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Uutisvuoto 29.01.2011 Zeitgeist clips

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Next we will ask if these claims are fact or fiction. The first one goes to Jari and Jenni. Egg-man is an disguised tool, which sends secret Zeigeist-messages to TV viewers in form of blue thoughts. This is from a miss Finland competition. No-one gets any sexual harassment thoughts. I'm sure those won't come from the egg-man. Jari makes some notes. OK.. So, our spirit of the time-expert Jenni answers to that. Well, this Zeitgeist is an idea that there wouldn't be any money. So you can go to a store and take the amount of stuff that you need. And everyone trusts, that you won't take any extra. Without money, stuff from the store. For my opinion, this cult has already infiltrated our society, since I understand, that people take stuff from the stores without money. That's called something else. Would it be shoplifting, or even robbery. Anyway this cult has got some foothold. That's a ridiculous cult, that money and such would be gone. Would be much more credible to believe in a cult, in which at some time everyone buried in a grave would be resurrected. And they go to heaven. And that's a fully believable cult. Do you throw the bible on the floor? Remember to throw! Isn't it fully believable compared to that? But, yeah. So, speaking of credibility, how believable that cult can sound and seem, when every Saturday one of their members walk crouched and pulls a jacket over his knees hoping- His biggest dream is to reach puberty. Would be much more believable, if he had a black cape and a white bit here. That wouldn't seem ridiculous at all. We are just used to that. Jari is willing to come and speak at confimation class. But this is a fact. So in your opinion egg-man is a disguised tool sending secret Zeitgeist messages in form of blue thoughts. Yes. This is obvious. The revolution is round. Really round. But the claim is fictional. How is that? Cannot be! The claim is fiction. At least we are converted to Zeitgeist. I've taken stuff from stores without money already. Oh no. Anyway the boyfriend has been there too. The claim is fiction. The egg-man is not a disguised tool sending TV viewers secret Zeitgeist signals in form of blue thoughts. At least, if be believe egg-man actor, who became famous in Putous. RIku Nieminen is claimed to be in The Zeitgeist Movement, which aims to create a whole new social model, where money is not used at all. But egg-man is not sending those messages. Production company would love not to pay him. We could try. Many people laughed, when Frank Pappa suggested that egg-man would be nominated to Eurovision song contest. Uutisvuoto's contest group thinks the idea is exellent noting, that winning Eurovision is sure, if egg is dressed with horns, fangs and high-heeled rivet boots. The Zeitgeist Movement aims to get rid of money, but our captains already have experience in a method, in which money is not used at all. Uutisvuoto's producer calls it payday. Winners are rewarded with, inspired by egg-man, Eggs! Hooray! Losers get only a chance to get to know egg-man's weird cult by reading the Zeitgeist Orientation Guide. Is it on audio book too? Cult stuff.

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Posted by: mice on Jan 30, 2011

Egg-man is a character in a finnish tv-show called "Putous", where comedians compete against each other. The actor behind Egg-man is a supporter of The Zeitgeist Movement, and has been mentioned in the Finnish media for supporting "a strange cult"

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