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Meyer Mina Line Array Speaker - Review

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♪♫♪♫...................[Music playing] This is Meyer's latest compact line array speaker It's the Mina speaker. It's the fourth in a long series...the Melody speaker, the Milo speaker...and it has their latest designs in a, what I would call a super compact line array. It's very narrow, it's designed to fit into narrow proscenium spaces or,uhm, areas where you just don't have a lot of width to work with. But you don't want to sacrifice sound quality. This is a 2-way, tri-amplified system. So it's a little unusual. What they do...these are 6 1/2 inch low-frequency drivers, but they're each on separate channels of amplification and and separate channels of digital, uh processing. So, they roll off one of the drivers to reduce the phasing interference when you get through the mid range. It's also a new horn design that they've used. And, it is ultra smooth. One of the things about Meyer is the listening tests are as important to them as the measurement. And they spent 4 months voicing this loudspeaker. So it sounds fabulous.I've heard this array and it is just outstanding. And it's one you really want to consider when you're looking for a compact line array Again, very has all the Meyer rigging hardware built in. Ultra safe to hang, uh...very easy to use, rig and de-rig if you want to go ahead and do that. And it is a powered loudspeaker. We can show you the back panel... but it's very simple. It just has your powercon input connectors and XLR input connectors. Digital processing is all built right in. So all you need to do is go ahead and hook up the power, rig the box and, uh, and away you go. But this is an outstanding sounding compact loudspeaker system. It's the Mina and it's from Meyer. ♪♫♪♫....................[Music playing]

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Posted by: ccisolutions on Aug 17, 2012

Meyer's Mina Line Array speaker is a two-way tri-amplified system. It features a new, ultra-smooth horn design. Meyer's engineers spent 4 months designing this new speaker. They are very easy to rig and de-rig. Digital processing is all built in. Join Ron Simonson, CEO of CCI Solutions as he reviews the latest features and technology of this newly designed line array speaker.

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