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Hey y'all! It’s me, Cheryl, and welcome to your Mid-May brochure. Let me ask you all a question: are you ready to have a sizzling summer with dating and recruiting? Well, you can make that happen, starting with your brand new Mid-May brochure, and it is a roadmap to a sizzling summer. So, are you ready to see what’s inside? Well, first of all y'all, your dating and host gift, they do continue. So, remember, your dating gift is the refrigerator bowls. That is a bring-back from many, many, many years ago, and it is a host favorite. And, you still have the 'celebrate and serve‘ host gift special collection - 700 $ and 2 R.-V. So, your host gift special continues y'all, and your dating gift continues. And now, let’s find out what do we have for your customers at your parties? Okay y‘all, in order to have a sizzling summer, you have to have an amazing barbecue, and Tupperware has the tools to make that happen. So, are you ready to barbecue or bust? And, that’s what you want to ask your customers at your Tupperware parties, because we have everything that they need for that grill master in their family. And, you know what, y'all, these also make amazing Father’s Day gifts, and that’s just around the corner. So, what is in this amazing set? Well, first of all, y'all, your customers are going to get not one, but two of our four-piece mega mixing bowl set. Now, these colors on the seals are not the correct color. The colors are going to be a vineyard color. It’s, kind of, like a deep rich wine. It’s beautiful, y'all! And so, what do these sets include? You’re going to get your 26-cup Fix N Mix bowl. This, right here, my friends, is a customer favorite. Everyone loves a Fix N Mix bowl. It really was our very first large bowl, and it continues to be a very popular bowl. So, make sure you’re talking to everybody about this Fix N Mix bowl. It is the bomb for your popcorn guys. It’s also great for those big salads that you want to make when you’re out grilling and having a barbecue in the backyard. And, the nice thing about our Fix N Mix bowl, guys, is it’s got the classic round seals, and it also is scratch-resistant on the inside. And then, it’s going to come with a set of three of our classic mixing bowl set. So, this is your 12-cup, then you have your 8-cup, and you have your 4-cup. Now, how awesome is that?! Not one but two of those! And then, we continue with – how cool is this - okay, everybody needs an amazing pastry brush, guys, and this is silicone, but watch this: it has a little lever right here, and when you just turn it over, voila! This is how you want to store it. Obviously, this is how you want to use it, but this is also how you want to clean it. Just put it inside the dishwasher this way up. And, it also has a little clip on the side that you can actually clip it onto the inside of one of your mixing bowls, so your handle doesn’t get all nasty when you’re doing your barbecue sauce. And, speaking of barbecue sauce, guys, we have eight amazing barbecue sauces, and the reason these are so great, guys, is for – there’s really a couple of reasons. First of all, the way they’re designed, they actually have little prongs on the seal and on the base. So, what happens is, when they’re marinating, you can put your meat inside here, put your seal on here, guys, and then every couple of hours, flip it. Okay, just flip it over, and that way it marinates everything, and everything gets nice and tender. Another thing that this is absolutely wonderful for is, how many of you love corn on the cob during the summer? I do! But it is a pain in a drain to butter those cobs, right, guys? Those days are over with. So, you just take your corn, you put it right inside here, and then you drop either half a stick of butter or a butter, ‘cause, you know, everything’s better with butter, and you put in the stick right inside here, put the seal on, guys – okay, now the corn is hot, the butter’s on top, what happens when butter hits something hot? It melts. So, you put your seal on, and then you just shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, and guess what? It butters all the corn at the same time. How awesome is that?! And then, you can serve it right out of here too. And, the junior works well also for your corn on the cob - you can do two regular sizes or four small. So, everybody loves the Season-Serve. And, the next time we get together, guys, I’ll tell you why you need to have this in your kitchen at Thanksgiving time, ‘cause that is amazing! But that’s for the next time we get together. And then, last but not least, y'all, they’re going to get a set of our Hamburger Keepers with the Press and two seals. And, I will tell you, this is my husband’s, Probably, favorite piece of Tupperware. And, the cool thing about Tupperware’s Hamburger Press is, you actually put your hamburger inside here, take the press, go down, just like this, turn it - makes the perfect size hamburger. And then, what happens, guys, is this hamburger top becomes the seal to this bottom until you get however many you need, and then you put the seal on top. And then, if you just want to pull two or three hamburgers out, you can take the seal off the top and put it on the bottom. And, voila! You’re good to go! So, this works for hamburgers, whether you’re doing turkey burgers, guys, sausage patties, just... it’s absolutely wonderful. And, you can also make homemade ice-cream sandwiches using