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The Venus Project World Lecture Tour 2010: a walk in the park with Roxanne+Jacque in Munich Pt.04 (Repository)

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The Venus Project World Lecture Tour a walk in the park with Roxanne + Jacque So, we're still talking about the general critic answers that we get from talking to people about the resource-based economy. And one aspect that really comes up a lot, Roxanne, is this whole communism thing. It's like, "Well, it's just Karl Marx speaking to me right now.", you know, like, "Don't you see that everyone being able to have everything and no money being there is complete communism?" Yeah, that comes up a lot. It's a real scapegoat, communism, but they really don't know what they're talking about. They haven't looked into the Venus Project to know the difference. Communism uses money. Communism has elitism. Communism has political parties or a form of people who make decisions. They don't necessarily have the notion of arriving at decisions and using scientific scales of perfomance to make... to arrive at decisions. So, communism is for the labour class. We're for the labour class to eliminate them as soon as possible. We have updated things to our technology that we have today to use technology to eliminate work as quickly as possible. They didn't look into that. Most of all, communism had wishes and aspirations but they didn't have a methodology of how to arrive at it. And they didn't use technology wisely. So, there's a lot of differences between Marxism or communism and the Venus Project. Yeah, what I'd also would like to add to that is that... communism doesn't really take into consideration the carrying capacity of the earth. Because the resource-based economy really puts a lot of value onto how much can the earth actually support? And communism has never really applied the scientific side into their theory. And they also didn't understand the notion of behaviourism and looking at what causes behaviour within the system and trying to design a society to surpass the need for military, for prisons, for armies and navies. They didn't understand that concept either. They had the early stages with Pawlow but they didn't carry it into how to design a society where people can behave constructively and cooperatively. There were a lot of problems in communism but they didn't know how to deal with. And they didn't have a blueprint. They didn't have city designs. They didn't have a technical blueprint as to where to go.

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Roxanne Meadows im Interview während der -Venus Project- World Lecture Tour 2010 in München On August 31, 2010 Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows of The Venus Project answered questions to members of the Zeitgeist Movement at the Englischer Garten-park in Munich, Germany. Working-Location:

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