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2018 Shareholders Bus Video 3

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Together as a company we write verses that tell a story and the thing that connects the verses the course for Walmart is our people. I'm proud of the work we do in stores in clubs and online each and every day. Every time you help a customer find the items that they need you are helping make life easier for their families too. We win together we delight customers and we help them save money so they can look better. Can I get a bam? Bam! This is amazing, the energy in here is absolutely contagious! Because our hard work of our associates absolutely everywhere we're delivering strong results for our company and we're delivering great service for our customers. For all new ways we find to serve customers one thing remains consistent and that's all for you. You belong to a company that is making a difference in people's lives. Hi everyone I'm Rosana Pansino and you're watching Walmart TV. Hey everybody I'm Blake Shelton and your watching Walmart TV. Hey what's up everyone, I'm Gwen Stefani and you are watching Walmart TV. Austin was the best city to set foot in. It's a great city is very social city. Austin has so much going on the music scene, the food scene. Austin is one of the top cities in the world for tech. You got great schools, great communities, and set of outdoor activities you can do. There's something for every kind of person here. It's just the coolest city. So our office sit's on the corner of fourth and Colorado which is the old warehouse district. The reason we chose a location downtown like this is just its a perfect intersection between business technology and math. And from a technology perspective it's really collaborative so it kind of gets the creative juices flowing. One thing that were doing really differently with the team that we're building here your encouraged to grow and develop yourself as a technologist we have this really unique set up where we're getting to function like a start up. So we try to just facilitate really agile fast paced environment. This office uses a variety of open source technologies and it takes a tremendous amount of technology power and enterprise like Walmart. I think what we're working with here truly is *inaudible* I don't think that there's really any place out there that's as big that has as many resources and as interesting of data to work on where you can also have as much impact as you can have here. We're pushing the boundaries of what's really been done to try to solve these huge problems. We're going to where the talent is the bar for our team is really really high. It started in the attic above our living room. Most of our damage was smoke damage but a quarter of our house was fire damage. When it first happens you don't think of everything until you you want do something and your like oh I don't have that any more. Your associates, they're like family. Dorry said you know Lisa that ACET can help you. My story is just one of probably millions. And there's a lot of associates that go through anything from losing a loved one to a house fire. It helps every little bit helps. It doesn't matter how much it is, it helps. Hey everyone, I'm Kevin Hart and guess what, you're watching Walmart TV, and if I am on it its got to be good. Hey everyone were rascal Flatts and you're watching Walmart TV. What's up everybody! And we are walk the moon and you're watching Walmart TV. It's a piece of advice that Lee Scott gave me he says what you say and how you say it is not as important as what is heard and how you hear it. Doesn't matter where you sit on the *inaudible* chart doesn't matter how loud your voice is. What matters is that everybody's has a voice and is heard. You got to lead with humility because if you if you lead with humility there's a touch of vulnerability there. With talented, exceptional people, I think that helps them feel more comfortable. So that you're able to as a leader, meet them where they are. You need to look around and make sure that people are able to express their ideas. Those that maybe have been more quiet in the meetings. Sometimes I try to make a point calling on people, asking their opinion what do you think about things, and I think that often helps spark some conversation and ideas that we haven't previously considered. One perspective is good, but leveraging the multitude of perspectives of the diverse team at the table will just bring out a better solution, every time. One person can make a difference, doesn't take a program, doesn't take a company initiative, it just takes you making a difference. I want everybody to be accepted and involved in everything that we're doing. And the more I connect people to our business, the more people are going to connect back to the business, and drive results to serve our customers, to serve our associates, and to help us compete for the next 50 years. My name is Asia Khatun. I first met my husband at the wedding of my brother. I had to face severe physical and mental abuse due to his behavior. When my husband left me I felt the sky has broken down upon me. I felt so lonely and helpless. She had lost control over her life. She didnt eat properly and couldnt take care of herself. I was falling behind at work (in the factory) I cant express my feelings now of how extremely bad my life was at the time. We were introduced to the women in Factory Training by Walmart. We started implementing foundation training... different selected factories... Then we started giving training on health and literacy. When I first heard about the training, I couldn't understand it. But when I saw my colleague change, I realized there is definitely something that could really help. I could see the change in my sister by the grace of Walmart. One day she told me she wanted to open a bank account... ...I took her immediately and opened an account. Luckily during that hard time I got this training and it helped to revive... life and dreams. I think more women will be inspired by her story. I live happy now. I know how to make people happy, too. At Greeleyville elementary school over ninety percent of our students qualify for free or reduced meals. We know that in order for them to be successful in school they need to be well nourished and fullfilled. Many of them you know come to us hungry in the mornings, so we wanted to make sure when they went home, that they had a good meal before they left school. Today in Greeleyville we are hosting our spring holiday market. Every family in the school will leave here today with a bag of non perishable food, with some hams for their holiday feasts, and with a box of produce that has been very generously provided by our partners with Walmart. And children are going to go home with a basket full of goodies including healthy snacks, toys, eggs, and they get the chance to participate in an awesome Easter egg hunt with over five thousand eggs. There are forty two million people in our country today who are food insecure. When you have your kids and you know they depend on you and they look up to you, it does not make you