our Hamburger Presser and our Hamburger Keeper set, guys. It’s amazing! And, this entire set is on sale, best value is when they purchase the entire set. But now I’m going to show you how you can build a Girlfriend Set. So, what you’re going to do, guys, at your Tupperware parties, is you’re going to use the one item number for this entire barbecue set, and then you’re going to order another pastry brush, another set of the Season-Serve, and another set of our Hamburger Press and Keepers. And, that all totals, when you split it up, guys, that is a value for each one of your girlfriends of only $87 each, and each girlfriend is going to get 4 bowls, 1 pastry brush, a set of the Season-Serves, and a set of the Hamburger Press and the Hamburger Keepers, and it works in Canada too, with just a different price. So, whether you’re doing the entire set, and a customer buys the entire set - one for their kitchen and a bowl set to give - or, if you want to split it as a Girlfriend Set, you can do that too. So, are you ready to date some parties and go out and have a sizzling summer? Okay, y'all, guess what? Father’s Day is just around the corner. High-school graduation is just around the corner. So, we have the perfect Dads and Grads gift, starting with, how fun are these Angler water bottles, y'all? Okay, now, this isn’t the right water bottle. It’s the right shape, but we have fish on your Angler water bottle, and what is so cool about those water bottles, guys, is the bottle is actually sheer so you can actually see through it, and how fun is this angler design?! And, the cap is going to be sheer too, and you’re going to not get one, but a set of two. So, now you’ve got one for dad and grandpa, or dad and uncle, or those favorite men in your life. So, I’m going to give you another quick idea that you can share at your parties. Why not put a 'Happy Father’s Day, I Love You Dad‘ note inside here that tells them they have x amount of dollars in a gift card to go spend at their favorite sporting store. So, on sale guys. They are amazing, whether you’ve got a dad or a grad, or you just know somebody, or you yourself love to fish. But we’re not done, ‘cause we also have our little Mini Stack Cooker, guys. How cute is this?! And, it is the perfect size for those dorm rooms, guys. And, it’s also the perfect size for those customers who are a family of one, or maybe a family of two, and it’s also the perfect size for reheating because it does come with a cover. So, whether you’re stacking it, or you’re just making it with the cover on, it’s the perfect size in the microwave. And, you can find some amazing recipes on our blog that go along with this Mini Stack Cooker. And, we also have, guys – it’s back for a limited time, and it is our Men’s Lunch Bag with some great items on the inside that everybody needs when they’re taking their lunch to work. And, last but not least, one of the favorites of the customers’ and yours, and it is a set of our Little Bit of Everything – that’s right, I said 'set‘. They don’t get one, they get two, and it’s the Big Wonder, the refrigerator bowl, the Little Wonder, and our Tupper Mini. And, don’t forget, guys, this refrigerator bowl is also the dating gift that you’re giving to your host for dating a Tupperware party with you. So, lots of amazing items that you have on sale for all of those dads, grads, and your customers. Okay, and one more thing guys: you could actually make this into a Dad and Grad set, and this is how you would do it. Because your bottles are sold in a set of two, you order the bottles, you order the Little Bit of Everything, and then you don’t order one, but you order two of the little Mini Stack Cooker set. And, for $44, that dad or grad in the US would have one set of th Little Bit of Everything, one little Mini Stack Cooker, and one of our Angler Fishing water bottles. What a great gift for a dad or a grad, or anybody that you’re looking for a gift for this summer! Ready, set, summer! I know some of y‘all are going “Shoo, doggy! Cheryl, I still have snow in my backyard,” but summer is a-coming, guys, and are you ready to make some summer magic at your Tupperware parties for the last two weeks of May with your tear-offs, starting with your Summer Lunch Jam Set, guys. So, it is our striped lunch bag. It is back for a limited time, and it does come with its Lunch-Its, its Sandwich Container, and it also comes with a Snack Cup. So, what a great value is this, and how fun is this?! We also have, during the summer time, a set of two of our Thirstquake Tumblers, and these also are a fan-favorite ‘cause they’re 30 oz, guys, and they come with the little flip-top seal on here, so they can put a straw in here and as a great on the go. And, we also have, guys, our 1-Gallon Infusion Pitcher – right, are you ready to jam for the summertime? So, who doesn’t want to have fresh, nice cold water with some fresh strawberries inside, some fresh blueberries inside, some cut-up oranges in here, some mandarin oranges, some lemons and limes? You get the idea, right, guys? You can do that with our 1-Gallon Infusion Pitcher. And, speaking of lemons, limes and oranges, we have the perfect trio set to keep all of those in the refrigerator once you slice them up. So, I would take this and sell it as a set, y'all. Or, really, I would take all of this, and this would be the set. But I don’t want to leave the lunch bag out – that’s so sad. So, you know what, guys? Sell the entire page, because