its first experimental unmanned spacecraft, Shenzhou I, which made a roundtrip to outer space, a major breakthrough. Nearly half a century after the U.S. and U.S.S.R., China's attempt to launch a manned spaceship has taken off. In that time China began its 30-40 year journey as a developing nation. In the three years following, there was continued success with unmanned spaceflight experiments Shenzhou II-IV. On October 15, 2002, the launch of Zhenzhou V made China the third country to independently develop a manned spaceflight program.

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: China
Language: Yi, Sichuan
Producer: Ya-Hsuan Huang, Yi Han
Director: Ya-Hsuan Huang
Views: 80
Posted by: glm_yh on Jan 5, 2010


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