feel good when you can't provide the necessity that they need. When you give a child a hot meal, it's just, rejuvenate them, and they just you know become alive. We're going to feed people we're going to make sure that no one in our country goes to bed hungry tonight. That is our story. I can't thank the people that have made this happen and I can't thank them enough. Hi guys, I'm Rachel Platten and you're watching Walmart TV. Hello Walmart, I'm Terry Crews and your watching Walmart TV. Hello everybody, I'm Valerie Bertinelli and you're watching Walmart TV. My name's Sarah Frey, I am the president of Frey Farms. And Frey Farms is the nation's largest grower of fresh pumpkins. And I just walked into different division one Walmart stores, and the different towns where I was already delivering fresh produce, spoke to the manager and basically sold them directly a lot of pumpkins. We were a small local farm and we still are and we became the supplier that Walmart developed throughout the course of our history together. My mom was I think twenty two years old when she came to the US. I came to this country fifty years ago with forty dollars and I speak very little English. Van's kitchens started very small we are using hand rolling with nine people. I first connected with Walmart when I made a presentation in 1992. The best thing about working with Walmart its the opportunities that they give us and the support that they give us. It's a good time to be a woman in business and I think now you see more women in business in general everywhere. My name is Ariela Balk and I'm CEO of AAI. At Walmart under the fruit of the loom brand, the smart and sexy brands, as well as private label, we manage over a thousand SKU's and ladies and intimate swim wear and bras. A significant amount of our executives are women and we have a lot of people that have been with us for over fifteen years. What I love about dealing with Walmart is they've been an amazing partner, and I really mean partner. They always keep us on our toes their always challenging us even this last year in working with our buyer Michelle her pushing us made us a better company. Have you ever thought about where your favorite cotton tee shirt comes from? Is it comfortable well priced and good for the environment? Most consumers believe they have to choose between these things that you can't have it all. The customer should not have to choose on what's affordable, versus what is good for the environment. We have a growing population of customers that are interested in environmental aspects and everything related to what they wear or they consume. We have an obligation to be able to provide options, in reducing energy, in reducing waste, and our scale gives us the ability to be able to do that. Walmart approached us about taking two of our existing programs and tracking and measuring the sustainability elements of those t-shirts. We are passionate to make a high quality yarn, high quality fabric and also high quality garment, also its friendly for the environment. It's made from US grown traceable cotton, its made in a factory that uses *inaudible* energy, it recycles water. There so much more that we're gonna learn that whenever we have a great partners, that are willing to share you know their information, their knowledge, their skill sets with us, that's just going to make us a bigger and better and stronger. We can make it with the new price point t-shirt that is by all means, the most sustainable t-shirt that we have on the floor. We are focused on sustainability for supporting Doug's message and we can do this in a t-shirt. If it's good for the environment, then if its good for business, and it's good for the customers, then that's the story, we all win. If we can do this on a opening price point t-shirt, without sacrificing quality, then in theory then anybody can do it with anything. It isn't easy but, it's a promise that Walmart may to ourselves and our customers. it's a promise that depends on partnership but if enough companies start making products differently together we can change the world. When I was working at the store in Santa Clarita, I came up with a new trick to put away merchandise for general zoning. And it's called the band and snap and stock. Are you ready? Ok, so first you bend and then you snap and then you stock. Walmart is the definition of Americana isn't it? I love Walmart, I really do. I love it! I was here six years ago, and that was my phrase, I came up with Willmart. Willmart, I was very excited about the change, you know I was here, at the shareholders meeting back then it was very different time back then. When you hand a cotton candy to a little kid and their eyes light up it's just it's magical. We started with a little lemonade cart here on the square in Mittonville. As people became to know us and an appreciate our lemonade then it grew into funnel cakes and corn dogs. We have a different lemonade cup than anyone and it's actually a thirty two ounce deli container. It's clear, they're beautiful, and it branded our lemonade. And separated us from everyone else. We would never ever serve anything else but the Sam's members marked cheese. It's absolutely the best cheese in the business. Without that consistency, without Sam's product, without the ability to get it wherever we are, wherever we going, at any day of the week, and earlier than anyone else would open. we just, we wouldn't be the same without Sam's. When we go to Sam's they know who we are, but they knew who we were fifteen years ago too. And that's what kept us coming back. Its the idea of a good relationship is its not words, its action. If we take the time to really listen to what their needs are and pay attention and just do the right thing. We can really provide a lot of opportunity for sales growth and our members see that they see us caring about their business and that investment in their business is what truly sets us apart from someone else. Sam's really grew with us and we grew with Sam's. If it wasn't for Sam's, we would be just another funnel cake guy. Walmart labs has been pretty amazing because it's important for us to let the world know that we're reinventing ourselves all the time. Building a seamless customer experience is the number one thing that we've been focused on. We experiment we try new things. How do you get an organization of this size to move at a much faster pace. Walmart is doing that in a courageous way. No longer do we think about you know a store or an ecommerce we think about the customer. We're bringing not just technology, we're bringing design, empathy, emotion into the future of retail. Walmart's definitely in the war for talent. To bring data analytics, data scientists, engineers, top notch technologist, into how we serve customers in a better way. We need them to recognize that we are a career destination. Our new website, this new branding is all about The electricity of the charge that we have to build great products for the world's largest company. Its setting a new tone, that the work they do here can have a big impact. We're just getting started

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