in the US, everything that you see here is only $78. Are you ready to jam out this summer? Okay guys, and your tear-offs continue with a two week savings on your Can Opener. I love this Can Opener, y’all, and I recommend that you take it to your parties and you demonstrate how to open up a can. I like to do tuna because everybody usually has tuna in their home. And, the great thing about this, guys, is when you open it up and you close it, it locks onto the top of the tuna can. And then, when you’re turning it, it goes all the way around. And then, when you go to lift it, guys, all you do is take this on the top, lift it up, and the top of the tuna can comes right off, and then take your finger – ‘cause it’s going to be right in here – take your finger and just, kind of, run it around the top of the edge and go “Look guys, there’s no rough edges. How cool is that?!” Plus, you’re taking the top off, and so nothing’s falling inside the can as you’re opening up your can of tuna or soup, or chili, or whatever you’re opening up. And then, we also have our Loaf Keeper, guys. It’s back, and you know this is a fan-favorite once again. It’s been around for decades, but did you all know that you can also put your napkins inside here? So, a package of napkins fits right inside here. So, it’s the perfect if you’re going camping, for the... during the summer, or if you’re going to be going out to the beach, or going to the park, or doing barbecues - this is a must-have. So, you want to sell these in a set of two. And then, we also have our 1 Quart and our 2 Quart Strainers, and they are on sale for the May 12th through the 25th, during your tear-off time. And, we also have – Are you ready? Wait for it! I’m so excited! I love it! - It’s the Egg Tray. Oh my gosh, you guys get to offer it to your customers! I’m so excited, guys! I love this because, (a) Can you do your deviled eggs and put them inside here - Absolutely! And, what makes it so great is you’ll notice that the seal is domed, so, you know, the eggs don’t get all flattened out – they stay just as pretty as they were when you made them. But you can also take out the egg inserts, guys, and you have a divided dish. Now, why do you care? Your customers are going to want this because – Are you ready? – you can do some fruits and vegetables right inside here, guys. You can do your shrimp on one side and your shrimp cocktail on the other side. You can do meat on one side, cheese on the other side, guys. You can do cookies in both of them. Or, how about if y‘all do breaded chicken or breaded fish? Guess what, guys, do up your egg mixture on one side, put your breading fixture on the other side - okay, dip, bread, bake. How awesome is that, y'all? My customers loved this when we had it in the catalog years ago. It is absolutely positively the bomb . But guess what else you can do, guys? Vegetables –vegetables, it’s a serving tray. You could put your meatloaf here, put your mashed potatoes here. The – I tell you what, the ways you can use this, they are endless, guys, and you have it for 2 weeks only. So, make sure you’re dating some Tupperware parties, ‘cause this is going to help close your May strong, because everybody loves Tupperware’s classic Egg Tray. I’m so excited about having it for 2 weeks, guys! So, go out and date those Tupperware parties, ‘cause you’re going to be egg-cellent in May. Okay, y’all, I was so excited about the Egg Tray that I forgot to tell you that these are the right product, they’re just the wrong colors. They’re going to come in your mint ice-cream colors. And now, let’s move on to the back of your brochure, guys, and this is your attendance offer. You know, attend a party, spend some money, get a deal, and it is one of Sinova‘s favorite pieces of Tupperware, and it is your All-In-One shaker, and this is the new larger size, and I love this, guys, because it’s got your little insert, so it’s great for making your gravies or mixing up those shakes, protein shakes, and/or baby formula - it’s wonderful for that, making your home-made barbecue sauces in here, or it’s also great for making your homemade salad dressings right inside here, guys. But I will also tell you that something else that you can do at your Tupperware parties is, you know those, what do they call them, let me look here, you know those salads in a Mason jar? Okay, so everybody’s got them, and they’re showing them in all the magazines. And, you know what, guys, I got this as a Valentine’s gift from a really great friend of mine, and so it has on here, “Happy Valentine’s Day! Handmade with love.” So, I love this, and I’m very grateful that she gave it to me. However, I wouldn’t want to put a salad in here, ‘cause if I drop it guys, not only have I lost my Mason jar, I’ve also lost my salads. So guys, at your Tupperware parties, you can teach them how they can use the All-In-One to build their own homemade salad, right? And, you always start with your green on the bottom, and then take the blender out, and then put your seal on, but don’t add any salad dressing. So, remember, before I told you you can use this to make your homemade salad dressing? So, now you’re going to store that in the refrigerator, and you can take it out, guys, and pour some in your Tupperware smidget, and then tell them to take the smidget with them, and then when they’re ready to have their salad, either they can take the entire seal off, or they can just open up the cap, pour the salad dressing in here, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, and voila, they’re ready to eat their salad. And, then when they’re done, they just put the cover back in. The mess is all in there, bring it home in their purse, put it in the dishwasher – voila, guys! So, now they’ve got many uses why they need this All-In-One, guys. So, I love this All-In-One, just like Sinova does. So, whether you’re doing your protein shakes, whether you’re doing your juices, whether you’re making your homemade salad dressing, or your homemade barbecue sauces that we have on your sales force website, or you’re using to shake up your favorite cocktail, this is a got-to-have for you and all of your customers. But we also have more in our brochure. Are you ready to see it? Okay, guys, so what else do we have on sale for your customers? And, once again, one of my favorite pieces of Tupperware, and it’s All-In-One. I love this little set, guys, because you know what, you can separate your eggs, you can grate, and you can juice, all with this one little container. How awesome is that?! And, we also have our Mix-N-Stor Plus pitcher, and it is on sale, and we also have a set of our Microfiber Towels. And, you know what, guys, this is the only towels that I have in my kitchen. Tupperware Microfiber Towels are better than any other towel that you can buy on the market. And, I want to show you guys, when you’re taking this to your Tupperware party, how you can group this together as one set, ‘cause these really are kitchen aids in the kitchen that everybody has to have. And, did you all know that when you take the cover off of your Mix-N-Stor Plus Pitcher, all of these individual pieces all fit on top of here. So, this right here is your juicer. So, if you’re just wanting to juice for maybe a recipe, and you just need a little bit of juice, this works perfect, guys, because it does have the handle, and it does have the little pour spout. But let’s say, maybe you want to juice a bunch of oranges for homemade orange juice. Did you all know that the juicer fits right on top of the Mix-N-Stor Plus Pitcher, and then you can juice right here? This actually catches all the seeds and the pulp, and the juice goes right in here. How great is that?! But now, maybe, you’re doing a recipe, and you need to separate eggs, and you just need the egg whites. Well, now you’re going to use your egg separator. It fits right on top, guys, right? You crack your egg, the yolk stays here, and the egg white goes inside there. I know, it’s the bomb dot com. Okay? But we also have the grater, guys, whether you’re grating this way, okay, and you just put it right inside here, and you can grate right into your Mix-N-Stor Plus Pitcher, right into your recipe. So, make sure you’re showing this, and make sure you’re combining all of these, because these go together like peanut butter and jelly. And then, we also have, guys, a call back to the catalog, and that is your Master Grate system. So, remember, your customers are going to buy the base separately, and they can add the systems as they want to. And, right now, we’re showing you our Grater system, which comes with your two cones - your fine cone and your coarser cone - that go right inside here. So, instead of buying your cheese in the packaging, you can go ahead and grate your own cheese, guys, for those tacos, those enchiladas, or that nacho dip. And, you know what, guys, they can also take advantage of purchasing separately our Trio Cone, which you will see that’s inside your brochure, So, now you’ve got the perfect combination for making grandma’s favorite homemade coleslaw. Next time we get together, I’ll give you my great-great-grandma’s recipe. It really is amazing!= Okay, guys, so you can be the Grate Master and teach your customers how to be a Grate= Master in their kitchen. And, you know what, guys, don’t forget that we always talk about the different ways that your customers can get their Tupperware. And, don’t forget, guys, at your Tupperware parties, you’ll want to share that our May Say Yes offer is our Master Grater system, and they can get that for a small co-pay when they 'say yes‘ to the Tupper opportunity. Or, your host can take the base - have a $1000 party in the US, 1100 in Canada - they can get their base at half price, as a half price item. Then, they can add in their Shredder Accessory Cones at half price, and they can also add in the Trio Cones at half price. So, they could get everything that you see in your brochure for half price at 1002 in the US, 1102 in Canada. But we’re not done, because there’s more. Okay, guys, so don’t forget, at your Tupperware parties, you’ll want to make sure you’re telling your 'I‘ story - Why did you say yes to the Tupper opportunity? Taking that and tying it into the Say Yes offer, which right now, for the month of May, it is our Grate Master system, because you know what, guys, you can too share the opportunity and become a Master Recruiter. And, make sure that you are tying in Cris and Tom Borland’s story about how they started Tupperware - how she started Tupperware in 1974, and as a single mom of four children, the self-confidence that Tupperware gave her, and it gave her the ability to go out and build a multimillion dollar business. And, that could be you too. So, until I see you again, think big, start small, but begin now. See y'all.

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V0 Mid-May EN

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